Defiance Tips and Tricks

Defiance Tips and Tricks by Wtflag

Let’s share some tips and tricks you might have stumble across. Let me start.

1. How to capture screen shots (on PC)

Go to settings –> graphics.
Select Windowed Mode (full screen).
Take screen shots using print screen button on keyboard.
The Windowed mode (full screen) is actually indistinguishable from the default full screen mode.

Or, press alt+enter to switch mode. (Credits: sQuinty)

2. How to see the cut off text for leveled bonuses

Go to salvage matrix.
Select the weapon to view and select Add mods
The weapon is displayed on the right. In this menu, there is enough space to make out the full text.

3. Power slide for runners

Hold down left/right, forward, brake and boost. Super easy.

4. Power slide for rollers

Hold down forward and boost. Once at half the boost bar, release forward, hold down right/left and brake while still boosting.

5. Turn 1080 degrees in mid air

Dropping in water counts sometimes depending on location. Top notch is easiest to get to. The mountains to the west of the cater almost always gives it to you 100% of the time. The hills to the east of the cater is also possible.…ded=&oq=&gs_l=

6. Vehicle kills in SW

Legitimate: Derailer. Only weapon with which it is possible.
Cheating: Trade vehicle kills with friend on opposing team.

7. Using your boost in mid air does not increase your speed or momentum, you just waste boost. However it will soften your stop when you land. (Credits: Muffins)

My personal experience is that hitting the ground boosted gets you up to speed faster. But ya, don’t waste it until you are almost on the ground.

8. When using a Runner, using W and S accordingly can angle your vehicle in the air. When you hold W you nose dive down; this can increase your speed temporarily (or at least looks like it does) if you angle it right. Nose dive a little too, to avoid the initial landing impact as opposed to if you landed flat. (Credit: Muffins)

9. Pretty sure some people know of this, I just found this out today. The mass cannon can actually be detonated after the initial projectile hits the target. The timing has to be spot on, but you dont just have to fire the rocket overhead then detonate. I found this to be really effective as all the cluster projectiles will do damge to the enemy instead of just one or two clusters hitting. (Credit: Turantula)

10. How to level rocket launchers and detonators

Go to Big Stone Reach
Let the technician fall
Kill all the skitterlings
At some point, you can generate infinite sets of 10 skitterlings that respawn every kill.

AOE attacks work very well in general with this method especially since overkill damage also counts into your exp gained. Overcharge + Killing Spree + Deadly Cascade + Mad bomber can lead to perm-overcharge zero-reloading pure insane weapon leveling.

11. How to level saw-off

Get to hulker in San Quentio
Jump on the top wooden crate from the wooden railing at the left of the entrance.
If hulker throws a missile at you, jump straight up to mid air, you will not be knocked back.
Once up on the wooden crate, hulker will stop attack you at all and just let you hit for free
By moving towards the side of the crate by the water, you can reposition hulker to that side so even if he enrages and charge, he is restricted to a tiny area within your attack range
Once he is not going to stop, kill yourself and repeat

Use overcharge + overload + single minded for best results.

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