Defiance Level 5000 Cap Explanation

Defiance Level 5000 Cap Explanation by Arctic Fox

We as players get Xp for a lot of things: Kills, Quests, Weapons and Pursuits(a combo of the rest)
And with that Xp will be EGO levels and EGO points for unlocking perks and powers

But here’s the math:

So to start lets look just at the bonus EGO levels you get just for finishing all the pursuits

Mount Tam – 65
Madera – 65
Marin – 70
Sausalito – 65
San Francisco – 65
Co-op Maps – 105
Arkfalls – 60
Enemy Groups – 30
Competitive Multiplayer – 180
EGO Evolution – 95
Combat – 180
Vehicles – 100
Reputation – 80
Social – 40

Total = 1200

Next come weapons…

13 weapon types
19 level-ups each (1-20)
4 EGO per levelup
= 76 ego per guntype X 13 weapon types

Total = 988

Finally we have the perks and powers section

80 total perks that require 3 points to max (or 10 in game levels) = 2400
IE: You jump 10 in game levels for ever experience bar fill and receive 1 ego point for that

4 Powers requiring 5 points each to max =200

Total = 2600


Pursuits = 1200
Weapons = 988
Perks/Powers = 2600
Total = 4788

… And that leaves you with a little bit of fun and grinding left before hitting max level.

Thanks to ‘Arkfalls’ where I snagged most of this info from but they included vehicles which DO NOT give you any XP upon leveling. Either way, seeing this made me feel justified in being a completionist and wanting to do all the pursuits now. lol

So, THAT seems to be why the level cap is 5000.

Enjoy, my friends

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  1. Trion have made a point of saying there is NO cap, as well for each of the 3 car types, roller, runner and cerberus you DO get 4 Ego points per level so thats another 228 Ego which adds up to 5016 when you add it to your total sum. Nice try though!

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