Firefall Battleframe Garage Guide

Firefall Battleframe Garage Guide by FadedPez

Loadout Customization

As you progress through your tech tree and unlock certifications, you will be given an item associated with each certification. You equip the items (and listen to fancy music) in the Garage. Select the part of your battleframe you wish to modify.





As an example, here is how you would modify your plating:


Click on your character’s chest area and you will get the following view:


Click on the chest again to get a list of items you can modify at this stage and click Plating. A list of plating you own and are certified for with this particular battleframe will show on the right. Mouse over the plating to show comparisons (the currently equipped will be highlighted in gold). Clicking on the desired plating will make it your equipped plating.


The loadout is not saved until you exit the Garage, so you can undo changes and play around with different loadouts until you attempt to exit.


You will notice a HUD element that displays Mass, CPU and Power usage – these are the constraints. To determine the limits of each constraint, your battleframe provides mass, reactor provides power and processor provides CPU.

Each item you equip requires a certain amount of each constraint provided. You will notice that as you equip items, your HUD will show your constraints usage increase or decrease. If your usage exceeds the amount provided from either constraint category, your loadout will be invalid and you will not be able to save the loadout in that state. In the previous example of equipping plating, the mass (green bar) threshold was actually exceeded.

Before plating change:


After plating change:


All constraints must be below the threshold in order to have a valid loadout. Exiting the garage will equip your saved loadout. If you attempt to exit the garage while any of the constraint thresholds are exceeded you will need to modify your loadout until you are under the threshold of each constraint.


You may soft equip items on your battleframe in the Garage without saving to tinker with your loadout regardless of constraint values, finding the optimal configuration. You only cannot save the loadout if the constraints exceed the given thresholds.

Purchasing A New Battleframe
I deleted four battleframes just to show you this, I hope you’re happy!

Whether you have advanced to higher tier, would like a different class’ battleframe altogether or would just like to have a duplicate battleframe for an alternate loadout, you will need to purchase a new battleframe.

You may only purchase a new battleframe if you have an empty slot in your Garage.

On the left side of your Garage, you will see a listing of battleframes you own. At first you will only have one.


Click on an empty Garage slot to bring up a list of battleframes you are certified to use. If you have the required crystite you can purchase any of those battleframes by clicking on it.


Once that is done, it will assign the newly purchased battleframe to the empty slot.


To delete a battleframe from your Garage, simply mouse over the battleframe you wish to remove and click the trash can icon.

All characters are certified for all Tier 1 battleframes.

You cannot equip loadouts in the Garage, only modify them. To equip your loadouts/battleframes access a Battleframe Station.

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