Prius Online Fix Missing Toolbars Guide

Prius Online Fix Missing Toolbars Guide by darkdeathscythes

ok u started the game and saw that some toolbars are missing like skill slots, exp bars, etc….

-Here’s a step by step procedure to fix that-

The hard way:
1.Press esc and choose game options
2.Under the “Game” tab make sure that “Default UI Settings” is off
3.Click “Video” tab and change resolution to 1024 X 768
4.Now u will see all those missing toolbars
5.Drag those toolbars that was missing earlier to the middle
6.Now change back to ur desired resolution
7.Now u will see those missing bars
8.Reposition them now to ur liking and all is good XD

The Easy way: -courtesy of Fran Bunny FFXII
1. Login to the game and Press your Escape key until your master menu pops up.
2. Click the Game Options button and select the Video tab.
3. Go to the second drop down menu and Select the resolution you wish to use. For most people with older computers, laptops, and screens of 18inches or smaller this will usually be:1366×768, however you can check your screens resolution via windows. Usually prius will give you the largest resolution your moniter can support as the bottom most option in the drop down menu.
4. Now go back to the Game Tab and press the “Default UI” button, the left button on the bottom of the open menu box. This will now reposition everything into the default position for the resolution for your screen.

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