Warframe Boss Locations and Drops List

Warframe Boss Locations and Drops List by TheNexusCloud

Boss: Captain Vor
Planet: Mercury
Level: Tolstoj
Faction: Grineer
Drops: Cronus longsword

Boss: The Jackal
Planet: Venus
Level: Fossa
Faction: Corpus
Drops: Rhino Warframe Blueprint Parts

Boss: Councilor Van Dek
Planet: Earth
Level: Everest
Faction: Grineer
Drops: Trinity Warframe Blueprint Parts

Boss: Sergeant Nef Anyo
Planet: Mars
Level: War
Faction: Corpus
Drop: Mag Warframe Blueprint Parts

Boss: The Golem
Planet: Jupiter
Level: Themisto
Faction: Infected
Drops: Volt Warframe Blueprint Parts

Boss: General Sargas Ruk
Planet: Saturn
Level: Thetys
Faction: Grineer
Drop: Ember Warframe Blueprint Parts

Boss: Tyl Regar
Planet: Uranus
Level: Titania
Faction: Grineer
Drop: Ash Warframe Blueprint Parts

Boss: The Hyena
Planet: Neptune
Level: Psamathe
Faction: Corpus
Drops: Loki Warframe Blueprint Parts

Boss: Ambulas
Planet: Pluto
Level: Hades
Faction: Corpus
Drop: Excalibur Warframe Blueprint Parts

Boss: Lt. Lech Krill
Planet: Ceres
Level: Exta
Faction: Grineer
Drop: Frost Warframe Blueprint Parts

Boss: Phorid
Planet: Eris
Level: Naeglar
Faction: Infestation
Drop: Nyx Warframe Blueprint Parts

Boss: Kela De Thaym
Planet: Sedna
Level: Merrow
Faction: Grineer
Drop: Saryn Warframe Blueprint Parts

Boss: N/A – Given as Reward at the end of each mission
Planet: Any
Level: Raid, Intel, Captured and Endless Defense Missions [Both Alerts and Normal Missions]
Faction: Infested/Corpus/Grineer
Drop: Banshee Warframe Blueprint Parts

+ Dark Sword, Plasma Sword, Jaw Sword, Pangolin Sword, Heat Sword,
+ Heat Dagger, Ceramic Dagger, Dark Dagger
+ Random Warframe Blueprints
+ Orikin Catalyst and Reactor
+ Alternative Helmets
+ Orikin Artifact Cards

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9 Responses to “Warframe Boss Locations and Drops List”

  1. Does anyone know how to get Rhino System Blueprints? I know it says Jackel, but every time I do it I get the Chassis! Think someone could help/trade with me?

  2. What boss drops blueprints for parts of Limbo?

  3. What boss drops nova parts?

  4. Trinity parts are dropped by Captain Vor and Lieutenant Lech Kril on Phobos (Iliad)

  5. Oberon parts are dropped by Hek on earth ( Everest )

  6. thankyou!

  7. that’s exactly what was meant by “Blueprint Parts”

  8. When you say ” Frost Warframe Bluprint Parts” does that mean it can drop any of the three – (Helmet, chasis, or systems)?

  9. Just finished Planet Ceres location Draco and i got
    Banshee Systems as reward ;)

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