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The Actual Best Way to Advance Atlantis

Ok, so to start I apologise to warriors and champs because you got screwed.

Unfortunately I am not nearly geared enough to beat this but I do believe I know the best way to do so.

Preferred team: 2 Priest, 1 Mage

Mage Strategy: Afk with flame blast only and pet with bloodsucker or Panda while wearing physical armor. Position yourself just before exiting the bottleneck run a little ways away from the huge opening. Also, altaring your defenses would be wise. The trick is to right click yourself with the right click hotkey empty. This will target yourself and you will begin casting flame blast. Allow this to stack for a short while before the priests begins their part of this instance. As for you, other then occasionally recasting Five star or if necessary merging. Your part is done.

Note for mobs: You may notice the physical mobs die much quicker then the magical. Use this to your advantage if you start taking significant damage and switch to magical defense once you have downed the physicals.

Priest strategy: Heal the mage. Oh also, one of you will need to enter the opening after every pull to grab the next spawns. Once you see the red dots chasing, simply run over and past the mages flame blast. Be sure to avoid the mermaid spawns. Do not lure mermaid over mage flame blast please. (Lol -.-) Only one priest needs to pull mobs, the other can stand still and wait. Be sure to coordinate your heals, and keep the mage mana shielded. I do not discourage the priests from assisting in killing, but remember, your mages life is priority.

If You Insist On The Mermaid:  If you must capture the mermaid, use a priest to grab it and gaea care, then capture. Heal as needed, you have two priests after all.

If Mobs Get Too Strong: Depending on just how strong the magic mobs get the mage may not be able to tank them. One alternative to this would be to have the second priest (the one not pulling the mobs) to target and grab aggro from a few magic mobs before they run over the mages flame blast. If necessary, simply gaea care and hold the aggro until either the physical mobs die allowing mage to switch to magic, or your gaea runs out. In the case that gaea runs out, allow the other priest to steal the aggro from you and in turn gaea care again. If the physical mobs die then you should be safe to lure the magic mobs over the mages flame blast, assuming your mage has not fallen asleep.

Words Of Caution!: It appears that the mobs are time spawned rather then dependant on the condition of the previous spawn. With this in mind, do not waste your time. One foul up can allow for a massive mob to be created. It would be wise to keep an eye on the spawn and pull as often as possible.

Reasoning: For those who do not understand why I choose the mage to tank; Flame blast while being afk casted is unreasonably overpowered when combined with a life absorb skill. With all mobs being lured directly onto it a good mage can outheal the damage being dealt to him for quite some time. Once the mage begins taking more damage then his flame blast can heal, 2 priests are on stand-by with heals, as well as, if you are smart, panda heal.

Conclusion: Please take into consideration that this strategy assumes that the mage being used is significantly well geared. Also Panda is most likely a necessity for advancement as bloodsucker will not be nearly as useful. I apologise for the wall, but if you have taken the time to read this I am sure you will have been enlightened. Unless of course you have already discovered this epic combination. Feel free to share your insights.

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