Warframe Elytron Farming Survival Guide

Warframe Elytron Farming Survival Guide by tgdm

I did it, so can you!

There are many people asking how to go about this and many people struggling with it. And I get it. It is a rough deal right now. I’ll offer two separate paths for you to explore your options with; Solo or Group. But, before we get into that, here is a checklist that you will most likely need to see success. This checklist will be the ideal, not necessarily the requirement.

○ = Orokin Catalyst/Reactor required
◘ = Optional Mod choice
☼ = Strongly Recommended Option
X = Adjust Mod Rank as you see fit

Archwing Loadout:

  • Odonata Rank 30 – imgur

Mod List: Argon Plating (Max), Energy Inversion (Max), Enhanced Durability (Max), Auxiliary Power (Max), ◘Superior Defenses (Upgrade x 2)

Superior Defenses is optional. If you are not using an Orokin Reactor be sure to NOT max rank it.

  • ○Imperator Rank 30 – imgur

Mod List: Electrified Barrel (Max), Venomous Clip (Max), Rubedo-Lined Barrel (Max), Modified Munitions (Max), ◘Combustion Rounds (Max), ◘Polar Magazine (X), ◘Dual Rounds (Max)

Make damn sure the elemental bonus you are getting is Corrosive. Place your mods as shown in the image and you will be fine. If you cannot afford an Orokin Catalyst, stick with Rubedo, Venomous, and Electrified.

  • ○☼Onorix or ○Veritux Rank 30 – imgur

Mod List: Cutting Edge (Max), Galvanized Blade (Max), Poisonous Sting (Max), Extend (Max), Glacial Edge (Max), ◘Blazing Steel (Max), ◘Furor (Max), ◘Tempered Blade (Max)

I forma’d Veritux because I like giant space swords and had to level Corvas anyways. Not necessary. I haven’t found a Blazing Steel yet either.

Warframe Loadout:

  • ○☼Valkyr, ○Rhino (◘○Prime), ○Zephyr, or ○Frost (◘○Prime) Rank 30 – imgur

Aura List: ☼Rejuvenation (Max), Energy Siphon (Max), or Steel Charge (Max)

Mod List: Redirection (X), Vigor (Max), Vitality (X), ◘Fast Deflection (Max), ◘Flow (Max), Fortitude (Max), Steel Fiber (X)

Rejuvenation is your best choice if you are running as Valkyr. While Energy Siphon is very useful, you are much better off with emergency Team Energy Restore consumables. Steel Charge is luxury if the other two auras are already covered in group play. The mods listed are known to 100% work with Archwings and if you have to give up one, give up Fast Deflection and/or Flow. Warframes are listed in order of preference. For more on Warframe stat comparison, check here.

Gear Loadout:

  • Medium Team Energy Restore
  • ☼Medium Team Heal Restore

These are absolutely necessary for solo play. For more information on Team Restores visit this page. Also: not sure why it’s Heal not Health but whatever.

Strategy: General

This will be in a simple bullet list format. If there is any confusion or need to elaborate further let me know in the comments.

  • Enemy AI will work as thus: When they spawn, they will rush to a random capture point and attempt to begin capturing it. After attempting capture, they will then fly directly towards a player in somewhat single-file. If they encounter another player along these preset paths, they will alter their course and engage the player. Also, if their flight from the point they are capturing to the player is too long, they may reset and return to the point they are capturing.
  • Enemies can attack while fast-traveling. This means that you cannot simply sprint away to recover your shields. It also means that Temporal Dregs can catch up to you at any distance and remove your ability to sprint. Enemies also appear to have nearly perfect aim so sprinting away is twice as much not an option without cover.
  • Odonata’s fourth ability, Repel, will damage and push back enemies, permanently disarming them and also disabling movement for a short time. The duration shown when using this ability is not a cooldown but rather an uptime indicator, meaning you can use it multiple times in succession. This will be your go-to ability.
  • Odonata’s second ability, Disarray, can be used to confuse enemy missiles. This ability must be used preemptively rather than as a reactionary defense tool. Enemies that come into contact with a flare are briefly stunned. This is a decent way to handle an unfortunate volley of missiles.
  • Missiles can be shot down and destroyed, but the damage from Repel will not destroy them. Disarray does not consistently disrupt missiles already in flight.
  • Do not melee excessively because that can quickly result in you being bombarded by rockets. Melee when it is safe, use your rifle when you are unsure.
  • At the beginning of each round your primary focus should be capturing points. If there are simply too many enemies coming to your current location and you cannot capture as a result, give it up and fly to another. Try to prevent them from capturing it if you can, but don’t waste too much time for it.
  • Do not worry about keeping 4 points at all times. Sometimes you have to give up a capture point in order to stay alive or clear out some enemies and that is fine. Panic when you only own 1 point. If you managed to get 3-4 points before having to engage in combat at the start, chances are you’ll be over 50% completion by the time you lose another capture point.
  • You do not have to go to a point that is being captured right away. If the enemy flies to you, kill it. If the enemy is flying back to the point you should then worry about chasing it down. But regardless you should never stand still for too long.

Strategy: Solo

First: set the game mode to Solo so you can pause if need be and not have to worry about unwanted joiners.

I mostly only did this using Rhino or Valkyr so your mileage may vary, but pick the frame you think you would benefit most from. Rhino has an abundance of shields which can be useful, Valkyr has an insane amount of armor which prevents most instant-deaths from rockets when you are not able to see/react to them. I would strongly recommend using the Rejuvenation aura for solo play because it is much harder to sit around and use a health restore to recover than it is to drop an energy restore and get 50/100/150 energy to spam Repel with.

At the beginning of each round you should, for the most part, be worry free and can just focus on capping 3-4 points. If on the off chance the first point you pick is the one the AI zergs to, be prepared to pop an early Energy Restore so that you can #4 (Repel) them away and complete the cap. At the end of each wave, take advantage of the bugged/stuck enemies by using the time to replenish your health and energy if you feel the need. Do not ever sit in one spot too long. If you stop being careful, that will be the exact moment when enemy rockets bombard you from behind and instantly kill you.

Melee is your best option for AoE clears on enemies and is VERY useful against targets which have been repelled and can no longer fight back. Melee is also useful for killing off a single enemy at a time while traveling between points. Melee can 1-2 shot Dregs with the proper loadout. That being said, you will be using your ranged weapon for the vast majority of the mission. Sniping point captures off in the distance for instance, dealing with incoming enemies while kiting.

And finally, the most important piece of advice I can offer, do not be afraid to fail a few times. It’s one thing to read all of this and it is another to experience it. It might take you a while but you will eventually get used to how the AI works. If you die early on in the first round, forfeit and restart rather than wasting your revives. Consumables are cheap, revives are not. There are definitely many bugs and unfair/unfun mechanics in play right now, but it is still doable if you take advantage of consumables, revives (for emergencies), and sometimes even the bugs.

Strategy: Group

  • 1 x Rejuvenation Aura, 1 x Steel Charge Aura, 1 x Energy Siphon Aura, + 1 Steel/Energy Aura
  • 4 x Valkyr strongly recommended
  • At the start of each mission/round, split up and capture all 4 points. After that, congregate on a single point together.
  • Pay attention to the minimap/radar. See 20 red dots? That is the point you guys need to defend.
  • When you use Repel, keep an eye on any capturing enemies. They will seemingly just teleport randomly for anyone else in your group so it will be up to you to prevent the capture from completing.
  • Spam Repel, kill enemies, collect energy orbs, spam Repel some more. Occasionally use Disarray when enemies are incoming.

Aside from those bullet points it is essentially the same as solo play. The main difference is that there should be a VERY strong emphasis on killing enemies rather than running point-to-point. I should also make note that communication and teamwork are very important here. If you are the only person at a capture point and there are 10+ enemies inbound, you need to make the judgement call to sit and defend / repel spam or fly away until reinforcements are available. You will get outnumbered if you go alone, you will probably die if you are alone, and if you’re worried about looting mod drops that should only matter after the round is done and you are on clean-up duty.

I hope this helps you guys out. Elytron is not worth the headache, but if you insist on mashing your face against Uranus (hehehhehhehehhehehehahehaheaha ), hopefully this will help.

If you have any comments or questions please just throw them below and I’ll get to them when I can.

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