Firefall Dreadnaught Tips

Firefall Dreadnaught Tips by Lifeguard

Here’s a list of Dreadnaught stuff for PVE encounters. Some of it might apply to PVP but none of this has been written based on PVP experience.

1. You’re a short-medium range user. Don’t try to fight enemies that can fight back from afar (30-40+ meters), you’ll waste more ammo than do actual damage. If you don’t see a solid stream of damage numbers jumping out of your enemes, get closer. Pick an easy target and start shooting at it, and get an idea for yourself about what this means.

2. Always be moving (strafing) and using jumpjets while firing. This is mainly a shooter, when the enemy shoots something at you it won’t lock on and home in on you if you move away. Play this like you would play Counter Strike or Halo: use cover, and if cover is unavailable, use movement/jumpjets to dodge bullets/mortars/enemies. Don’t think MMO, think Shooter game.
Jumpjets are a great way to avoid/reduce mortar damage by timing it with enemy attacks, don’t fly around just for the sake of flying (unless you really enjoy flying).

3. Time your abilities: don’t use Repulsor Blast or Explosive ammo against one enemy when you’re fighting 4-5+ at the same time, try to group them together by hiding behind cover and making them chase you, waiting for your opportunity and blast them. You can use Thunderdome to make them mass outside it, then when it fades, blast em.

4. If you can destroy something from a longer range while using cover or terrain advantage, do it, ex: Chosen Drop Pods. It might take longer, but it’ll be easier. Don’t always charge in if you don’t absolutely have to, even if you’re doing lower damage and it takes more time.

5. Thunderdome and Gravity Well can be used as improvised cover or reloading spots against ranged enemies. Place them between yourself and your enemy and do your reloading/healing packs call-in inside/behind them. Thunderdome works better, and can also be used to block enemies.

6. Thunderdome and Gravity Well stops both friendly and enemy projectiles. Be careful when using them, especially on fights like Baneclaw, since they can block your allies’ shots on the boss for a few seconds. They’re also good abilities to place behind you while running away to escape, and when reviving allies.

7. Shotgun is great at pointblank range against single targets, useless otherwise. It has no secondary fire for now.

8. Machinegun is your best overall weapon in a large fight. Learn to use it by strafing and mixing it with your abilities without switching to secondary weapons unless the situation absolutely calls for it/you’re out of ammo with no options.

9. Grenade launcher is a good weapon for clustered groups of enemies and single target, but if you miss, the penalty will be higher than if you miss a few bullets with a machinegun. It only shoots one grenade at a time with around 1-1.5ish second intervals. It has a secondary fire that bounces the grenade before it explodes and which has a higher rate of fire.
It’s a great weapon to shoot from cover, because of its arc and good damage on direct impact.

10. You can destroy a bunch of small enemies with one hit from the Thumper Scanner hammer, it does AOE damage. It’s fun. Use it on explosive workers if you wanna go out in a blaze of glory.

11. You’re one of the toughest classes in Firefall, try to pull enemies off of your friends. I don’t mean this as a tank role, but if you see classes like Recons getting swarmed by enemies around them, jump in and Repulsor Blast them off or throw a Thunderdome around bigger enemies like Rageclaws to give time to your allies to run away and reposition.

12. I don’t use Turret Mode, it kind of goes against everything else I do as a Dredd. It’s good for Baneclaw/Tornado boss fights and shooting from semi-cover though, but that’s not what I usually end up doing as a Dreadnaught. Even for Tornadoes I do fine without it, since I have to move around a lot to pull enemy spawns.

13. (New) Call in your LGV from Commander pack/saving LGV missions as temporary cover. You can use it to cover one of your flanks when you’re surrounded. Use CTRL to crouch and use this to greater effect.

14. (New) Heavy Armour can be used the same way as Thunderdome/Gravity Well, except its benefit is for you only, it cannot help allies unless they hide behind you in a perfect line.

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