Facebook Dynasty Saga Gear Equipment List

Complete Campaign Gear List

Gear nameCategoryRequired LevelBoost Drop fromEnhancementBattlesSelling
Stage NPC
Copper MailArmor019Yellow TurbanCheng Zhiyuan6Unlimited
Black Gold SwordWeapon428Stage Clearance8
Silver MailArmor1231Dong ZhuoYang Feng6180
Dusk NightbladeWeapon1242Zhang Ji12963750
Nebula SwordWeapon1747Diao Chan12604500
Maelstrom HalberdWeapon1950Legion12364950
Silver Python SpearWeapon2254Gongsun ZanGongsun Kang12365550
Numina SwordWeapon2153Gongsun Gong12245250
Eight Jeweled BreastplateArmor41Legion9185250
Ebon SpryhoofHorse21114Stage Clearance295250
Shadowstrike BowWeapon2557Renegade ForcesZhao Fan12306000
Double Dragon CuirassArmor2343Hu Che er9185700
Mystic BowWeapon21Guan Luo1612
Silver GambisonArmor2548Legion12188000
Brocaded Hare CloakCloak2173Stage Clearance185250
Demonhead BladeWeapon2963Zhang LuYang Chou12306750
Tailfeather MailArmor40Yang Reng918
Tigerprint LoricaArmorLegion912
Rhinoceros ArmorArmor2952Stage Clearance129000
Tortoise CuirassArmor41Yuan ShuYang Hong930
Crescent BladeWeapon2966Yu She16189000
Sparrowtip SpearWeapon29Yuan Shuo206
Rhinoceros ArmorArmor2952Legion12129000
Wu TseBook2932Stage Clearance61800
Phoenix DoublebladeWeaponYan BaihuZhang Ying1230
Hellion SpearWeapon3873Zhou Xin12183250
Lionhead CuirassArmor3455Ze Rong126
Imperial SwordWeapon3876Yu Fan163
Firmament BowWeapon38Legion2012
Bronze KnightHorse38Stage Clearance
Tectonic DaggerWeapon4277Liu BiaoWang Wei1230
Comet BowWeaponWu Ju1218
Golden GambisonArmor3859Zhang Yun126
Crimson CuirassWeapon4266Kuai Liang15218000
Dragonscale DaggerWeapon46Legion2412
Firmament BowWeapon38Stage Clearance20
Gold ImpalerWeapon4682Liu ZhangWu Lan129750
Violet Mist BladeWeapon4884Xu Jing121810050
Skywolf SpearWeapon4985Yang Huai12610200
Rhinoceros ArmorArmor2952Zhang Ren12129000
Crimson CuirassWeapon5187Zhang Song12310500
Crimson CuirassWeapon4686Legion161213000
Crimson CuirassArmor4266Stage Clearance1518000
North Star BladeWeaponMa TengZhang Heng1630
Phoenix BowWeapon96Ma Tie161815000
Polar ScimitarWeapon51Ma Wan20621000
Golden Sparrow AxWeapon55Legion2412
Spun Gold Leopard CloakCloak55Stage Clearance22500
Green Dragon ArmorArmor5978Meng HuoKing Dailai122816000
Imperial CuirassArmor5981Dong Tuna151824000
Tortoise BladeWeapon59King Duosi20624000
Double Dragon AxWeapon63114Golden Ring24342500
Kirin Double-bladeWeapon63118Legion2851000
A Hundred WarsBook6351Stage Clearance225100
Rattan SpearWeapon80123Yuan ShaoYuan Tan91815750
Lightning BladeWeapon80126Yuan Xi12721000
Suanni ArmorArmor80100Yuan Shang15631500
Thaddeus WindreshWeapon68115Zhu Ling20427000
Serpent SaberWeapon72124Ju Shou24347500
Dragonscale ArmorArmor7295Shen Pei18247500
Nine Poisons SpearWeapon72128Legion2857000
Topaz Prince TotemTotem72210Stage Clearance2028500
Oneir BladeWeapon80130Lu BuCao Xing20437000
Suanni ArmorArmor80100Hao Meng
Dragonscale ArmorArmor7295Song Xian18247500
Dragonscale DaggerWeapon46Hou Cheng15631500
Double Dragon AxWeapon63114Wei Xu24342500
Snake Tortoise CuirassArmor80103Gao Shun18552500
Supreme Unity SwordWeapon80134Zang Ba24252500
Vernal Dragon BladeWeapon80138Legion2863000
Oneir BladeWeapon80130Stage Clearance20437000
Oneir BladeWeapon80130Wu KingdomLu Meng20437000
Snake Tortoise CuirassArmor80103Zhou Yu18252500
Supreme Unity SwordWeapon80134Sun Quan24252500
Vernal Dragon BladeWeapon80138Legion2863000
Topaz Warlord TotemTotem??Stage Clearance??
Oneir BladeWeapon80130Shu KingdomZhao Yun20437000
Snake Tortoise CuirassArmor80103Zhuge Liang18252500
Supreme Unity SwordWeapon80134Liu Bei24252500
Vernal Dragon BladeWeapon80138Legion2863000
Topaz WarlordTotemTotem??Stage Clearance??
Oneir BladeWeapon80130Wei KingdomSima Yi20437000
Snake Tortoise CuirassArmor80103Xiahou Dun18252500
Supreme Unity SwordWeapon80134Cao Cao24252500
Vernal Dragon BladeWeapon80138Legion2863000
Topaz Warlord TotemTotem??Stage Clearance??
Serpent SaberWeapon72124Taiping Rebellion StageHongren Xuan24347500
Dragonscale ArmorArmor7295Yang Xiuqing18247500
Suanni ArmorArmor80100Feng Yunshan15631500
Mamba BreastplateArmor??Lin Fengxiang???
Samadhi BreastplateArmor80?Wei Changhui???
Samadhi BreastplateArmor80?Legion???
Suanni ArmorArmor80100Stage Clearance15631500
Double Dragon AxWeapon63114Qing Dynasty StageAo Bai24342500
Dragonscale ArmorArmor7295Seng Gelin Qin18247500
Autumn SlipswordWeapon??Shi Lang???
Taoist Frost BladeWeapon85?Duo Er Gun???
Taoist Frost BladeWeapon85?Legion???
WindchaserHorse??Stage Clearance???
Suanni ArmorArmor80100King Chuang StageWang Jiayin15631500
Mamba BreastplateArmor??Gao Yingxiang???
Purple ArmorArmor??Zhang Xianzhong???
Purple ArmorArmor??Legion???
Snake Tortoise CuirassArmor80103Stage Clearance18252500
Purple WeaponWeapon??Ming Dynasty StageLi Shanzhang???
Autumn SlipswordWeapon??Tang He???
Taoist Frost BladeWeapon85?Zhu Di???
Taoist Frost BladeWeapon85?Legion???
Sun-Tze’s Art of WarBook??Stage Clearance???
Frozen ArmorArmor59?Jin-Liao AllianceWan Yan honglie???
Dragonscale DaggerWeapon46Monk Wan Yan Chen15631500
Dragonscale ArmorArmor7295Wan Yan Aguda18247500
Suanni ArmorArmor80100Yelu Hongji15631500
Red WeaponWeapon55Yelu Xiuge
Double Dragon AxWeapon63114Xiao Tianzuo24342500
Samadhi BreastplateArmor80?Xiao Feng???
Purple ArmorArmor85Legion???
Three Strategies of Huang ShigongBook80Stage Clearance
Black Wind ArmorArmor85Mongolian EmpireBa Du
Double Dragon AxWeapon63114Ogedei Khan24342500
Samadhi BreastplateArmor80?Mu Huali???
Purple WeaponWeapon80Tuo Lei
Taoist Frost BladeWeapon85?Zhe Bie
Samadhi BreastplateArmor80Stage Clearance


Equipment Drops/Colors/ Stage Rewards by woshiempire

Campaign StageCampaign RewardEquip drop from stage legionEquip drop from Elite NPC
Yellow Turban StageObsidian SwordNILCopper Mail
Dong Zhuo StageNebula SwordMaelstrom HalberdSilver Mail,
Nebula Sword
Gongsun Zan StageEbon SpryhoofEight Jeweled BreastplateSilver Python Spear, Numina Sword
Renegade Forces StageBrocaded Hare CloakSilver GambaisonShadowstrike Bow, Double Dragon Cuirass,
Mystic Bow
Zhang Lu StageRhinoceros ArmorTigerprint LoricaDemonhead Blade, Taifeather Mail
Yuan Shu StageWu TseRhinoceros ArmorTortoise Cuirass, Crescent Blade, Sparrowtip Spear
Yan Baihu StageBronze KnightFirmament BowPhoenix Doubleblade, hellion Spear, Lionhead cuirass, Imperial Sword
Liu Biao StageFirmament BowDragonScale DaggerTectonic Dagger, Crimson Cuirass, lionhead cuirass, comet bow
Liu Zhang StageCrimson CuirassCrimson CuirassBlue axe (Gold Impaler), Blue Spear (Skyworlf Spear), Blue sword (Violet Mist Blade), Crimson Cuirass
Ma Teng StageYellow CapeRed AxeBlue Sword, Green bow, yellow dagger
Meng Huo StageYellow Spell BookPuple SpearGreen Armor, Yellow Armor, Yellow Spear, Red Axe
Yuan Shao StageYellowPupleGreen to Red
Lu Bu StageYellowPupleGreen to Red

The above List will be helpful to those who want to hunt equipment to wear and also how much they want to enchance before that current equipment is outdated.

 Equipment Color, What is it about?
The quality of Gear can be seen in the color of its name. The available colors are listed below in increasing order
(Poor Quality)White; Blue; Green; Yellow; Red;Purple(Best Quality)

How does it matter?
High quality gear not only has a higher starting boost, but the growth rate when enhancing will also be higher. A small difference in growth rate means a huge difference after you upgrade an item a few dozen times

If you found the list useful for you, please feel free to vote by posting reply on this post. Thanks You

Check Point: Soaring Steed X 1
Try to scout 1 green horse and upgrade it as possible. If you found Bronze Knight parts, you may want to sell it as you can get it from campaign reward later on.

Check Point: Rhinoceros Armor x 4
Do not spend time wasting in hunting Tigerprint Lorica, Taifeather Mail. Go to the next stage and farm Rhinoceros Armor from the stage legion battle

Check Point: Crescent Blade x 1
Do not spend time wasting in hunting Sparrowtip Spear. It need 5 parts to complete, while Crescent Blade only need 2 parts.

Check Point Bronze Knightx1
Upgrade and Upgrade, you will need this horse for quite some time. This will be your best buddy.

Check Point Firmament Bow x 1
Good Weapon for those who do seige

You can find some pattern from the above list and in one look, you will know which should spend time in hunting, which can just hit and go.

Try not to sell your Firmament Bow and the yellow spell book
If you think those are wasting your inventory, you can equip on your generals.
This are free equipment given, this allow you to change or surprise ur enemy by using different tactics.
It is best to keep the best of 1 x horse, 1x weapon, 1x spell book for now since the game is still changing and growing. The best tactic used in other servers may not be the best tactic used here. So you still are not so sure in the long run, your tactic will work here, even if it works in other server. Selling them for silver, the price does not represent their real value when you need them

Equipment is a must in this game, having a good equipment and good level on enchance can make changes in battle.

But farm those equipment those you will be using for the next few stages and level, and not farm those equipment that you want to use now.

Most of the time unless you are really lucky, when you first start hunting that equipment, you are in “Wanting” mode, however when you got that equipment, you have more on to other stages and the equipment you just got seem outdated for you already

Gear Ranks Overview
Novice 1-10
Fighter 1-10
Soldier 1-10
Veteran 1-10
Elite 1-10
Champion 1-10
Honored 1-10
August 1-10
Grand 1-10
Exalted 1-10
Noble 1-10
Warlord 1-10
Prince 1-10
Monarch 1-10
Emperor 1-10
Heroic 1-10
Epic 1-10
Legendary 1-10
Godlike 1-10
Divine 1-10

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27 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    samadhi breastplate boost is +231

  2. Anonymous says:

    Liu Zongmin from King Chuang stage drops nine poisons spear.

    S4 YanBaihu from Volcanic Legion

  3. Anonymous says:

    Is the purple weapon from Li Shanzhang in Ming a Vernal Dragon Blade?

  4. SimaYi on Wei Kingdom Drop RED fragment of Golden Sparrow Ax not Oneir Blade

    RSX (RED ShangXiang)
    Crimson Tide S6.
    RED Legion.

  5. Rosho says:

    On Yuan Shao stage Yuan Xi drops lightning Blade is a GREEN WEAPON. Yuan Tan drops Rattan Spear and it is BLUE WEAPON.

  6. Mr. Monkey says:

    At Qing stage, Shi Lang drops Autumn Slipsword. Level 85, boost 1: Normal Attack +244

  7. thank you for all the updates guys i'm updating now, with new gears from mongolia and jin liao too =]

  8. B3H3M0T says:

    Tortoise Blade req. lv 59
    Spun Gold Leopard Cloak req lv 55 sell price 22500
    Golden Sparrow Ax req. lv 55
    Polar Scimitar req. lv 51 sell price 21000

    Liu Zhang stage u need fix it
    Gold Impaler was by Wu Lan
    Violet Mist Blade was by Xu Jing
    Skywolf Spear was by Yang Huai
    Rhinoceros Armor was by Zhang Ren

    And at lubu stage u can find yellow too
    Oneir Blade was by Cao Xing
    Suanni Armor was by Hao Meng

  9. RSX says:

    Numina Sword LV 21/ +53 / 5250 Silver
    Mystic Bow LV 21
    Lionhead Cuirass LV 34 / +55

    RED Legion WU
    Crimson Tide Server (S6)

  10. Unknown says:

    Demonhead Blade – LV 29 – Boost 63 – Price 6750

  11. Anonymous says:

    bro blackrabbittt ,
    if we get fragment things how we to upgrade it ???

  12. thank you it is fixed now =]

  13. Anonymous says:

    Sun Tze's Art of War is a purple book

  14. Anonymous says:

    Lightning Blade @ YS2 stage is green weapon, not blue. Price is the same.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Zhang Song and Liu Zhang's Legion drop Crimson Cuirass now

  16. Anonymous says:

    hellion spear gives 73 normal attack

  17. Methage says:

    Me and some others did LBL with 4 people to see if anything would drop, we got nothing. So if something does drop each individual would have a 1/4 chance of being the one to get it rather than 1/8 chance with a full team, but I don't think it increase the chances that a drop will come.

  18. there are people speculating about that but personally i'd say no there is no difference. but who knows right =]

  19. Methage says:

    Alright, I didn't see it listed for some, so I thoguht it might be something else. Does how many people are fighting in a legion battle effect the chances of a fragment dropping? For example if 4 beat it, is a drop more likely to be given to someone than if 7 or 8 do it?

  20. quantity is the number of battles the elite army has which is refilled at certain times each day.

  21. Methage says:

    What does the quantity refer to exactly? Do they have a set number that will drop until other people who have the item sell it or does the quantity reset at a rate comparable to how elite generals battles will reset?

  22. all changes made thank you =]

  23. Anonymous says:

    rattan spear definitely blue

  24. Anonymous says:

    zhang yun gives lionhaed cuirras

  25. Teehee says:

    nice. very useful

  26. Tabatha says:

    Hello! Nice! Thx ;-)

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