Defiance Episode 3 Pursuits Guide

Defiance Episode 3 Pursuits Guide by Rueghn

Thinning the Herd and Unconventional Methods

Thinning The Herd

Here is the best location I found for the emergency “Thinning the Herd.” It is a good place to get your Incendiary Warriors with a chance for Electric Archers, and at the end of the emergency you fight a random element Monarch.

“Svushinnira: Just Business” and “Svushinnira: For Science!”

Here are locations I found, in my opinion, to be the best places to farm Monarchs for “Svushinnira: Just Business” and “Svushinnira: For Science!” The emergency is called “A new pair of genes” and it has a good spawn rate at these locations. You can easily go back and forth between them. You can also get your Electric/Siphon Monarchs from these for “Thinning the Herd.”

“Svushinnira: For Profit!”

Here are locations I found to be good spawns for the emergency “Exotic Goods.” This is where you can find your Electric Archers and Incendiary Warriors for Thinning the Herd. Exotic Goods is also the only emergency I found that spawns the chrysalis for “Svushinnira: For Profit!”

It has been brought to my attention by Thearl that you can also find chrysalis at Wandering Hulker emergencies.

** FYI Important Info Svushinnira: Thinning the Herd is current not available in the game. The emergency “Thinning the Herd” does not go towards the Pursuit under Unconventioal Methods. According to Trion, the pursuit is unavailable. It should be made available after the Most Wanted Contest Some people have access to it now but due to an error with implementing the Contest, it caused an issue with the pursuit.

Just to mention it, just like in Episode 1 and 2, you can find the new emergencies in place of the normal emergencies so if you are having trouble finding one you need, clear out nearby emergencies to free up the spawn point.

Just a final note for “Svushinnira: For Science!” you can also earn credit for this pursuit by doing normal or “vanilla” hellbug emergencies.

Final Note for Thinning the Herd, you can get Monarch and Matron credit from Major Hellbug Arkfalls as well as vanilla hellbug emergencies and the instance “Island of Lost Soldiers” aka Angel Island.

*** Just FYI on my maps, the location to where the spawns are is where my blue character indicator is.

I hope this information helps.

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