Wakfu Sram Comprehensive Guide

Wakfu Sram Comprehensive Guide by DrKerlim

Hi, with the beta done and the official Wakfu release coming soon I wanted to write a basic introduction on the sram for new players to know what to expect from the class. This is just an introduction and not a guide that you should follow to the letter- I promote individualism so go out there and make your own whacky builds!!

Note: The current version of the guide is 0.315 when the Beta ended. The Sram class will most likely have a revamp on official release. I have decided not to cover the currently discussed changed because they are not concrete and set in stone yet. However when on the official release I will update my guide and keep up with every patch.

The Sram:
Role: Assassin, Tactician, Thief.
Striking Power: Good, excellent when backstabbing.
Mobility: Great. Our high mobility allows us to get behind enemy lies and maneuver tricky positions easily.
Survivability: Medium-Low. Starts with 50HP +6 per level.
Team Play: Bad, lacks team synergy.
Difficulty: Hard, with lower than average survivability and requiring to properly be in position tricky.
Targets: Soft targets. IE: Eniripsa

Table of Content:
1.10 Sram Skills
1.11 Fire Skills
1.12 Water Skills
1.13 Air Skills
1.14 Character stats
1.15 Active Support Skills
1.16 Passive Support Skills
2.10 Patch Notes
3.10 The Fire Sram
4.10 The Water Sram
5.10 The Air Sram
6.00 Credits and other junk.
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1.10 Sram skills:

Fire 1.11
Cold blood 3

  • 2(38) Fire
  • Hemorrhage 2(9)

First Blood 2

  • 1(24)
  • If the target is unharmed
  • 2(36)
  • Hemorrhage 6(16)

Torment 5

  • 4(73)
  • 1%(5%) Of the target’s missing HP

Bled Dry 4

  • 3(55)
  • 10%(20%) damage if the target is under 15% HP
  • Hemorrhage 2(12)

Execution 6 1

  • 4(80)
  • For every 1 level of Hemorrhage +1% dmg
  • Removes status condition Hemorrhage

Water 1.12
Bloody Ripoff 3

  • 2(38)
  • 30%(50%) of damage inflicted is healed

Swindlesram 2

  • 1(24)
  • Steals 3(13) Lock

Kleptosram 4

  • 3(55)
  • Steals 1(10) perception

Sramshackle 5

  • 4(73)
  • Steals 1

Petty Theft 5

  • 4(73)
  • Steals 1

Air 1.13
Fear 2

  • 1(20)
  • Push back 1 cell
  • Shadowy Cloak +2
  • Stays invisible 2(20)

Tricky Blow 4

  • 3(48)
  • Moves away 1 cell
  • Shadowy Cloak 4
  • Stay Invisible 4(40)

Forceful Blow 3

  • 2(38)
  • 10%(30) DMG from behind
  • Shadowy Cloak 4
  • Stay Invisible 4(40)

Guile 1

  • Teleports behind target
  • 1(27)
  • Shadowy Cloak 2
  • Stays invisible 2(20)

Trauma 5 1

  • 5(85)
  • Uses up Shadowy Cloak
  • -1 HP for every 3 levels
  • pushes back 1 sell for every 20 levels

Character Stats 1.14

Health Points: Cost 1, Base value varies per class. Increases your max HP by 1. Srams start with 49HP and gets 5 extra HP every time they level up.
Initiative: Cost 2, Increases your chance of playing first and gives you one Speed point per turn.
Dodge: Cost 2, Improves Dodge so you can avoid being locked when trying to disengage from a fight.
Lock: Cost 2, Increases your ability to keep enemies in close combat.
Prospecting: Cost 5 max base value 100, Increases Prospecting(PP) to increase your chance of winning loot at the end of a fight.
Wisdom: Cost 3 max base value 100, Wisdom improves the the experience gained at the end of a fight. Both for character EXP and spell EXP.
Kit Skill: Cost 10, max base value 10, Each level of Kit Skill reduces the level necessary to equip equipment.
Critical Hits: Cost 15 max base value 20, Increases the Critical Hit(CH) rate. Critical Hits increase spell damage by 50%.
Movement Points: Cost 120/150 max base value 2, Increases Movement Points(MP) and thus your possibility to move around in battle.
Action Points: Cost 150/300 max base value 2, Increases Action points (AP) and thus the number of spells you can use in one round.
Strength: Cost 2, Each Earth point increases you Earth damage and resistance to Earth attacks by 0.5%.
Agility: Cost 2, Each AGI point increases your Air damage and resistance to Air attacks by 0.5%.
Intelligence: Cost 2, Each INT. point increases your Fire damage and resistance to Fire attacks by 0.5%.
Chance: Cost 2, Each CHA point increases your Water damage and resistance to Water attacks by 0.5%.
Willpower: Cost 10 max base value 50, Each point increases your chances of applying states and resistance to enemy states by 0.5%
Perception: Cost 1, Increases your chances of remaining invisible and your ability to detect invisible enemies.
Range: Cost 80 max base value 1, Increases the reach of your long-range spells by one cell.Block: cost 15 max base value 25, Each block point makes you 1% more likely to reduce damage received by 30%.

Active Support Skills 1.15
Invisibility 6(3) 1

  • Sram becomes invisible
  • +300(450) Preception on the first turn
  • +100(150) Preception on the following turns

Shadow Trap 4(2) 1 Range 1-2(7)

  • 5(50) Preception (if sram steps on)
  • 2(20) remove 1 (if enemy steps on)
  • Sram recovers the

Scram 4(0) 1

  • +1(3) max
  • if no enemy is close than 7 cells
  • +3(5)
  • Shadowy cloak +1(10)

Double 6(4) 1

  • Summons a double
  • 50%(100) DMG
  • When Double dies
  • 2%(20) dmg of its HP

Diversion 3(1) Range 1-2(5)(nLoS)

  • Turns the target’s Gaze
  • 5%(50) Confusion

Passive Support Skills 1.16

Sram to the bone

  • 0(2) Mechanics
  • 0(40) Perception
  • 0(20) Dodge

Sram Reflex

  • When a close combat spell is casted
  • 0(20) of retreating and gaining 1

Master Stabber

  • 0(40) Bonus damage from behind
  • 0(10) Stabber (if this state isn’t applied every turn it is removed)

Look around you

  • 0(40) Turns an attacked character around (to show their back towards you)

Shadow Master

  • Stays Invisible after having attacked
  • 0(20) from the side
  • 0(40) from behind

3.10 The Fire Sram: The Fire branch taps into the sinister-side of the Sram, focusing on pain and suffering, particularly through the “Hemorrhage” state. Inflicting Health Point loss equal to its level (non-reducible and non-boostable) at the beginning of the opponent’s turn, the state will disappear if the Sram does not reapply it (or, re-open the wound).

Striking Power: Strongest among all 3 elements, Hemorrhage greatly increases your DPT(Damage Per Turn).
Mobility: Decent, able to slash some Air for Guile and have great mobility.
Utility: Low, this element focuses on damage.
Survivability: Medium.
Solo Play: Decent.
Team Play: Decent, team play does not change the Fire Sram’s play style.
Scaling Power: Weakest among all the elements, as you level up the only thing that increases is your damage.
Difficulty: Easiest among all 3 elements. Fire Sram is not heavily reliant on always backstabbing. However you can make the Fire Sram really shine if you are good with numbers between deciding when to apply Hemorrhage, how many stacks do you need to finish off an enemy and when to do simple burst damage. If you are able to calculate things accurately your game play will be more efficient and you might be able to finish off a fight one or two turns faster than somebody who does not.

Stat-wise: Straight forward HP or Int for extra fire damage but you might want to consider some Lock to keep your target on you so you can keep applying Hemorrhage.

The Fire Spells:
Cold Blood, your main button mashing skill. Does decent damage and applies Hemorrhage which damages the target every time during the start of their turn. With your Double you can get your Hemorrhage stacks every high every fast. Hemorrhage allows Cold Blood x2 to do more damage than Execution. The downside Hemorrhage is that if you do not apply it again during your turn it disappears.

First Blood, a cheap spell that is commonly your opening spell which does extra damage and applies Hemorrhage if the target is at full HP. Like Swindlesram with First Blood you can Guilie and First Blood to build a lot of power from Master Stabber every fast. The downside of this spell is it’s extremely low base damage.

Torment, a questionable spell at 5 AP it does 73 DMG and 5% of your target’s missing HP at level 100. If your target is missing 100 HP it does 5% extra damage. Normally Cold Blood and Hemorrhage will be able to out damage Torment.

Bled Dry, does 55 damage at 4 AP and applies Hemorrhage if your target is bellow 15%. If you plan building a 8 AP Fire Sram this spell is worth considering. Otherwise Cold Blood does more damage per AP when maxed out and applies Hemorrhage.

Execution, your big burst damage spell. Among all of the Sram spells Execution has the second highest base damage and has the ability to increase its damage by 1% per stack of Hemorrhage. This spell is a great finisher that does big damage. This spell really shines if you are able to accurately calculate the damage it will do and whether it can finish the target in one turn or not.

The Sram Skills:
Invisibility, allows you to go Invisible. Not something a fire Sram would be interested in.

Shadow Trap, something as Invisibility- not something a fire Sram would be interested in.

Scram, The Fire Sram is heavy reliant on their double for extra damage and Scram also works on your double so this gives you a lot more mobility and reach between Guile Summoning a Double and Scram it allows you to do damage on any target you want whenever you want.

Double, The Sram’s best friend is the Sram him/herself! And what is a better companion than another copy of you! Double greatly increases your damage output and the ability to apply Hemorrhage. With 9 AP and a level 100 Cold Blood you can apply 54 stacks of Hemorrhage in a single turn- now that is hard to argue with.

Diversion, The Fire Sram is not heavily required to back stab. However the extra damage from backstabbing and Master Stabber will always be great to an element that has high damage and strives for heavy damage output.

Sram to the Bone, this is an invisibility oriented skill and isn’t really needed. If you wish to have 20 extra dodge you could just invest in the dodge points themselves instead of spending 100 skill points.

Scram, in my other elements I talk about how this is a fun skill to use and how it increases your survivability. However this is a twin edged sword, the Fire Sram wants to keep his Hemorrhage stacks going that means reapplying it every turn and if they disengage and run away you will have to start from 0 Hemorrhage again.

Master Stabber, the core of the Sram game play. This skill is the equivalent of the Iop’s skill Compulsion and Authority meaning we get two skills in one. However the downside is that we are always required to back stab for this skill to work and stay on. The Fire Sram strives on doing damage and dealing more damage. This skill gives you just that- with proper positioning your clone can be attacking a target from the side while you Guile back and forth every turn ensuring your back stab.

Look Around You, This skill works well with the Fire Sram because the Fire Sram is not required to back stab 100% of the time and this spell is just enough to ensure that you can maintain your master stabber bonus every turn while not over extending yourself. This spell also works on your double.

Shadow Master, like all invisibility spells- I do not suggest this.

Suggested Build:
The Fire Sram build I suggest is a pretty balanced damage oriented build.
Level 1-19: Double level 9.
Level 19-39: Master Stabber level 20.
Level 39-59: Look Around You level 10.
Stat-Wise: 100 HP rest in INT.

The reasoning for this build. Due to the reason damage nerf for double on patch 0.315 now you need a maxed out double to do 100% damage on your double. During the early stages you will not have any trouble leveling just by spamming Cold Blood and stacking Hemorrhage. Once you have a strong double you can farther improve your damage output with Master Stabber just Guile to back stab and keep that Master Stabber bonus going. Look Around you is a good skill and getting it before level 60 allows you to set up for when you get all of your level 60 AP gear and start changing into 8-9AP builds will ensure that you get a back stab every turn at level 60 onward.

4.10 The Water Sram: For the Sram, the Water branch corresponds to his ability to pilfer from his enemies. If he isn’t stealing physical items, he can take his enemies’ capabilities, as long as he manages to hit them from behind!

Striking Power: Weakest among all 3 elements.
Mobility: Decent, able to slash some air for Guile and have great mobility.
Utility: Great, strongest among all 3- stronger than many other classes.
Survivability: Strong, strongest among all of the elements.
Solo Play: Strong, due to high survivability and great utility you can solo fight mobs easily.
Team Play: Medium-Low Situational, the water sram’s play style does not change in team play. In a team fight you are decent in every department. How you shine depends on how you effective you can apply your water debuffs.
Scaling Power: Very Strong, as you level up your damage increases allowing you to steal more HP and your extra AP allows you to apply a huge array of different combos.
Difficulty: Medium, Easier than air, harder than fire. Being able to steal from water spells means that you have to backstab so proper positioning is important.

Statwise: Straight forward, consider putting your points into HP or Chance or extra water damage. This will change on the release when Will Power might have to come into consideration.

The Water Spells:
Bloody Ripoff, your main spell. Able to heal 30(50)% of the damage you do with this spell it increases your survivability a lot. It is extremely useful in PvP when matches come down to a 1v1 brawling bash of who has more HP and does more damage per turn. It’s damage is decent but the weakest among all tier 1 sram element spells.

Swindlesram, a cheap attack combo spell. This spell allows you to do a list of different Combos at different levels of AP. This Spell is also spammable allowing you to quickly build Master Stabber when you need it. Stealing lock is situational in PvP this will allow you to weaken lockzones or allow you to easily disengage while making you a powerful locker. The downside of this spell is it’s low base damage so using it as a damage source is not a good idea.

Kleptosram, the most under appreciated water spell. This spell was supposed to be changed to stealing Crit Rate on patch 0.315 but did not happen. Stealing Perception is only good if you want to make an air/water invisibility sram hybird.

Sramshackle, great damaging spell which steals one MP. It does the same damage as Petty Theft but the downside is that it can only be used once per target each turn and is out shined by Petty Theft.

Petty Theft, your nuke spell which also steals 1AP at the cost of 5AP the refunded AP reduces it to 4AP. A great spell in general the downside is that it can only be used once per target so you cannot spam this spell.

Water Spell AP Combos:
I felt it is important to make a section for this because the way water sram scales with AP is very nice allowing you to bring out more combos.
6AP: Bloody Ripoff x2 or Petty Theft -> Swindlesram.
7AP: Petty Theft -> Bloody Ripoff.
8AP: Bloody Ripoff x2 -> Swindlesram or Petty Theft -> Swindlesram x2 or Swindlesram x4.
9AP: Bloody Ripoff -> Sramshackle. If you have max diversion you can use diversion and your 8AP Combos.

The Sram Skills:
Invisibility, not something I would suggest for a normal Water Sram unless you plan to make an invisibility hybird.

Shadow Trap, same thing with invisibility I do not suggest this skill.

Scram, the Water Sram requires proper positioning Scram allows you to quickly get to where you want to be and gives you the ability to quickly disengage from an unwanted fight. When maxed out it does not cost AP however it still does cost 1 WP.

Double, a great spell for Water Srams. If you can get both you and your double to backstab and on the same turn you can steal a lot of status off the enemy. However to do that you would need proper positioning and being able to dodge lock.

Diversion, as the Water Sram is heavy based on getting backstab this is a skill worth considering. With 9 AP you are able to cast Diversion and Swindlesram x4 to build 40 power in a single turn.

Sram to the bone, as all invisibility related spells I do not suggest this spell.

Sram reflex, this is a very fun skill to use. The ability to dodge out enemy spells can really throw your enemy out of position. In PvP it is great to see an enemy set up for an attack and the attack simply fails causing them to lose the entire turn. In a way 20% retreating chance is like 20% HP because it does increase your survivability. Remember that the usefulness of this skill is also situational, it is bad in tight spots and to dodge AoEs you must be on the edge of the AoE.

Master Stabber, the core of the Sram game play. This skill is the equivalent of the Iop’s skill Compulsion and Authority meaning we get two skills in one. However the downside is that we are always required to back stab for this skill to work and stay on. Guile + Swindlesram x4 will allow you to trigger Master Stabber 5 times a turn, when Master Stabbed is maxed out you will be able to build 50 power a turn.

Look Around You, this is the counter part of the Iop’s Authority which turns the enemy towards them. However this spell turns the enemy away from you so you can back stab even more! On other elements Look Around You does not really shine because their cheapest attack is 3AP however with Swindlesram you can ensure that you always get a backstab with Look Around You allow you to maintain your Master Stabber bonus regardless of the situation. This spell also synergizes well with the Water Sram since your spells require you to backstab. However the downside of this element is the random nature, normally the Water Sram combos start with Petty Theft and you need the extra AP to continue the rest of your combo- if you do not backstab on Petty Theft your combo is ruined.

Shadow Master, like all invisibility spells- I do not suggest this.

Suggested Build
Water Srams are wonderful allow you to build for more damage or a more tanky type of Water Sram. I suggest all Water Srams to slash a bit of air and get Guile in order to be able to backstab. Fear and Tricky Blow is also a great addition to your utility arsenal.

The Tanky Build, this synergizes great with Double and Bloody Ripoff and Swindlesram. Between the fact that your ability to steal AP/MP/Lock is not damage oriented and your low base damage for water spells this build does shine. The ability to stay in the thick of a fight and continuing to steal status from your enemies works extremely well in PvP.
Level 1-21: Master Stabber level 20
Level 21-39: Double
Level 39-57: Diversion
Stat-wise: I suggest you to put every point you have into HP.

My reasoning for this build order. The early Master Stabber level 20, even if you are specing a tank oriented build the extra damage will allow you to keep up with other classes damage and scale healthy vs monsters during the starting levels. Double allows increase your damage even farther and also increase the amount of a stats you can drain from your enemy. Diversion, personally I prefer diversion over Look Around You. As a Water Sram you have a lot of utility but you lack the ability to control the battlefield. Diversion will not only help you out but also allow your teammates to backstab other targets also. Diversion at level 39-57 also allows you to get ready for the AP gears you can find at level 60. So this allows you to set up being optimal right at level 60 once you get all of your + AP gear.

Damage Oriented Build, doing extra damage is always a nice thing isn’t it? A damage Oriented build is similar to the tanky build expect you will be getting more mobility spells to quickly engage and disengage from a fight.
Level 1-21: 100 HP, Master Stabber level 20.
Level 21-30: 100 Chance, Scram level 6.
Level 30-51: 100 Chance, Double level 20.

My reasoning for this build order. The early 100 HP even if you are going a damage Oriented build you could always use the extra HP for solo game play. The Water Sram is heavy reliant on positioning so Scram is a good addition to your arsenal allowing you to chase and pick up weaken targets. At level 6 Scram costs 1 AP/1WP and allows you to be where you want to be when you need to be. If you want to disengage from a fight most enemies will not have chasing power. Double, as I’ve mention I believe double is a good addition to the Water Sram because it increases your ability to steal stats. Here it also does increases your damage output.

5.10 The Air Sram: The Air branch is very linked to the Sram invisibility. It offers bonuses if the Sram hit his enemy while being invisible. It also allows the Sram to move his enemies or to get out of difficult situations by pushing them back. Each air spells has a scalable probability to not cancel the invisibility based on the cost of the spell.

Striking Power: Weaker than Fire, Stronger than Water.
Mobility: Strongest among all elements
Utility: Middle, Stronger than Fire, weaker than Water.
Survivability: Situational, most likely lowest among all elements.
Solo Play: Decent, at early levels. Harder on higher levels.
Team Play: Strong, more enemies mean more invisible checks meaning more Shadow Cloaks.
Scaling Power: Strong, as you level higher you will have more invisibility related spells making you a compete circle
Difficulty: Difficult. Stat-wise the Air Sram requires Perception, Dodge, HP, Damage. The Air Sram revolves around invisibly which will never be concrete- you might get detected at the wrong place and time.

Stat-wise: The Air Sram is very complicated when trying to get stats because they need a variety of stats. Balancing what is “enough” is hard and subjective to the player.
HP: 100 HP is enough to allow Srams to solo early levels. On the later levels the player should start knowing more players and being able to get into parties more frequently so more than 100 HP isn’t needed.
Perception: The way that invisibly works is causes perception to give deprecating gains the more perception you have.
Dodge: Because the getting locked causes you to lose your turn and invisibility considering getting dodge(or dodge related gear) is not out of the question.
AGI: AGI gives Air skills more damage, more damage is always a good thing.

Invisibility The invisibility forumula is subjected to a compete revamp
At the start of a turn belonging to an adversary of a Sram, a “Perception” roll is carried out. Just like Initiative, it also starts at a value of 100.
This roll of Perception has two basic parameters to consider:
Perception of the two fighters: the difference between these two values becomes the chance percentage of the Sram staying invisible.
The distance between the Sram and his enemy: -10% chance for the Sram to be spotted per cell.
Note that you can lose invisibility by other methods such as getting locked or getting damaged by any source of spell whether it is friendly or from a foe. So be careful of those AoEs!.
[(Enemy’s perception/Your perception) – (10%*distance between Sram and enemy)] = % of being detected.
IE. Enemy has 0 Perception. You have 100 and use a level 1 Invisibility spell standing next to the enemy
[(100/250) – (10%*0)] = 28.57% if you are standing 3 tiles away you would be fully invisible to the target.

The Air Spells:
Fear, not a spell commonly used but it does give the air sram more manipulation on the battlefield

Tricky Blow, like Fear this is another spell not commonly used but it does allow the air sram to quickly disengage without the fear of being locked

Forceful Blow, the bread and butter of the sram’s arsenal with a 40% chance of staying invisible at level 100 and 30% extra backstabbing damage at 3AP this is a spell you will be using a lot and will want to level up. The downside of this spell is it’s low base damage.

Guile, the most popular Sram mobility spell. You will often see other element splashing a bit of air for Guile. This is a great spell which allows you to get into backstabbing position easily and gives you more reach and mobility on the battle field ensuring you are where you want to be- alone, behind an enemy. The downside of this spell is that it costs 1WP so you can only use this spell 6 times in a fight so be careful when you use it.

Trauma, if Forceful Blow is the bread of your damage this would be your butter. It is a very powerful spell when you can get a high a shadow cloak count. It’s base damage is higher than the Fire’s tree Execution spell. The downside is that it requires shadow cloaks to be able to out damage 2 Forceful Blow(from behind the enemy).

The Sram Skills:
Invisibility, As the Air Sram is revolved around Invisibility we can agree that this skill is pretty important. At level 20 it gives us an extra +450 Perception giving us a total of an 18.18% chance of staying invisible on the first turn of using it. However notice that the start of your next turn is considered the second turn so your perception bonus will drop to 100(150).

Shadow Trap, currently the skill is bugged and did not add perception when I tested it out. Hopefully it will be fixed every soon. The usefulness of this skill right now depends on whether we can set 3 traps and step on all 3 for a stacking total of 150.

Scram, like Shadow Trap this skill is bugged also because it reveals you when using it and do not give you shadow cloaks. This skill is a great skill it gives the Sram a lot of mobility. When maxed out it does not cost AP however it still does cost 1 WP so for the air Scram it is a question of do I save the WP for a Guile in the tight spots or do I use Scram to quickly get behind enemy lines.

Double, the Air Sram is already heavily dependent on WP. While Double is a stronger skill for Fire Srams I do not suggest it for Air Srams.

Diversion, the Sram’s damage comes from keeping the buff Master Stabber going and Diversion ensures that. It does not cost WP and only 1 AP when maxed out. A properly placed Diversion is also a very good party skill allowing other members to back stab also. The question is do you use your precious skill points on this skill or not?

Sram to the Bone, this skill is a question of simple math. 20 Dodge = 40 Stat points and 40 Perception = 40 Stat points for a total of 60 Stat points and +2 Mechanics. Every 20 levels you get 100 Stat points. Dodge and Perception are both important stats for the Air Sram. This usefulness of this skill really depends on whether you can stack the Shadow’s Trap buff or not.

Sram Reflex, This is a very fun skill to use. The ability to dodge out enemy spells can really throw your enemy out of position. In PvP it is great to see an enemy set up for an attack and the attack simply fails causing them to lose the entire turn. In a way 20% retreating chance is like 20% HP because it does increase your survivability. Remember that the usefulness of this skill is also situational, it is bad in tight spots and to dodge AoEs you must be on the edge of the AoE.

Master Stabber, the core of the Sram game play. This skill is the equivalent of the Iop’s skill Compulsion and Authority meaning we get two skills in one. However the downside is that we are always required to back stab for this skill to work and stay on. Guile + 2FB(Forceful Blows) will allow you to trigger Master Stabber 3 times every fight, when Master Stabber is maxed you will be able to build 30 power a turn.

Look Around You, This is the counter part of the Iop’s Authority which turns the enemy towards them. However this spell turns the enemy away from you so you can back stab even more! On a 6 to 8 AP build this spell is not statistically good because you only have a 80% chance of turning their back against towards you. However on a 9 AP build where you can use Forceful Blow x3 this still should statistically grantee a back stab every turn.

Shadow Master, This skill allows you to stay invisible when attacking. If I have a level 100 Forceful Blow with a level 20 Shadow Master and I am attacking from behind I have an 80% chance to stay invisible. If you are building an Invisible Air Sram this skill is a must.

Suggested Build:
I heavily suggest you not to rush for invisibility skills and perception early on. The Invisibility Air Sram only works well when it is a full circle. I suggest you to build normally and aim to start being an Invisibility Sram at level 60 when you start getting your AP equipment.
Level 1-21: 100 HP, 20 Master Stabber
Level 21-41: 100 AGI, 20 Invisibility
Level 41-61: 100 Perception, 20 Shadow Master

My reasoning for this build order. The early 100 HP is good for early game soloing and Master Stabber gives extra damage which will allow you to keep up with other classes damage and scale healthy vs monsters during the starting levels. While leveling Invisibility your damage or survivability does not increase this is why I suggest to level some AGI during this time so you can still be able to grow during this stage. 100 Perception and Shadow Master is the finishing touches to your invisibility Sram. At level 60 you start to get a lot of AP gear (Necks, Rings, Sets) allowing you to reach 9 AP. This means that your character will really start to shine at level 60 until then at level 20-40 you will be in a world of pain.

Suggested Leveling Spots:
During the end of Close Beta I spend my time trying to find out the best way to level up as fast as possible. I went 1-30 in one day and I did it with Woodent Set so other players can do it also. I went 100 HP for level 1-21 and level 20 Master Stabber, this is every important in order to follow this leveling guide.

Level 1-6: Woodent, do this until you have Master Stabber unlocked then throw all of your points into Master Stabber.
6-13~14: Single Gobbettes. Stay away from them and let them run to you on their first then then Guile -> FB x2 on them. Try to stay at the center of the map so when they run away they run at a straight line ensuring you can catch up with 2MP 1 Guile and maintain your Master Stabber buff.
13~14-17: Single Gobbal Warchiefs or single Moogrroon. Stay away from them and let them run to you on the first turn, remember to not start in a straight line with them because they will Gobbal Tackle you.
17-23: Moogrr or Single Little Boo. Fighting them gets a bit tricky because they summon mosquitoes if you get locked and lose your turn you will most likely lose.
23-30: Aggressive Blibli: If they have more initiative than you, stay away let them come to you and then bash them without fear.

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