Wakfu Citizenship Score FAQ

Wakfu Citizenship Score FAQ by Roumo

-After a time of placing seeds my citizenship score decreases by 3 for every seed placed. Why?
This is due to you planting seeds when there are too many plants/mobs (depending on what seed you were using) in the area already, thus causing an imbalance in the ecosystem. You can check to see the ecosystem in your current region by pressing ‘W’ on your keyboard.

-How can I increase my citizenship score?
There’s multiple ways on increasing your citizenship score. One way is to help fix an ecosystem when it is imbalanced. I.e. When there are too many trees in the region, you can help by chopping trees down. You’ll gain 1 point per tree you cut down, until the ecosystem is back in balance. You can find out more ways of raising/lowering your citizenship score by pressing ‘N’ on your keyboard and then clicking the ‘Laws of the Nation’ tab on the left of the window that popped up.

-And finally, what is the function of the Citizenship Score?
The function of the Citizenship Score is to reward citizens of a nation for doing good deeds. Depending on how high your citizenship score is, you are granted benefits such as the right to do challenges, vote, and even the chance to join the government! Likewise, if your citizenship score goes in the negatives, you are penalized. I.e. With a citizenship score of -49 or lower, you’re tagged as a criminal and are freely able to be attacked by players and sent to jail. You can find out your current citizen status within your passport, located in your inventory.

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