Prius Online Mastermind Skills Guide

Prius Online Mastermind Skills Guide by hongwu

1. Descriptions are rip off from KR skill calculator, if they don’t match the actual ingame value, its not my fault.
2. Skill names are the closest word I can think of, gpotato will probably give them much cooler names.

Tier 6
Deal 100% magic damage every sec for 3s

Determine Origin:(passive)
When “Decomposition” or “Imaginary dimension” hits target, (33%, 66%, 100%) gain “origin confirmed” buff: mp regen(+3%, +6%, +10%) for 20s, can stack 20 times.

Mastermind Symbol:(instant buff)
All Party member with 30m +10% sense for 30min

Tier 7
Reverse release:(1s cast, 10s CD)
Deal number of “origin confirmed” X 10% matk soul damage to 4m area, all “origin confirmed” are removed after cast.

Cell destruction:(passive)
When hit by “Reverse release”, (33%, 66%, 100%) receive dot: (10%, 20%, 30%) matk damage every 2s for 10s

Origin release:(1s cast, 10s CD)
All Party member within 4m receive 50% healing every 2s, duration is 1s X number of “origin confirmed”, all “origin confirmed” are removed after cast.

Cell resurrection:(passive)
When heal by “Origin release”, (33%, 66%, 100%) gain (1%, 2%, 3%) healing mp every 2s.

Tier 8
Magia barrage:(1.5s cast, 8s CD)
Deal 120% magic damage to target

Magia pollution:(passive)
When hit by “Magia barrage”, receive dot: (10%, 20%, 30%) matk damage every 3s for 12s, also movement -50%

Summon noise bot:(1s cast, 120s CD)
Summon noise bot, last 30s, periodically casts taunt within 5m. All summon bot share the same CD.

Nano bot invasion:(passive)
Anyone hit noise bot receive dot: (20%, 40%, 80%) matk damage every 3s for (6s, 12s, 18s), this dot can stack 3 times.

Tier 9
Malicious matter:(instant, 6s CD)
50% matk damage every 3s for 12s

When “Malicious matter” hit a target under effect of “Decomposition”, all within 4m of the target have (33%, 66%, 100%) receive “Malicious matter”.
Anyone already under “Malicious matter” will not impact by this effect, only the initial “Malicious matter” will have this effect.

Summon mana recharge bot:(1s cast, 120s CD)
Summon mana recharge bot, last 30s, all party member within 5m gain 3% mp every 3s. All summon bot share the same CD.

Strengthen mana recharge:(passive)
When you gain mp through mana recharge bot, mp cost of next spell-50%, buff remove after spell used, can stack 3 times.

Tier 10
Miraculous revival:(2s cast, 600s CD)
Revive a party member with 30% hp, can be used during battle.

Summon portal:(5s cast, 10s CD)
Create a 10s portal for party member, he/she can teleport next to the caster, cannot use in battle.

Strengthen potential:(continuous)
All party member within 40m gain combo+10%, crit+10%

Tier 11
Arm with knowledge:(instant, 300s CD)
Buff party with +50% damage and -0.5s global CD for 30s.
After the buff is over, receive debuff “exhaustion” for 5min, cannot be rebuff by “Arm with knowledge” or “Fast combat”(dual gunner buff)

Truth seeker:(passive)
(33%, 66%, 100%) double “origin confirmed” generated by “Decomposition” or “Imaginary dimension”

Robotic researcher:(passive)
MP cost to summon bot(-20%, -40%, -60%), bots gain additional effects:
Noise bot: Damage receive (-10%, -20%, -30%) for 12s
Mana supply bot: heal (2%, 4%, 6%) hp every 4s for 12s
combat bot: movement(+20%, +40%, +60%) for 12s

Tier 12

[Truth seeker tree]
Time Freeze:(1s cast, 30s CD)
Stop a target for 20s, all debuff on the target are removed, it also immune to any damage.
Summon a friendly NPC same as the target, it will attack surrounding enemies for duration of time freeze.
This spell can only apply to regular mobs.

Synchronization:(2s cast, 90s CD)
select a party member, both you and the select party member’s base stat(str, dex, int, sense, sta, luck) become the same for 30s, the value is the higher between the two.

[Robotic tree]
Summon combat bot(1s cast, 120s CD)
Summon combat bot, last 30s, deal aoe damage to surrounding. All summon bot share the same CD.

Summon supply bot(5s cast, 300s CD)
This bot generates 5 kinds of pills, can’t be used in battle.
red: atk and matk +10% for 20s
yellow: crit +10% for 20s
green: healing +10% for 20s
black: random stat +10% for 20s
blue: def +10% for 20s
This skill is not consider as summon bot.

Tier 13
[Truth seeker tree]
Origin vortex:(3s cast, 120s CD)
Create a 4m vortex for 18s.
Any enemy inside vortex receive number of “origin confirmed” X 1% matk damage every 3s.
Any party member inside vortex receive number of “origin confirmed” x 1% healing hp every 3s.
all “origin confirmed” are removed after cast.

Soul study:(passive)
CD of “Origin vortex” (-1%, -2%, -3%)
(+1%, +2%, +3%) matk damage/healing for each “origin confirmed”

[Robotic tree]
Self-destruct:(instant, 20s CD)
Order your bot to self destruct, cause 100% matk damage to 4m surrounding.

Within 4m of self destruct area, (33%, 66%, 100%) receive following effect:
Noise bot: knock down for 4s
Mana supply bot: Party member gain 2% hp and mp every 3s for 12s
combat bot: 30% matk damage every 3s for 12s, movement-30%

Tier 14
[Truth seeker tree]
Natural selection:(1s cast, 30s CD)
20s buff on party member, when party member gets hit, gain 50% healing hp, this buff is then pass to the nearest party member.
Party member gets heal by this buff receive debuff “consequence of selection”, can’t receive “natural selection” for 30s.

Survival of the fittest:(passive)
After heal by natural selection, melee damage(-5%, -10%, -15%), movement(+10%, +20%, +30%) for 12s

[Robotic tree]
Overdrive:(instant, 120s CD)
For 20s, summon bot receive addition effect:
Noise bot: Absorpt 50% damage from all party members within 10m
Mana supply bot: grants 5% mp every 2s for all party members within 10m
Combat bot: attack speed +50%, damage +30%

Machine sublimation:(passive)
When cast “Overdrive”, (33%, 66%, 100%) reset cooldown for summon bot
Caster movement+30% for 10s, also immune to all debuff

Tier 15
Hard working(passive)
matk and healing (+5%, +10%, +15%)

[Truth seeker tree]
Imaginary dimension(15s channel)
Deal 100% matk damage every 2s for 12s in 4m area

[Robotic tree]
Clockwork:(instant, 300s CD)
Self buff last 60s, every 10s change its effect:
step 1: cast speed +50%
step 2: damage and heal + 30%
step 3: surrounding target receive 15% matk damage every 3s, also debuff with “Malicious matter”
Step 4: any physical damage -50%
Step 5: gain 4% hp every 3s
Step 6: gain 4% mp every 3s

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