Facebook Dynasty Saga Campaign Generals and Heroes List

Facebook Dynasty Saga Campaign Recruitable Generals and Heroes List

Late game introduces a few new advanced gambits, click here to read more about them.

StageGeneralCostStr/Bra/IntUnit TypeUnit NameUnit DescriptionGambitGambit Description
Yellow TurbanZhang Liang50068/50/49NormalScimitar WarriorHigh damageFull OnslaughtAttack all enemy targets
Zhang Bao80043/69/63NormalSpear HurlerHigh damageSubterfugeDecrease targets morale to 0
Zhang Jiao100063/42/81NormalRaiderHigh initiativeAmbushCause enemy troops to panic
Dong ZhuoXu Rong200062/51/51SiegeSiege TowerSingle target attackNoneNone
Hua Xiong300062/87/38NormalShield guardReduced damage from archersIron WillMaximize defense for one round after activation
Li Ru400046/35/88SpellThunder CallerLow success rate, High damageNoneNone
Dong Zhuo400061/80/28NormalSharpshooterHigh critical strike rateThunder StrikeDeal high damage attack to a single target
Renegade ForcesJia Xu500033/28/93SpellPyromancerHigh success rateNoneNone
Cai Yan500043/29/87DancerDancerRandomly fills morale for one friendjy targetNoneNone
Hua Tuo600068/30/103HealerMedicHeals more than Herbal ShamanNoneNone
Gongsun ZanGongsun Yuan400071/65/31NormalChargerHigh damageAmbushCause enemy troops to panic
Gongsun Zan500077/78/48NormalSpearmanIncreased damage against CavalrySpearheadAttack a row of enemies
Zhang LuZhang Lu300059/57/41SiegeBallistaDamage a row of enemiesNoneNone
Yuan ShuLei Bo300043/67/33NormalImmortalHigh chance to blockTreacherous PloyCause enemy to betray to join your forces
Ji Ling300031/79/30NormalEquine NatatorHigh chance to blockSubterfugeDecrease target’s morale to 0
Yuan Shu500068/58/37SiegeTortoise TankDefensive unitNoneNone
Yan BaihuSha Moke500052/93/30NormalWoodland RangerHigh Counterattack rateLinebreakerAttack a column of enemies
Yan Baihu800072/88/43NormalInferno SguadHigh damage and initiativeInspiring BlowSteal some morale from the enemy target
Liu BiaoCai Mao4000L72/58/43NormalPhoenix CrossbowmanAll stats boostedSweeping OffensiveAttack all enemies in an area
Yi Ji400047/58/77DrummerCorps of DrumAdds more morale than Marching BandNoneNone
Wen Pin600073/82/30NormalDragon KnightHigh defenseSpecial ForcesDeal both gambit and normal damage
Liu Biao600069/43/72DrummerCorps of DrumAdds more morale than Marching BandNoneNone
Liu ZhangLeng Bao300052/82/19NormalShadowriderHigh critical strike rateLinebreakerAttack a column of enemies
Li Hui400070/51/61SiegeFire BallistaStronger version of ballista, damage a row of enemiesNoneNone
Yan Yan600071/73/49SiegeIron RamSingle target attackNoneNone
Liu Zhang300065/29/57NormalAssassinHigh damage and initiativeSpearheadAttack a row of enemies
Ma TengMa Dai300048/69/34SiegeThunder CatapultStronger version of catapult, damage a column of enemiesNoneNone
Han Sui600075/62/57NormalMagma LauncherHigh damage and critical strike rateZealous BarrageHas a chance to give an extra attack
Ma Teng800084/85/38NormalMounted BowmenHigh critical strike rateDesperate MeasuresRemains active once morale is full
Meng HuoWutu Gu800070/101/36NormalCrusherHigh critical strike rateIron WillMaximize defense for one round after activation
Zhu Rong600068/80/43NormalRattan InfantryReduced damage from archersStampedeAttack all enemies with a chance to cause panic
Meng Huo800087/77/37NormalWar ElephantHigh chance to blockDemoralizing ShoutReduce morale of all enemies
Yuan ShaoXu You400032/12/85SpellFlame LordStronger version of pyromancer. High success rateNoneNone
Yan Liang600055/95/24NormalPike brigadeIncreased damage against cavalryVengeful StrikeDeal crippling damage. but take damage too
Wen Chou700051/97/29NormalBlitz CavalryHigh initiativeBerserker RageDeal more damage with more unit losses
Yuan Shao700079/70/51NormalPhoenix CrossbowmanAll stats boostedThunder StrikeDeal high damage attack to a single target
Lu BuZhang Liao800082/90/51SiegeRedwood TowerStronger version of siege tower singel target attackNoneNone
Diao Chan300058/38/92DancerDancerRandomly fills morale for one friendly targetNoneNone
Lu Bu1000084/120/33NormalLion BrigadeHigh damageRelentless AssaultLaunch two consecutive attacks
Taiping RebellionShi Dakai1000080/110/50NormalTaiping EliteIncreased damage against InfantryTide TurnerCombines normal attack with gambit attack, regains troops half of damage dealt, remains active once morale is full
Hong Xiuquan1100080/70/110DrummerCorps of DrumAdds more morale than Marching BandNoneNone
Qing DynastyZeng Guofan10000115/70/80NormalImperial GuardHigh chance to blockLast StandIncreases chance to block, deal both gambit and normal damage, remains active once morale is full
Zuo Zongtang10000100/80/90NormalHeavenly ArmyHigh Counterattack rateFrenzyDeal both gambit and normal damage, remains active once morale is full
Nuer Hachi1100085/115/45NormalEight Banners CavalryHigh critical strike rateUnstoppable ChargeAttacks in a row, deal both gambit and normal damage, remains active once morale is full
King Chuang StageLi Zicheng1100080/115/40NormalEighteen RidersHigh chance to blockViolent ChargeSingle target with a chance to cause panic, deal both gambit and normal damage, remains active once morale is full
Ming Dynasty StageLiu Bowen1000085/50/115SpellHigh ScholarAttacks in a rowNoneNone
Qi Jiguang11000110/80/70SiegeArmageddon CatapultBetter version of Thunder CatapultNoneNone
Zhu Yuanzhang12000110/80/100NormalStar Brocade GuardReduced damage from Spell CastersShadow StrikeHas a chance to give an extra attack, deal both gambit and normal damage, remains active once morale is full
Mongolian EmpireZhao Min1000088/60/105SpellShamanDeals both Spell and Normal DamageNoneNone
Khubilai Khan11000106/93/80SiegeBarbarian Repeating CannonSingle Target. Deals very high Normal Damage and Gambit DamageNoneNone
Genghis Khan13000118/110/74NormalMongolian CavalryHighest Dodge chanceEndless FuryDeals both Gambit and Normal Damage

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