Aura Kingdom Advanced Gold Earning Guide

Aura Kingdom Advanced Gold Earning Guide by FilthyHunt

AH- Auction House
WTB- Want to buy
WTS- Want to sell
C/O – Current offer

Hey there! Are you still grinding dunegons, so despratly wishing to get some rare drops to have a change to get few extra gold out there? Is luck main factor what gets you gold? Still wondering how some players already have 500g while you are sitting with your lousy 20g?
We are here to fix that. Let’s bring you out some points that can greatly improve your income. B*ches love the rich duders.

1)Use auction house correctly! This is where most of your income is coming in when you are doing it right.

This is not just try to find cheap and sell high. What we are doing is combining it with trade channel. We wont sell our good in auction house as every penny that you will leave there will hurt you in time.(Selling in auction house as u alreaddy know is taking 10% your selling price).

What we are doing is buying only.

Now how do we combine it with trade channel? First things first. Get familiar with categoriez and where you might find what item. This will ensure that you will be the fastest hand around.

Second, now we want to keep auction house window ‘open with trade chat running on the side. We need to look for those prefixes (WTB, Buying).(Ex. Buying aeria sash recepie) Next you need to open up AH. Find item with searching its name under the correct category (In this case we write “Aeira” under recepies and click enter. List them by price. DO NOT BUY THE CHEAPEST YET!We are now making offer to the buyer. If they are already looking to buy item in trade channel there might be a good change that they need item bad and fast. We are making an offer(Let’s say AH’s cheapest price is 20g). We are making a first offer of 30g beacuse we are cold assho*es. If they decline make it 25 but we are not going under that. This is your first 5g earned in just 2 minutes or less.

5g is too slow. We need to get faster. You must do enough small deals to get starting gold tho. If you are up to 100g things will get more intresting as you can start mernchanting with items that have bigger price scale. (Such as starter pack, ull buy for 100g and can sell for 200g. This is where you will be able to make 100-1000g in hour and incme will increase greatly when you are getting a backup gold so you wouldnt have to be hussled when any of your deals will fail and your price scale where you can get deals with over 400-whateverthe profit).

2) We feed on everyones stupidity! Stalls is where we are gettin next! By now you should have some idea how street prices are. Stalls is where you can find ridicliously underpriced merchandize. Just do your trips there in a while. Only buy items you are sure you can sell in profit!

3)Sometimes you fail so you need to sell items. Overrestimating is usual, dont worry. We can still get evry penny out of the deal when making auction events. Know on trade chat as C/O(current offer). We give change for users to overbid eachother. It’s coded in human psychology that everyone wants to beat eachother and be the best as coming from a brilliant man A.Linclon a quote ” Every man thinks he is immortal”. We will use this to our advantage.
Let’s take Aeira sash as an example again. We are goin in trade chat and say “Selling aeira sash, offer”. If someone gives their offer(ex,20 g)our next sentace in trade chat will be. “Selling Aeira sash 20g c/o”. Get the overbids until you get unexceedable ammount and go with that deal. Even when you didn’t sell it in profit we were still able to minimize our loss.

4)When you still have some items to sell that you haven’t been able to sell yet it’s time to open your stall. Add your items there in reasonable price and for title of your stall you would wanna add “Rush sale”, “Cheap, come buy”, “(Your best item in the stall name) and others). Find a good spot where you are easily noticable and write your titles in caps lock.

As you want to be noticable!

More tips!
If someone says “offer” in global chat or “pm me price” there might be a change they dont know the street price theirselver. Make a ridicolously low offer.

Go be as cold as possible and get every penny you can. Become a respected mernchant. Good luck!

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