Prius Online Cursed Vanguard Guide

Prius Online Cursed Vanguard Guide by solacroix

– Congratulations on hitting level 25 as a Shadow Templar, you powered onwards through the daunting early levels of the Fever Bloom self-poison.

– If you are reading this guide it means you have some interest in learning more about the Dark Holy Knight (Cursed Vanguard).

– For all intended purposes. The Vanguard is a tank, based off Defense and Magi Resistance; how does that differ from the other tank classes? Well the Sentinel is based off Health and is more of a pure meatshield (Tank and Spank), The Gladiator is based off Evasion and has the highest burst damage of the Tank Classes(Dodge tank hybrid) and The Vanguard as stated before is based off Defense and Magia Resistance where we use our Defense as an Offense(more on that later).

Dark Holy Knight vs Dark Knight- What Choice should i make?


1- No More Fever Bloom!: One of the Vanguards first passive skills does away with Fever Bloom trading it in for an Aketer’s Protection. We lose the Attack Speed and Critical Strike buff instead gaining Defense and Magia Resistance, did i mention we lose the Self-Poison?
NB. All Templar skills that required Fever now use the Aketer Protection instead.

2- Sustainability: Higher Defence, Magia Res. and Health being a Tank has it’s perks.

3- Productivity: Later on once raids start who will see more action? A Tank or Run of the Mill dps?

4- Tonfas: Yes, Tonfas. Tonfas are a weapon used by bad4sses like cops and Old asian martial artists. who but us has the honor to carry around such a dignified weapon and look good doing it?



1- Lower Overall Damage: Aketer’s Protection has another side to the passive; It transfers upwards of 15% our Melee Attack damage into Defense(note this is a passive). However this is balanced by the fact that alot our later damage skills are based off Defense :lol:

2- No Stealth: Doom knights have Stealth, we do not. I don’t know if this really counts as a con seeing as Tanks have no need for Stealth.

3- No Gap Closers: In regards to the Doom Knight i do not know how they fare in this Department but Vanguards have no Dash skills. We have speed buffs, 3 stuns and an Immobilize but no Dash to close the gap between us and a kiter.
Note: we do have a ranged attack that slows and has a chance to stun.

Skills! What are the Skills?!

– Disclaimer. At the time this guide was written the 2nd class skills had not been posted, the tooltips in game were also very confusing and as a result this is my interpretation of said tooltips.

Shadow Templar Skill Build(Vanguard Path):

-NB numbers are off as i include passives in Skill explanations, also you will see i messed up and wasted 2 skill points.

1- Shadow Stab: This is your bread, use this skill to start combos. It does 30% of your base Melee Attack Power combined with that base as Damage.

2- Fever Bloom: Love it or Hate it, this buff/debuff gives you increased Attack Speed and Critical Strike while draining 1% of your base Health every 5 seconds(the buff lasts for 30 seconds).

3- Black Tear: This is your butter, use this skill in tandem with Shadow Stab. It does 50% of your base Melee Attack Power combined with that base as Damage.

4- Mind over Matter: Vanguards aren’t particularly mana intensive but to ensure lack of downtime use this. Consumes 10% of your Health, Restores 20% Mana.

5- Blood Pull: 5% of your Melee Attack Power combined with the base. The damage done to target is restored as health. Seeing Red which is it’s passive reduces the cd of this skill by 30%.

6- Fever Purge: Upon using this skill 10% of your HP is restored per stack of Fever Bloom for a whopping total of 50% with 5 Fever Bloom stacks.(uses all stacks and has a 120 second down time).

7- Carnage: Tooltip error. Damage done to Target is based on the number of Fever Stacks this skill uses up all your stacks and has a passive component, Plunder, which recovers 1% of your HP every 2 seconds(the buff lasts 10 seconds).

8- Aketer’s Blessing: Increases Skill Chance by 30%. Passive components Aketer’s Hand and Aketer’s Reprieve increases Attack Power and Defense respectively.

9- Grisly Retort: Upon Evading or Blocking an Attack you have a chance of counterattacking with this skill. Does damage based off 50% of your Melee Attack Power combined with base.(50% of dmg dealt is restored as hp). Passive component allows you to stun target for 3 seconds at a 100% chance.

Cursed Vanguard Skills


1- Provocation: Taunts Target for 10 sec, upon attacking target gains 20% increased threat.

2- Fever Restoration: Transfers 15% of our Melee Attack Power into Defence and Magi Res applies stacks of Aketer’s Protection instead of Fever Bloom(this skill is passive).

3- Mark of Dark Holy Knight: Party buff that increases max HP by 10% for 30M

4- Wrath of Dark God: This buff allows our Basic Templar skills to Receive added effects:
Shadow Stab- Slows Enemy Attack Speed
Black Tear- Slows Enemy Movement Speed

5- Shield Swing: Splash Attack hitting 4 enemies, damage is based off 40% of Melee Attack Power. Passive component applies a debuff to the enemies that does damage based off 50% M.A.P and increases your threat.

6- Shield of Judgement: Damage based off 80% of your Defense and M.A.P combined with a chance to stun.

7- Aketer’s Authority: Reduces incoming damage by 20%

8- Dark Void: an Aoe with a chance to Immobilize targets.

9- False Life: This buff Increases max HP by 20% and heals 3% of base Health every 3 seconds(buff lasts 15 seconds).

10- Shield of Destruction: Ranged version of Judgement; based off 50% of your Defense and Attk with a chance to stun(This skill has a range of 15M).

11- Impure Creed: Aoe Taunt.

12- Dark Knight Oath: Increases Max HP by 15%(this is a passive).

13- Sanctuary of Darkness: This Buff Increases Defense.

14- Magia Wall: This Buff Increases Magia Resistance


I suggest getting STR and STA for Armor Pieces(a little Sense doesn’t hurt), For Accessories focus on HP and Magi Res. and For Spheres get HP Recovery, Attack Damage, and Accuracy.


Thank You for taking the time to read my guide. As i level the information will be edited to display more accuracy.
Please post any questions below and i’ll try my best to give an answer.

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