Warframe Rolling 75% Damage Reduction Guide

Warframe Rolling 75% Damage Reduction Guide by The_Discussion

Hi, I’m Dr. Roe Ling, a senior professor at the University of Warframe, School of Self-Defense.

I’m here to teach you how to efficiently and effectively achieve 75% damage reduction.

At will.

On any Warframe.

In any mission.

With zero energy cost.

Does it sound too good to be true?

Well, it’s real. Whether you’re a new player struggling to find some ground in space or an old player who forgot the simplicity of warfare, you’re exactly at the right place.


This is rolling.. You perform this maneuver when you tap your Sprint button. You can bind it to your choice of key in the settings for your personal comfort.

Let’s read.

Rolling (aka Dodging) is a basic combat evasive maneuver used to get out of the way of a charging enemy, to evade bullets, grenades or melee attacks and to transition from cover to cover. It can also be used as a stealth maneuver while crouching. The short burst of speed can avoid detection in situations where the slow crouch-walk speed is not sufficient. Rolling also reduces all damage taken by the player by 75% during its animation.

Rolling shakes off certain enemies or projectiles that cling to the player (such as Latchers, Maggots, or Leeches) and can also ‘dispel’ certain status effects such as Swarm Mutalist MOA spores and unwanted Banish effects. The player should vacate the location as Latchers will still explode a few moments later.

Performing this maneuver in the air while falling will prevent a hard fall that stops you from moving momentarily.

Rolling occurs involuntarily if landing from a jump with too much forward momentum.


Now, we just read a whole bunch of good things, and they’re all real. If you like, you can read them again just to make sure that you missed none of that goodness. Rolling is extremely useful in a wide variety of situations. But, arguably, its most important feature is its damage reduction. When you’re rolling, as long as you’re in the animation, you reduce all damage done to you by 75%. To put things into perspective, that is equal to Trinity‘s Link and Blessing.

Let’s look at a few examples of where we can roll to protect ourselves.

A wild Corrupted Bombard appears in T4 Defense. He’s slowly walking to you. He’s about to destroy your face with some rockets. You are but a simple Excalibur, and you have no energy at all. In your hands, there is aSancti Tigris. You can’t even snipe him with that. What do you do?

Start rolling immediately, and it’s as if you had a Blessing cast on you. You will most probably evade the rockets. If one does hit you, you’ll take a lot less damage from it than you normally would have. Roll until you’re somewhat near him, and blast his face off with your shotgun.

In another place, a wild Hyekka Master appears. You notice her too late. She is into kebabs, and it’s you who’s standing right in front of her. You are but a simple Mag, and you have no energy at all. In your hands, there is a Dex Sybaris. What do you do?

Start rolling immediately, and it’s as if you had a Blessing cast on you. Get distance. When you’re out of her range, simply put a few bullets into her skull. She drops dead. You may also want to keep on rolling as long as you like if you have a DoT cast on you.

These are just two random examples I made up. There are countless situations where rolling will save you. There are many boss fights where you can roll to avoid heavy fire. Whatever damage does reach you gets reduced by 75%. That’s a bad mama jama.

You are a ninja, so why not reduce damage in the ninja ways?

We will always have the many abilities in the game to reduce incoming damage. Rolling will be there as a bonus for when we feel the need for an additional 75% damage reduction. It’s wonderful, isn’t it?

Let’s embrace our ninja ways and push on.

Good luck in your adventures.

This session is over.

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