Prius Online Anima Guide

Prius Online Anima Guide by vvilijfang

Your Anima can be obtained at lvl 10 through a quest in ur home town. Just accept all ur quests there and there should be a quest under the Anima tab in the quest helper.

all quests about Anima skills are informed to u by mail, so read them!

Awakening – right below the mp bar is the 3C gauge. The gauge is slowly filled by killing monsters and ur Anima can be awakened after reaching a bar. As the name implies the maximum bars that can be filled is 3.
The Anima can be awakened by clicking the blonde Anima icon that appears beside Anima’s hp bar along with “speak to your Anima” and “tame the selected Beastia” or clicking K -> Anima Tab -> Anima System -> start/end Anima awakening. u can deactivate ur Anima through this method as well. Your Anima will learn all her skills in awakened form and ur 3c gauge will slowly be drained until deactivated.

Cooking – Go talk to Item merchant Khiari (general goods merchant – Aurora square) after obtaining ur Anima. complete a quest given by this npc and ur anima can cook. ur Anima’s mood may alter the effects/stats of the cooked food

guidelines about cooking – u must have ur stove in order to cook. teleport to Atrium and talk to ur Atrium manager and select “i’d like to decorate Atrium”. insert ur stove into one for the 4 slots in the top right window and close it. double click the stove to use. you cannot cook using L its just an info window
select ur recipe with ur required cooking ingredients ( you must have enough or “request” will be gray)

Cultivation – quest given by “Cepa the Gardener” in Atrium, after completing his quest, ur Anima can now cultivate or talk to plants w/e. Cepa can only be seen by Anima so push f11 and look around in Atrium! he should be in a patch of flowers.

Requiem – how to talk to souls quest (lvl 15) given by Cepa the Gardener. one of the chain quests involved
is called how to talk with souls “kill black ox” may be confusing. after receiving the quest, u will have a quest item (something moss) which has a passive ability to create a soul :?: well all that needs to be done is keep on killing oxes until something that looks like a very bright star appears, click that “soul” and ur done

After completing the quest, Anima will have a profession? (lol idk) called Requiem (v -> mood tab) to use this skill simply kill a mob and click on the monster’s body. ur anima will say “ill comfort the soul over there and be right back!” you will obtain soul crystals which are used for cultivation.

Also, the Tame Beastia button won’t work until you reach level 20 and get the Perfero quest (from drill master Amaryllis in Luna Deor. Wait until an enemy is low and click it for her to “tame” it (i.e. turn it into an item).items may be earth fire and water stones. There is also a small possibility for it to turn into a card. You use it and it summons an uncontrollable version that is actually pretty strong.

*the quest in the Perfero chain quest called “to find perfero” seems to be bugged.*
the objective is to “obtain crystal of Being” and “grindstone of soul”. from my understanding the location (Anima shop in Metropolis) where people can buy the grindstone of soul is not yet in cbt. (I do not know whether this is going to change or not or if its even true.)

Partial “to find perfero” guide

The drill master says complete nonsense (something about meeting Shallot). however when u meet Shallot she doesn’t even have the quest. To complete some objectives, complete the following:

Crystal of being : Travel to Oblivine Cave using the Celero Station from Luna Deor and head a bit south (coordinates: -2601, 3157). There are more than one Perfero, this is the location of just one of them. you should see a pink pokemon (Perfero) there. weaken and catch (tame) em for the crystal of being.

Grindstone of soul: Teleport to a Metropolis (Foederis or Solutus), find the Anima shop and purchase the Grindstone of Soul: Pefero.

sidenote: under the Anima action tab, the Bold action often makes ur Anima “talk to plants” for u to make life easier. However it may add passive points while may make ur Anima less active or “less bold”. the bold action makes ur Anima more active auto casting spells and etc while petrified is the exact opposite

v and k are Anima hotkeys

skills – ur anima has her own set of skills that u can lvl (k -> anima tab)

gift ur Anima with “presents” once a hour for closeness point. low lvl cooked foods tend to give 1 while accessories give 5 i.e right click ur ring and select gift

when ur Anima dies, u lose alot of closeness points + passive and independent points (all these different points will alter ur Anima’s mood depending what kind ) :cry: rez her with “anima resurrection point” from general goods store

Anima freezes?
no problem push f11 twice or use the return skill k-> action -> anima system -> return

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