Firefall Tier 1 and 2 Guide

Firefall Tier 1 and 2 Guide by Ced23Ric

Breaker breaker one nine can you repeat?

I am Tier 1 and I want to be Tier 2. I don’t know why. Help me.

Well Tier 2 basically unlocks a given frame’s special attack. Like “Bombs Away!” for the Firecat Assault frame. But that is far from all of it. Tier 2 also gives you the ability to finally craft the gear of your wild raunchy dreams. You will need some resources to make those but you gather those anyway. You also get access to new weapons (FAMAS) or weapon variants (Like the Nova Cannon whooo!) which can be thrilling in itself. Last but not least you also compete in a different PvP bracket.

I got this figured out watch me. I’ll level in T1 easy mode and then hit T2 like a baws.

Except that T1 XP doesn’t carry over to T2. Like I described before if you want T2 and only T2 you should get through T1 as efficiently as possible and never look back. Especially since you cannot use T1 gear in T2 so all effort invested there will be naught once you hit T2.

So why would anyone ever want to stay in T1?

Because it has it’s own PvP bracket where the balance is absolute. No advantage through mastercrafted super-ore laser-rifles of insta-gibbing +5 because everyone has the same gear. Furthermore it may be worth it to invest in the future and unlock both T2 ‘frames in case you want to dive into a different branch in T3 (Coming Soon”…) – because if you open your Tech Tree select any class you are represented the Tier Tree where Tier 3 has a whooping 3 ‘frames to pick from. One goes back to the middle between the specialists the others go futher into the specialties. Aww yeah.

Wait I cannot take my gear into T2? Screw this nonsense I quit.

Relax. That statement is only halfway true. Actually you cannot take all the equipment into T2 but you keep upgraded Accord versions. For example the standard T2 Firecat has HealthReg 2/s Standard and Afterburner Shockwave and Crater are available right away. As you progress you unlock Missile Shot and Bombs Away on top. And while the guns you get may seem weak you can craft your own and they will be stronger than the ones available in T1.

So … T2 is giving up a bit gaining some freedom?

Pretty much. You lose your T1 gear (which is white loot compared to T2 sadly) and gain the ability to truly make your own set of gear. You can tailor it to your needs and even if you messed something up you can simply recraft it and get a better version within 20 seconds. T2 is a play ground for those of us who like to tinker and make their own cool ‘frame with it’s unique properties and it guarantees that no frame will be the same.

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