Wakfu Sevamor Guide

Wakfu Sevamor Guide by Perrier

Hello everyone,

As a volunteer member of the Sevamorian Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA), I have been spending the majority of my time over the last few weeks working to maintain the ecosystem in Sevamor, with particular attention to keeping our Protectors (aka Clan Members) content. However, it seems that a lot of people don’t actually know how any of this works – the mechanics of the Protector Bonus, etc – so I thought I would post a summary for everyone to use and learn from.

First, some of the basics:

Wakfu and Stasis
This has been covered in other threads, but here is a crash course in Wakfu and Stasis. Below your health meter you will find a blue and purple bar: this is your Wakfu meter. It essentially measures the ecological footprint you have left on the environment as you have progressed through the game. Wakfu can be equated with harmony, balance and order; Stasis is more chaotic, harmful, and out of control.

If a region has a healty population of monsters and plants, it is said to be in Wakfu. If the populations are too high or too low, the area is instead in Stasis. If an area is in Stasis and you perform an action that makes the population worse (such as killing monsters when their populations are dangerously low), then your Stasis meter will move to the right (purple) side. If instead you have a Wakfu effect on the population, you will gain Wakfu instead.

This is important only because certain items require you to have a certain percentage of Wakfu or Stasis. The famous Xelor Ammulet, for example, requires you to have at least 20% Stasis. If you do not have sufficient Stasis, you cannot put the item on; and if it is already on, you lose all of its bonuses (and penalties, if any).

Protectors and Protector Bonuses
Aside from Wakfu and Stasis, each region’s Protector likes the monster and plant populations in their region to be a certain way. For example, Barbapapi, the Enutrof who guards the Foret Claire Moisie de Koto really likes boars, and is content when there are lots of boars around – however, he doesn’t particularly care for araknees. Often this preference will overlap with the local Wakfu levels, but not always. Typically a protector only cares about one to three of the species found in their region.

These preferences are very important for one reason: when a local Protector is happy, s/he will repay the nation’s citizens by supplying a Protector Bonus, which is a bonus to our stats. For example, if Barbapapi is happy with the number of plants and animals in his territory, all Sevamorian citizens (except criminals with at least 50 criminal points!) will benefit from a Prospecting bonus, no matter where they are. You can view these bonuses by holding your mouse over your health bubble.

There are three stages of happiness for Protectors: A completely unhappy Protector will appear to grimace in their picture, and will not provide any bonus; a slightly happy Protector will give a small bonus; a completely happy Protector (when all their desires are met) will have a cheerful picture, and will provide three times the usual bonus.

This is why territory conquest is so important. If invaders from a foreign nation attack and defeat our Protectors, they gain that territory as though it were their own soil. The Protector Bonuses disappear from our list, and are instead added to the invaders’. Thus, when our nation is invaded, it is important for everyone to band together and defend ourselves.

One related feature to keep in mind is the Challenges that are offered in each region. Each Challenge calls upon players to perform a certain action – to kill the most of a certain monster, to plant or collect the most of a certain resource, etc. You must opt in to a challenge when it is announced in order to participate, and you can’t join a challenge mid-way through; you also automatically fail a challenge if you leave the zone or log out before the game is over. If you win, you will gain some sort of prize – usually x5 or x10 Semence of a monster found in that region. This is sometimes very handy for Trappers who are fighting monsters for XP in the region, since they can participate in Challenges between fights and gain some free, easy semence to plant.


A Guide to Sevamor and its Protectors
Here is a rundown on the regions in Sevamor, the Protectors who oversee them, the local Wakfu levels, and the personal preferences of the local Protectors. (Sadly/strangely, the name of each region does not show up on the map; however, the Protector’s name and bonus, if any, appears if you hold your mouse over the region on the map. The region’s name also shows up on the screen when you step foot inside its borders. I currently do not have a map to display, but I will try to upload one soon.)

Region: Champs de Sevamor
Protector: Solentine (Feca)
Bonus: +2/+6% gathering XP
– Crops: Wakfu (1,400 – 2,300)
– Herbs: Wakfu (0-900) Bonus (890 – 1970)
– Trees: Wakfu (0 – 930)
– Plants: Wakfu (70 – 180)
– Tofus: Wakfu (170 – 280) Bonus (100 – 240)

Region: Cimetiere de Sevamor
Protector: Rotule (Sram)
Bonus: none!
– Crops: Wakfu (40 – 180) Bonus (170 – 340)
– Herbs: Wakfu (250 – 390)
– Trees: Wakfu (170 – 310)
– Rats: Wakfu (40 – 70) Bonus (70 – 110)
– Ghosofs: Wakfu (40 – 70)

Region: Prairie de L’Outre
Protector: Lula Ingalsse (Eniripsa)
Bonus: +2%/+6% max HP
– Crops: Wakfu (320 – 660)
– Herbs: Wakfu (630-980) Bonus (630 – 1050)
– Trees: Wakfu (0 – 350) Bonus (420 – 840)
– Gobballs: Wakfu (140 – 230)
– Plants: Wakfu (60 – 150) Bonus (110 – 230)

Region: Prarie D’Ouran
Protector: Yuk Oueleh (Osamodas)
Bonus: +10/+30% Resist (all elements)
– Crops: Wakfu (180 – 380) Bonus (360 – 540)
– Herbs: Wakfu (360 – 560)
– Trees: Wakfu (0 – 200)
– Gobballs: Wakfu (80 – 140) Bonus (110 – 160)
– Plants: Wakfu (30 – 90)

Region: Foret Claire Moisie de Kotto
Protector: Barbapapi (Enutrof riding a Phorreur)
Bonus: +10/+30 Prospecting
– Crops: Wakfu (240 – 440)
– Herbs: Wakfu (60 – 260) Bonus (180 – 420)
– Trees: Wakfu (360 – 560) Bonus (240 – 480)
– Boars: Wakfu (70 – 120) Bonus (100 – 160)
– Araknees: Wakfu (50 – 100) Bonus (0 – 70)

Region: Foret Claire du Sceptre Set
Protector: Brousslette (Ecaflip)
Bonus: +2%/+6% Init
– Crops: Wakfu (420 – 770) Bonus (630 – 840)
– Herbs: Wakfu (110 – 450)
– Trees: Wakfu (630 – 980)
– Boars: Wakfu (110 – 210)
– Araknees: Wakfu (90 – 180) Bonus (60 – 110)

Region: Foret Dense du Rok On
Protector: Sylvebaffre (Sadida)
Bonus: +10%/+30% XP
– Crops: Wakfu (50 – 200)
– Herbs: Wakfu (180 – 330) Bonus (50 – 180)
– Trees: Wakfu (180 – 330) Bonus (270 – 410)
– Treechnids: Wakfu (50 – 90) Bonus (10 – 50)
– Araknees: Wakfu (50 – 90)

Region: Foret Dense du Porc Cinet
Protector: Borbo Rix (Iop)
Bonus: +10%/+30% damage (all elements)
– Crops: Wakfu (90 – 390) Bonus (0 – 270)
– Herbs: Wakfu (360 – 660)
– Trees: Wakfu (360 – 660) Bonus (180 – 450)
– Treechnids: Wakfu (70 – 150)
– Araknees: Wakfu (70 – 150) Bonus (50 – 120)


Here are some quick tips for contributing to the ecosystem and keeping the Protectors happy

    • When you log in, take a quick peek at your Protector Bonuses. Pay special attention to the ones that are important to you (my favourite is the +30% XP bonus!); if they are missing or diminished, think about taking a few minutes to head over and repair the area to the Protector’s liking. Everyone in the nation benefits when you do this – the more people who help out, the easier it will be for us all.
    • If/when you have finished restoring a population of monsters or plants, try to gather some extra seeds and/or semence and store it in your havre sac for later; set aside a special vitrine or two just for this purpose, if you can spare the room. It is much easier to gather seeds and semence when populations are high, then when they have been obliterated by greedy players.
    • If you are hunting a specific type of monster, consider visiting a region where the Protector doesn’t particularly care about that monster’s population. That way, if you make the population fluctuate a lot, it won’t impact everyone’s bonus.
    • Participate in zone Challenges whenever possible/convenient.
    • If you find some people causing great damage to an area that is already suffering, try to reason with them and explain where they can go to fight the same monster or gather the same crop without damaging the environment as much, and why this is beneficial to them, and everyone else.
    • Join a guild and add other SEPA members to your friends list; this type of work goes more quickly with help.

[*]Don’t obsess; Wakfu shouldn’t be a job, it’s just a game. ^__^ In the end, just try to have fun.


That is all that I have to offer right now. As I said above, I will try to provide a map and possibly some other pictures. If anyone has questions about how this works, please don’t hesitate to ask by posting here. You can also ask me in person by messaging me in game (/w Perrier). I am currently in the process of investigating which plants are “native” to a specific region, based on how easily they are planted. I have noticed that cutting down plants that do not belong sometimes actually yields more XP than usual. This requires some more research, however. Thanks for your cooperation! ~Perrier

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