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[Game Strategy] Things Every Player Should Know by ZhaoZilong

This guide is brought to you by ZhaoZilong, commander of the Phoenix Legion in Wei on S1.

Table of Contents

I. Introduction
II. City Hall Levels
III. Battle
IV. Campaign
V. Player vs. Player
VI. Legion/Plantation Battles
VII. Useful Formulas
VIII. Generals
XI. Miscellaneous
X. My Other Guides

I. Introduction

Dynasty Saga is a fairly complex game, so there are a lot of things about the game that many people may not know or misunderstand.

This guide is meant to provide an assortment of random, but useful, information about the game that I found interesting when I learned them myself. A lot of this information is very basic and geared towards beginners, but there definitely should be a couple of things even an experienced Closed Beta player can learn.

Of course, there could be interesting things missing from this guide! If you find any, please let me know, and I’ll consider adding them here. Also, I can’t guarantee that everything in this guide is accurate. Much of it is from my own observations and not from taking a peek at the game code!

This guide will be updated when I learn something new, so check back on occasion.

II. City Hall Levels

– At level 15, you will start to begin losing reserves, if you have any. However, even if you don’t have any reserves, your army will still be reinforced until you reach level 16! So it’s not a good idea to begin drafting troops until you know you’re about to level to 16 soon.

– At level 30, you will get an assistant that can do a few basic things for you. Every 10 levels of the CH, you will be offered an opportunity to upgrade the assistant to a higher level. Each level of the assistant will give you an extra rally per day, an added queue, and extra things he/she can do. Levels 2, 3, and 4 cost 50, 150, and 400 gold respectively.

– At level 35, you will not lose rallies for a campaign loss, even though the in-game information states otherwise. You will begin losing rallies once you reach level 36 city hall.

– At level 51 every day at 0:00, you will acquire a free horse/cloak scout that you can use once. This daily freebie can be used on any scout, even the really expensive level 5 scouts if you find any.

– You get an extra rally every time you increase your City Hall level, even if this will cause your rallies to exceed the 20 limit.

III. Battle

– Blocked or dodged attacks do not increase the morale of either the attacker or defender.

– Ranged units (those with bows), but not siege units, do not take counterattack damage from a blocked attack.

– If a unit has more than 100 morale when it uses a gambit, it will receive extra bonus damage (~.5%) for every point of morale above 100.

– Units with the “high initiative” ability are better at dodging. It does not mean they attack earlier.

– Units with the “all stats boosted” ability are better at dodging, blocking, and have a higher chance of a critical strike.

– Spell attacks do not affect morale.

IV. Campaign

– You always lose a rally for losing a legion battle, even if your city hall is level 35 or below.

– If a legion has 0 battles left, only someone who has not successfully won against that legion can start a battle.

– When doing a legion battle, order matters. The player in the first slot will always come out against the army in the middle, the player in the second slot will come out against the army on the bottom, and the player in the third slot will come out against the army on the top. Then the player in the fourth slot will come out when a player army has been defeated, and so on. Sometimes a bad order can lose a legion battle!

– If the last player army to come out gets 3 victories and walks off the field, and there are no enemy armies left, that’s considered a loss.

– You will receive more BPs for a battle if your level is more than 5 levels below the opponent’s level.

– You will receive less BPs for a battle if your level is more than 5 levels above the opponent’s level.

– Elite armies reset every day at 8:30, 12:30, 19:00, and at 21:00 server time.

– All scenarios (first one is unlocked at Liu Biao stage)cost an extra rally every time you do any scenario, so be careful.

V. Player vs. Player

– Your own notoriety appears to go up by the same amount regardless of the color of the player you defeat, and vice versa.

– Only a player with Wanted status in a kingdom can begin a regional battle.

– You have completely separate notorieties for each kingdom.

– You get about 50% more prestige for damaging an opponent’s building.

– You get about 50% less prestige for beating someone who does not have a full army.

– Normally, you get less prestige for attacking the same player, but if they attack you back, this no longer appears to be the case.

– You get more prestige for attacking players with higher levels and less for attacking players with lower levels. It does not seem to depend much on relative levels.

VI. Legion/Plantation Battles

– You can use the assistant during legion battles. This means you can harvest your grain, do your enhancements (with level 2 assistant), and so on.

– The donation you receive for participating in a legion battle counts towards your individual donation ranking, but does not contribute towards legion research!

– The chance of another successful battle boost decreases with each successful boost.

– You receive one of the 4 special abilities (+10% damage, +10% defense, +1 victory, +1 victory) for each 5 successful boosts.

– Players come out to fight loosely based on city hall level, not the order in which they join the battle.

VII. Useful Formulas

– Prestige gained from silver investment is equal to (City Hall Level) x 2 x prosperity. So a level 30 CH with 10 investment in prosperity gets you 30 x 10 x 2 = 600 prestige.

– The number of additional units a general gets for each level is equal to 20 + (general recruitment cost/500). So a general with a recruitment cost of 5,000 would gain 20 + (5000/500) = 30 units per level. I haven’t checked how this formula applies to Zhang Liang and Zhang Bao.

– The number of soldiers you get per draft is equal to barracks level x 150.

– The rewards for events depend on City Hall level. The reward for 1st place is City Hall level x 400.

VIII. Generals

– The amount of experience a general receives is based on training grounds level, but the amount of battle points it costs depends on city hall level.

– A dismissed general will keep his level and any enlightened stats, but his experience will be reset to 0.

IX. Miscellaneous

– You can only trade once per day with each player. This resets at 0:00. However, caravans received and sent reset at 5:00.

– You can only invest three times per day.

– The amount of prestige and silver you receive from tax collection questions often depends on your city hall level.

– Abandoning a farm or mine one minute before your occupation ends gives you the full amount of silver or grain.

– When the game says grain prices or enhancement success is increasing, it’s possible it will drop the next round. For example, if grain prices are currently 1.95 and increasing, the game will generate a random number. Let’s say it generates .2. Then the next grain price will be 1.85, because the maximum grain price is 2, so 1.95 + .05 = 2, and the extra .15 leftover instead gets subtracted. The same thing applies to decreasing.

– You get an extra rally every Spring at 8:30, 12:30, and 19:00, not an extra rally every hour.

– Each region shares the same mines, but farms are shared by each individual district.

– If your subject has a subject, you will get half of the 10% your subject receives from his subject.

– You receive 10% of the taxes that your subject collects. This is “free” money and not deducted from their taxes.

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