Warframe Hyena Boss Guide

Warframe Hyena Boss Guide by _Rue_

The Hyena is a walker; a quadruped (four-legged). Ironically, though it is much smaller than its low level cousin, the Jackal, it is relatively more lethal  According to your female handler, the hyena usually operates in packs and it’s a good thing that you only encounter one at Psamathe (Neptune).


Bullets (25 damage each):  Like the Jackal, the Hyena has 2 machine guns mounted at either side of its head. This is its main weapon.

Shockwave (50 damage + knockdown): Again, as with the Jackal and the smaller Shockwave corpus robots, the Hyena can create shockwaves by stomping its leg.

Mortar (50 Damach + Knockback): This is something that I think is unique to the Hyena. If you manage to get to a location that cannot be hit by its machine guns or its shockwave, It will launch a mortar at you in an attempt to make you more accessible.

Rockets (about 400 per rocket, launches 2 at a time, does AOE damage): Although the Jackal also has rockets, more often than not, it hits the ceiling, rendering it useless. The Hyena however is found in rooms that facilitate the flight of the rockets and the Hyenas relatively small size makes these rockets hit their mark more often that they miss. These are often launched in the same circumstances it’ll use its mortars or if you are trying to run away.

Shield: Similar to Volt the Hyena can summon a shield to protect it. It lasts about 10-15 seconds.


When you see the Hyena it’ll try to close the gap as fast as it can, and it can skitter rather quickly. Once you get it range it’ll pepper you with its guns. Once it gets close enough, it’ll attempt to knock you down using shockwave.
If you climb up crates or if you get beyond the reach of shockwave and machine guns, it’ll start unlashing mortar attacks (frequent) and rockets (every 1-3 minutes or so).


Unlike the Jackal, you do not need to cripple one of its legs to deal damage to it; you just need to get through its shields. This can be a daunting task if you didn’t bring a gorgon with an Ice mod because the shields recharges almost immediately after you stop dealing damage. This is further complicate by its repertoire of knockdown weapons.

Make sure to clear the room first. It helps ensure that your shields charge without interruption.
The trick is to get to a stack of crates and lure it in. From the top of the crates shoot it until it pushes you off of it using its mortar. If you’re shields are above 800, get back up and continue shooting to catch the shields in mid recharge. If your shields are below 800, hide and make sure that the Hyena does not have a clear shot.
If it shoots you with its rocket, continue shooting it until you get knocked off your perch. It takes time for those rockets to cool down so take advantage of the lull. Repeat until it’s dead.

Alternatively, you can stand within machine gun range and outside of Shockwave range, fireaway with gorgon and wait fo the shields to go up then run for cover. This can be repeated till its destruction.

If you have either Volt or Frost, you can use Shield or Snow Globe Respectively to Block the machine gun fire. (thanks to Wraithguard for this info!)

Remember to be patient. Getting a shield and HP total below 800 is very risky as the rocket AOE goes though barriers.


If you are in a group, it’ll be easy enough to kill. Clear the room, then kill it. Beware of the rockets though. It’ll kill you if your shields and HP cannot absorb 800 damage.
Soloing it is possible; tedious but possible. You’ll need a Gorgon(30, supercharged) modded for damage and not clip capacity or ammo capacity. Make sure you have a good Ice mod installed as well. That will help with the shields. Another tip is to have more than 800 shields. I use a Mag with 1k shields and 210 HP when dealing with the beast. Needless to say, (but I’ll do it anyway) abort if the map is frozen (a condition which halves your shield capacity).


-Control Module
-Loki Parts

Happy Hunting!

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