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[Guide] Zeus’ Gift Envoy by Zelos

[Guide] Zeus’ Gift Envoy by Zelos
Well, everyone saw already some system msg saying that some player received an iten at Zeus Gift event, and then ppl are wondering “how can I join this Event?”.
Here, a step-by-step guide on how can you participate and how the event NPCs works.

Well, this NPC take the daily offers made by the players, each deliver of item rises the grade of  the wish; raising the number of wishes, you raise the daily reward too. From monday to friday, each player can hav till 10 offers accepted by the NPC. At saturday and sunday, the bonus is bigger in your reward, and you can even make 12 offers.

Each succesful trade will give you a Praying Stone, and u need to keep them to raise the number of trades you can make at the Weekend. Here I will make the guide on how you can make the offers.

First NPC: [Event] Zeus’ Loyal believer

Coordinate: Athen´s Suburb – 99,-187

Click here at this NPC and then chose the options in those 2 screenshots:


After those steps, the following window will appear:

Red part:

Quality of equipment: Here is the part where the NPC asks exactly the item he wishes to consume and accept your offer.

Those are the items he already asked to me:
Equip enhanced or better, gems lvl 1 and lvl 2 (sapphyre/emerald/rubi), crystal lvl 1, mistic spell and quartz plate lvl1.
The minimum kind of the equip will only appear when NPC asks the equip. He can ask only an enhanced gear, he can asks a delicate gear and he can even ask you delicate or enhanced gears grade 2.
Here is the window that will appear when you click on the first option, when you have the item asked, and the reward window when you deliver the asked item and the NPC accepts it:

Green part:

This option you need to chose when you dont have the asked item, but you want to continue raising the wishing grades.

At this option, another window will appear and it will ask “wine” for you. Its the same wine you can trade at Ship Materials Quest. This is the window where wine is asked:

At this option, if you deposit Wine, it will always raise the grade of your wishes, as if you put the item first asked by NPC.

Blue part:

You chose this option when you dont have any item asked by NPC and if you dont have wine too. This option will ask you some low level item but it will make your wishes 1 grade lower.


I will not tell you guys to use this option, and I’ve never tryed it since it makes lower the grade of wishes.

Second NPC: [Event] Praying Saint

Coordinate: Athens´s Suburb 102,-187

This NPC is where you deposit your Praying Stones from Sunday 22h (american server time) to Friday 21h55
This is the image that appears when you click at this NPC:

Those are the 2 options this NPC offers to players:

The first option is where you deposit the Praying Stones. The other window is where you deliver the Praying Stones, with a slot to put the number of stones you want to deposit and the bonus you received for making the Praying Stone offering.


This is the secong option of NPC Exchange goodies.

This option has 3 kinds of rewards you can make the exchange every Saturday since 12h.
Common Reward – You can make your trades for common items, like Mystic Spell, Crystal lvl 1 and lvl2 (those items comes always with only 1 unit) or fashion/cash clothes.

Limited Reward – You will have some “rare” kind of rewards here, like Flame Spark, Crystal lvl 3 (pack with 5 of them), Parcel Stone, Quartz Plate 3, Mystic Spell (pack with 10) and more. Its a low number of rewards of those kinds (limited stock to all faction).

EXP and TP Reward – you can make only 1 trade and get EXP and TP that matches your lvl ingame (each lvl receives a different number of those rewards)

Remember: To make any kind of trade here, you need have in your bag some packs with 20 DUSTS. More offers you make, more praying stones, XP and TP you will get daily and more trades you will get at weekends

Hope this guide helps you guys ^^

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