Prius Online Berserker Skills Guide

Prius Online Berserker Skills Guide by lorddrakel1

Since there’s pretty much nothing regarding builds, i’m going to share my opinion about berserker and later class skills (once i reach lv25).


Pummel – Basic attack. 1/1 points. Due to the skill cooldown system, you’ll probably get 2 slashes of normal attack in b/w each skill (excluding when your counter moves/combo moves become available)

Crush – 1/1 Points. Personally, this skill isn’t even on my skill bar. I view it as a combo chain skill since the 8 sec cooldown is a bit much.

-Tier 1-

Deep Tissue Massage – 1/1 Points. This is arguably our main damage skill until 25. The cooldown is low, it has a 3 stack bleed, and allow you to use a skill. I usually start of w/ this skill and use Jugular on x2 stack. (x3 if i get lucky w/ a chain combo). Also, during the earlier periods b/f we get our anima, you can kite the “boss” monsters around w/ 3 stacks of bleed. If you run in a circle, the mob will rarely get to hit you while your bleed takes off the boss’s health.

Hemorrhage – 3/3 Points. It improves both granddaddy’s dead leg and bleed’s damage. Since we need 5 points to get to tier 2, might as well get a skill that improves overall cc.

Granddaddy – 1/1 Points. LOW damage, but dead leg slows a bit. Might as well since we can’t go to tier 2 if we don’t use 5 points.

Extra Oomph – 0/3 or 3/3 Points. This is where it gets confusing. I had to do a tradeoff b/w this and Salt in Wounds. 6% increased damage to all melee skills will benefit later, but currently, it’s barely noticeable. I’m pretty sure end game dueling, that 6% will help a lot.

-Tier 2-

Going for the Jugular – 1/1 Points. Target must be bleeding. The highest damage dealer you have until 25. From experience, combos usually start w/ Bleed -> Crush -> Bleed -> Jugular. (Since Jugular is usually the end of a chain, you can animation cancel while using a counter attack to get in a free skill w/o risking losing a chain)

Salt in Wounds – 0/3 or 3/3 Points. See Extra Oomph. Early game, this skill will make your Jugular on steriods. However, I’m pretty sure Jugular will get replaced by other skills later down the road.

Bum Rush – 1/1 Points. This is our only distance closer as well as a quick stun. It may bug sometimes (not hit target), but it’s good nonetheless.

One for the Road – 0/3 or 1/3 Points. The effect is nice, but it’s only for the next skill, which is probably deep tissue. I only put one point here for the effect (and we have a spare point)

-Tier 3-

Follow Through – 1/1 Points. You get it after your hit does not reach your target. This skill is nice b/c it doesn’t share the global skill cooldown most skill use. This is considered a “counterattack” due to it’s conditions. (plus, we need this for the next skill)

What Doesn’t Kill You
… – 3/3 Points. This is great. You kill stuff, you gain health. No more need for pots during grinding.

Return to Sender – 1/1 Points. You get it after targets miss you. Depending on future skills, return to sender will overpower follow through. It shares a cd w/ follow through.

Keep Your Wits – 0/3 or 1/3 Points. As a berserker, we really don’t need to watch our mana bars. As long as we’re not constantly spamming skills, our mana shouldn’t get close to half. Unlike What doesn’t kill you, you gain the effect when you get hit, which make 1 point seem efficient if you wish to get it at all (i got it b/c i got a spare point to waste)

-Tier 4-

Hitting My Stride – 1/1 Points. You don’t have a choice.

Lay it on Thick – 0/3 or 3/3 Points. You probably want 3/3 if you’re going juggy. Pop on stride b/f a huge boss and dps it down. Sentinels on the other hand should stay 0/3.

Swing for the Fences – 1/1 Points. Juggy skill. no information

Berserker Smash! – 3/3 Points. Assuming you got swing for the fences, you wanna make the punch count.

Strong Like Bull – 0/3 or 3/3 Points. Just the opposite of lay it on thick. Sents pop this on b/f a huge boss and reduce it’s damage on you. Juggys focus more on atk rather than def.

Out Cold – 1/1 Points. This skill is rather annoying. The effect of stun is really good, but you must 1. get lucky enough for sender to become active, 2. get lucky enough for this to activate after you use sender. I haven’t been able to use this in pvp yet, but i’m assuming it’s one of this mid fight stuns that surprise your target and give you an upper hand. oh and also, due to it’s short availability, you MUST use Out Cold right after sender or else it’ll become inactive again.

Rope a Dope – 3/3 Points. This passive puts sender above follow through. Your target has a chance to activate sender by simply hitting you. So now, you can activate sender when they: miss you and hit you. It improves the % at which skills become active.

This is all I’ve manage to gather. I’m only 22, so I do not know any sentinel skills as of now. Please share your opinion regarding skills and their worth.

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