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How to earn silver/Gold quickly

So a friend asked me why i always have silver and gold on me at all times & so i thought i should make a post on how to go about earning it.

This thread might be less helpful to the more experienced players but yeah…i hope it helps at least a few people out there.

Before i list things i should say that the key secret to earning silver or gold is to sell what the people want at the right time, the right day, and at the right price.

Silver/Gold farming

[Holy Box II]

-Have you ever defeated an Elite and gotten a Holy Box II only to find that you don’t need it for now?
Maybe its becuz you don’t have space in your bag or warehouse? Or maybe its becuz you have no more transfer credits for the day? Well don’t look at that item as just a burden in your bag. With enough of them they can earn you a moderately good amount of Silver. One bought at “rops” would cost a person 50000 silver. Some people don’t want to hunt Elites to obtain it and many don’t want to spend so much silver that could be used for many other things. With that said, its an item that has value in the peoples eye. If you set it in stall for 25000 silver you would sell them in no time.

[Original price]:50000 Silver
[Your price]:25000 Silver
[Your price in gold]:5 gold
[Day sold]:Any
[Time sold]:Any

[Magic Pet Bells]

This item is used to send your pet with a pet dispatch talent to complete or aid you in a daily quest. Its an item found from elites mostly but can be picked up from even the most average of monsters if your lucky. But sometimes a person just wants to do those quest on there own. Or maybe your daily quests are already completed and you just want to get them off your hands. Well that’s good news for you becuz its an item that can be sold to those who really need it! Unlike the holy box II i mentioned before Magic bells can only be bought from the mall or the Bound gold vendor NPC in the main city’s. One bell bought by either would cost 30 Gold/B-gold. To the cost savvy player as yourself that can be quite allot of money. Yet if your selling it in stall then it becomes a small amount of treasure in your hand. If your planning on selling it in stall on the main city’s you can sell one for about 15000 silver minimum to 25000 silver maximum. If your planing on selling it in gold you can even earn about 5 gold for each bell. If your planing on getting the maximum of silver from it I would suggest setting stalls at certain events like pindus or Ni-mini. They would sell faster and for the best earned price during times when people are busy with other things.

[Original price]:30 Gold/B-Gold
[Your price]:15000 silver-25000 silver
[Your price in gold]: 5 gold
[Day sold] Wednesday/Saturday/Sunday/Friday
[Time sold]During Pindus, Ni-mini and an hour before Sicily event begins

[Second rate books]

If your like me and you do the Bay under attack instance every day you have probably noticed that the books that come from the average mobs are the ones less likely to be picked up 1st. If by chance you decided to pick it up you probably just sell it to a NPC for the 1000 silver its worth. Believe it or not, those little books you just sold for 1000 silver could rake in over 10000 silver EACH if sold right! Players are constantly making new characters or just starting out. To you those books may be worthless but to them they could be something quite valuable. Even tho these books have a solid selling rate of 10000 silver each, imagine how much you would have after selling all the ones from BUA? So take my advice. The next time your doing BUA ya might want to pick up that book which others turn a blind eye to.

[Original cost]:Can’t be bought from NPC
[Your cost]:10000 silver each
[Cost in gold]:Not very likely to be bought in gold
[Day sold]:Any
[Time sold]:Any

[Common materials]

With the new boom of professions these once not so valuable items found from any monster are turned into something desired by many MANY players. Yet with you only having one profession you would really only need one type of material. Lets say your a mythcracker and you only want the Hard leather material. That’s when the other materials like copper ore or Herbs become nothing but a used space in your bag. Fear not! Those excess items from your daily adventures can be used to make you quite allot of money in a incredibly short amount of time! =D You can sell a set of ten materials at a time for 10000 silver. If you have 99 of them you can even sell it for 40 gold! I should tell you now that the item most wanted is Copper ore, Herbs, and Leathers. So set stall and rake in the cash from an item you didn’t really need in the first place.

[Original price]:Not bought by NPC
[Your price]:10000 silver for each set of 10
[Your price in gold]:40 gold
[Day sold]:Any
[Time sold]:Any

Anima/Blood potion

Unless your a higher lvl player that sees allot of battle or in a team doing a hard instance you probably realized that these potions aren’t really needed. It doesn’t matter how fast your health re-spawns if you die. But these items can fetch quite allot of money from players that truly need them. This simple item that occasionally drops from Elites can be sold to a player for 40000 silver EACH. They can also rake in 15 Gold if that’s what your trying to earn. Tho this item takes a little longer to sell then others on the list it will be worth it. Even more so if you set it on stall with an alt.

[Original price]:27 gold for blood potion. 115 for anima potion.
[Your price]:10000 silv for blood potion. 40000 silver for Anima
[Your price in gold]:1 gold for blood potion. 15 gold for Anima
[Day sold] Wednesday/Saturday/Sunday/Thursday
[Time sold]During Pindus, Ni-mini and Troy


Before i begin i have to tell you that if your gears aren’t all LvL6 superior you shouldn’t sell your gems or Xstals LvL1. Those are to valuable to you. The only ones i would recommend selling are Rubys if you don’t need them and LvL2 Xstals. Players are constantly realizing that having perfect gear is an important role to becoming stronger. With the addition of the BUA instance such gear can be found but at the lvl of 70. Rubys are now allot more valuable becuz of this & so they have the highest price when being sold as lvl 1 gems. [The other gems tend to be sold at 10000 silver while rubys are sold at 20000 silver] Also, Crystals LvL2 are very VERY valuable. You could sell one for 100000 silver or even 55 gold, sometimes 60 gold to. Items like that are usually found from Elites. When it comes to selling Xstals you might want to sell them during the week days. The reason is becuz during the weekend the value of lvl2 Xstals go down due to Treasure island instance. prices for Xstals LvL2 become 50 gold during such times so i suggest holding them in your warehouse until a better day.

[Original price]:Ruby LvL1=41 gold LvL2-106 gold LvL3 528 gold/ Crystal LvL2=92 gold
[Your price]:Ruby LvL1=20000 silv LvL2=50000 silv LvL3=100000 silv/ Crystal LvL2=100000 Silv
[Your price in gold]:Ruby LvL1=5 gold LvL2=50 gold LvL3=100 gold/ Crystal LvL2=50 to 55 to 60 gold.
[Day sold]Week days. Preferably Wednesday/Thursday.
[Time sold]:Any time during the corresponding days. Polis it.


-If you have somehow collected enough LvL 4 Sapphire pieces and made a LvL4 Sapphire it can be sold for 200 to 300 gold and or 500000 silver.

-The value on suits have gone down now that there’s a mythcracker profession that can make them for you.

-I don’t suggest selling your pet potions. Use them to lvl sacrificial pets to your main one.

-The lest valuable perfect gears are magical defense types/ HP types. Rings, belts, DEF armor, boots and ETC are worth from 70000 silver to 100000 silver.
[Girdles and Amulets are the most sought after and can be sold for 150000 silver]

-If you chose a scholar profession you can make allot of silver by selling profession shift books. They can be sold for 50000 silver minimum and 100000 silver max.

-The pets that are worth catching to sell are Fero Minos [80 Gold/100000 silver], Zealous Pixies[100 gold/100000 silver], Brave dogs[90000 silver] and DEFINITELY Brave rock elfs [500-1000 gold]. Brave rock elfs are the most wanted becuz they have healing and merge talents which are valuable to any class.

-Do the “Beads” quest multiple times. It rewards you not only a little silver but also pet food. Its a quest overlooked allot but it seriously saves you allot of money on pet food.

-If all ells fails you can also go to Argolis or Pelo and pick up/Sell all the items you obtain from the monsters near the Props NPC. Those are the fields with the closest props NPC to monsters. Im not sure on how it is for Athens tho.

[In conclusion

I hope this guide will be of some aid to you out there! This is my first thread ever and is based on my personal experiences so if you have opinions or things i should add pleas tell me. YOSH!

PS. Brolly you’ll never be able to sell your fire ball 3!

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