Defiance Vehicle Tips

Defiance Vehicle Tips by Amber Fae

Don’t waste your boost when in your vehicle is airborn.
It doesn’t increase speed nearly as much (if at all) as when your tires are on the ground. Allowing your boost to refill everytime you’re airborn will drastically reduce overall travel time, which can mean the difference between 1st and 2nd place at Major Arkfalls.

Choose your path wisely!
Setting waypoints is important, but doesn’t usually show the quickest route. Look for trails off main roads and B-line over smaller foothills. Boost conservation is especially when climbing uphill. Don’t use all of your boost if you’re coming up to a steeper incline than what your on now. If lose enough momentum trying to get up a steep mountain, you’ll stop and roll all the way back down, waste time and feel like an idiot.

Know your vehicle
Know what your vehicle can take and what it can’t. Don’t expect to run over Elites in your runner and don’t expect to climb to the top of the world in a hauler. Different jobs call for different rides. Know all of your vehicles’ ballpark HP, Damage, and speeds. It’s not a bad idea to have a variety of vehicles in your loadouts.

Overwhelmed by a group? Call your vehicle and make a break for it! There’s no shame in running away.. ya big sissy.

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  1. Great guide. Even though there are only four tips, they are the best tips anyone could think of and they are all VERY helpful and useful. Imho every Ark Hunter who wants to be a professional should learn and use these tips. Thanks a LOT from a (fairly) new Arker. :)

    NOTE: I probably shouldn’t have put the Web address up there–I haven’t worked on it for years. Sorry!

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