Firefall Classes Introduction

Firefall Classes Introduction by Warshanos

Welcome! I’m here to talk about classes in Firefall, also known as Battleframes. Currently there are 5 battleframes that have been announced: Recon, Assault, Medic, Engineer, and Dreadnaught, each with unique alternate fires and selectable abilities for their respective frames. Each class has its own Pros and Cons, making it unique and fun in its own way. There is no reason why you shouldn’t try all of them!

Class One: Recon.

The Recon Battleframe is a Light Class focused on using Sniper Rifles that are capable of doing a lot of damage. The large damage output of this class makes it great for taking down enemies from a distance (remember, Sniper Rifles?), taking advantage of headshots and special bullets. Also, the Recon has the highest jetpack capacity. However, the Recon is known for having the lowest health pool of all the battleframes available. The Recon Battleframe can be considered a Glass Cannon: Capable of dealing extremely fatal damage in just a matter of moments, but will break quickly under pressure.

Class Two: Assault.

The Assault Battleframe is a tough class that utilizes a Plasma Cannon as its main weapon. The Plasma Cannon has multiple firing methods, as follows: Scattershot, a close combat spray. Triple Shot, a Three-Shot Burst. And Nova, a chargeable shot with a Slow but Powerful impact. For when the Super Awesome Plasma Cannon’s various shot types aren’t enough to take down the enemy, the Assault Battleframe uses abilities that deal damage to enemies, and give themselves powerful empowering buffs to help them in battle. The Assault Battleframe is known for reliable damage, and its ability to survive in some tight situations. The Assault Battleframe is a great all-around Battleframe, and is the recommended place for New Players to start.

Class Three: Medic.

The Medic Battleframe is a Light, Healer Class that uses a healing gun to strengthen and heal allies, very similar to the Medic Class for all you Team Fortress 2 Fans out there. The Medic can use abilities to drain life from enemies, increase the total health of allies, and heal allies through the damage they take. Also the Medic is capable of reviving allies that have died. The Medic Battleframe does exactly what anyone would assume it does, and is the best at what it does. The Medic Battleframe is a staple to any group of players that wish to overcome large obstacles that could easily overwhelm a single player. When these groups get together, the Medic Battleframe needs to be taken care of, so that the group stays alive through the entire encounter. Without a Medic, there is nobody to keep you alive.

Class Four: Engineer.

The Engineer Battleframe is a Medium Class that is capable of placing equipment down to deal damage and assist allies in doing so. Also, the engineer can use a repair gun to keep this placed equipment from breaking and being rendered useless. As of this post, the frame has been seen using Turrets, Repair Stations, and Shields to help on the battlefield, but there may be much more that this Battleframe is capable of in the future. I, personally, see quite a lot of potential for this class, because of the versatility of its Equipment.

Class Five: Dreadnaught.

The Dreadnaught Battleframe is a Large, Heavy Tanking Battleframe using an equally large chain gun as a weapon. The Dradnaught has the highest health of all the battleframes, and can use the toughest armor the game has to offer. The Dreadnaught has the ability to lock itself in place, allowing for an increase to speed and accuracy in firing, and can give itself a shield to reduce incoming damage. The Dreadnaught is capable of taking hits for their group, allowing the stronger classes such as the Recon and Assault Battleframes to deal damage to the enemies without the risk of dying under massive damage. The Dreadnaught Battleframe goes Hand-in-Hand with the Medic Battleframe; the Dreadnaught takes the damage and holds the enemies away from the more fragile players, while the medic uses its abilities and healing gun to keep the Dreadnaught alive.

I have covered all five current classes, giving a brief overview of their roles and a couple of their abilities. Now, keep in mind that the game is in Closed-Beta, so this information is subject to change, and may become outdated and inaccurate. My apologies for any inaccuracies, but I hope that I have been of assistance in some way.

I’m sorry I don’t hold a pool of endless knowledge, but I hope this guide has helped you choose a class, or helped inform you of what your class is capable of. I send you the best of wishes with your experiences in Firefall, and I hope you have a great time playing the beta, and I hope to see you when the game is released! Enjoy your day, and happy gaming.

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