Wakfu Eniripsa Healing Guide

Wakfu Eniripsa Healing Guide by NaturebaMan

Hello everyone!

Natureba here, an Eni player since Dofus. At first, because my group of friends needed a support healer. But after some time, I really started to like it. A lot. When I found out about Wakfu open beta, didn’t think twice before picking Eni again to revive the good old days.

Got a little surprised when I got to the forums and found little information about the Enis compared to other classes. Even more suprised when I found Enis are here since the start of the open beta. Even with little information, I decided to go on and build it my way. Made a lot of mistakes, but nothing that one reset or two can’t fix :p.
Right Now, I’m a lvl 61 healing Eniripsa, and I’d like to share some thoughts about the class for the new Eni players, so that they don’t get so clueless when trying to make one. The intention of this guide is not to give a cake recipe of how to make an Eni, but to show you possibilities to help you make your healing Eni fit your playstyle.
1.0 – First things first – The healing Eni.
You will be loved. You will be cursed. If you group suceed, it’ll be because of the damage dealers. If the group fail, it’ll be your fault. That’s the sin of every healing character. When people have a healer in the group, they usually go on a what I call “Superman complex”, throwing themselves in the middle of giant mobs, sure of their victory because they have someone to keep them alive. But guess what? They’re going to die. And it’s going to be your fault. Enis are for people with cold blood. People will be yelling with you all the time. You’ll feel like throwing your computer against the wall everytime you die on the first 25 levels (and that happens once every five minutes), when unless you have a good party, you’ll be stuck killing gobbals and tofus forever (and dying for them most of the time).
What I see many people fail to get, is that Enis are not meant to be healing machines of doom that outheals anything on the game. Wakfu is about strategy. And what strategy is there when nobody worries about their lives because the healer can keep you alive forever? In my opinion, Enis are meant to give an extra life span to the group, but if they keep making a lot of mistakes and losing turns, well, you can’t keep them alive forever. It’s the price.
If you don’t mind never getting the credit, if you don’t mind being cursed everytime the group dies, if you don’t mind to see that even your grandma can pack a better punch than you, if you have a lot (and by a lot I mean really a LOT) of patience to hold the pain in the *** that the first 25 levels are, well, Eni is here waiting for you.
2.0 – Ok, I want to build a healing Eni. What now?
Well, as a healer, what is the most important thing to have? “High healing power” I hear? Well, no my friends. The most important thing about a healer is stay power. What good can you do if you can heal a lot, but can’t take two hits? “I can heal myself”, you would say. But while you heal yourself, who will be healing others, huh?
And what to do in order to get stay power?
Well, here are the atributes that can help your healing Eni:
  1. Health points: the more life you have, more hits you can take right?
  2. Resistances: The more resists you have, less damage you take, and more hits you can take, right?
  3. + Heals: Pretty obvious. The more you heal, the more you’ll be loved.
  4. + Water damage: Ah, the old discussion if water damage increases or not the healing power. Well, from my experience, I sense a slight increase in the heals when I swap my Precision Cards for my Astro. I say it does, but just to be on the safe side, I prefer to build +heals for that purpose.
3.0 – And where do my characteristic points go?
I strongly recommend putting an AP point here. Having 7AP is mandatory for a healing Eni. Never put actions points to waste. And since Eni doesn’t have any 1AP spell to go with Revitalizing word (which costs 5AP), it’s important to have 7 so that you can use a Renewing Word or a Psykosis Flask on the same turn. More details about that in the spell section above.
So, save the points on your first 30 levels to put AP. And then what?
HP, HP, HP all the way. There is nothing else here that could be useful to you. Maybe an MP point if you are a movement freak, but be aware that it’ll cost you some life (100 life to be more precise :p)
4.0 – Ok, got it. But, what gear do i use?

For the start, I recommend you a Blue piwi + Blue Googoo set, then jumping for a Tofu set. From then on, here are some suggestions of equips (Reminder: Since I’m lvl 61, I don’t have any experience with higher lvls items, And i’m building this list with the items I’ve already saw in game):

  • Helmet

Royal Gobbal Helmet (Low lvl): +6% Heals, +35 initiative.

Treehat: +7% Resist, +45 HP, +4 Wisdom.

Boowish Helmet: +70 HP, +8% Heals +2% critical and +1 leadership.

  • Epaulettes

Estrichettes (Low lvl): +15 HP, +2% Resists

Treepaulettes: +4% Resists, +2 Wisdom.

Whrilgig Epaulettes: +5% Resists, +30HP, +25 Dodge.

Boowish Eppaulettes: +5% Resists, +40 HP.

  • Cloak

Ikono Cloak (Low lvl): +3% Resists, +30HP.

Treecape: +45 HP, +6% Resists, +25 lock.

Cloudy Cover: +5% Resists, +40 HP, +8 Dodge.

  • Necklace

Amulet Dia Reya (Low lvl) – +2% Resists, +8 initiative.

Guardian Amulet: +7% Heals, +20HP.

Harmony: +40 HP, +1% Damage, +1% resists, +2% Heals, +2 Wisdom.

Treemulet: +43 HP, +30 lock, +3 Wisdom.

  • Rings

Suffa Ring: +6% Heals, +1 to Renewing word Spell.

Alamood Ring: +1% Resists, +5% Water Damage.

Alcaseltz Ring: +2 to all water spells.

The Beyond: +45 HP.

Treering: +3% Resists, +5% Water Damage.

  • Breastplate

Royal Gobbal Breastplate (Low lvl): +7% Resists, +30 HP.

Whrilgig Breastplate: +50 HP, +5% Resists.

Treestplate: +6% Resists, +9% Water Damage, +39 HP, +3 Wisdom.

  • Belts

Trembella Belt (Low lvl): +3% Resists, +12 HP.

Coney Mistress Belt: +1 To Super Coney, +5% Heals.

Treebelt: +3% Resists, +6% Water Damage, +10 HP, +10 Lock.

Boowish Belt: +50 HP, +4% Resists.

  • Boots

Moggrr Boots (Low Lvl): -20 initiative, +23 HP, +5% Resists

Paladin Boots: +30% Heals, -30 initiative.

Whrilgig Boots: +15% Heals, +30 initiative.

Treethongs: +10 lock, +13% Water Damage, +1MP

Bone Boots: +1MP, +30 HP.

  • Weapons
It’s important to pick a nice water damage weapon. You know, sometimes you’ll need to attack. And well, your skills are not what we could call good damage dealers…

Hour Wand (low lvls): Hits 11HP (Water), +6% heals.

Precision cards: Hits 15HP (Water), +7% heals, +11% Water Damage. (1 handed: Two weak hits per turn, better to divide damage between targets, and allows a shield).

The Astro: Hits 30HP (Water), +22% Water Damage, +40HP. (2 handed: Packs quite a punch)

Club of Kings: Hits 30HP (Earth) +25% Water Damage, +20% heals, -1MP (For support freaks. Don’t use this when soloing, -1 MP is quite a pain to chase running enemies, and the earth damage is not going to be very good…)

And now it’s up to you to combine those items with your playing style. Some Notes:

a. Two parts of the tree set combined gives you and extra +30Hp. Four parts +16% Water Damage.

b. Two parts of the Boowolf Set gives and extra +30HP

c. With Whrilgig Epaulettes, Breastplate and Boots, you have an extra +20% heals (35% Total with the 15% from the boots). So, if you’re going for whrilgig set, use the three parts.

5.0 – What about the skills? There are so many…
And here we are back to the good old Eniripsa drama: So many good spells, so little points… let’s start with the Eni specialties:
    Active skills:
Unnatural Remmedies: Turns the target into an undead for the turn, turning heal into damage and boosting damage caused by healing. Starts costing 4Ap and 1WP (Range 1), and on max lvl costs only 1 WP per cast (Range 1-5). I strongly recomend maxing this out first. There are always those days that we are eager to play, but can’t manage to find a party. For those days, unnatural remmedies allows you to solo. Or even to play in PVP a little. But if you always have a party there for you, this can be skipped.
Transcedence: Makes you invulnerable for the turn, recovering a percentage of your hp and giving a healing boost while in that state. Costs 4WP at all levels, Starts with 5% Hp healed and +10% to heals bonus, and max level has 25% HP healed and 60% heal bonus. I personally hate it. 4WP is a very high cost fot that effect.
Super Coney: Transforms a Coney summoned with a Coney Mark into a Super Coney, boosting their HP, Resistances and Heal Bonus. Costs 3AP at all levels (Range 1-3). Starts with +20% heals, +5% resists and +5% of Enis HP added to it’s life, and max level has +120% heals, 50% resists, and 50% of Enis Hp added to it’s life. Well, I find the coneys super cute. I have a basis of 800 Hp right now, so having coneys with more than 400 life and 50% resists sounds like a nice backup, even if you use them just as a meat shield (since the AI always send them to death in the direction of the enemy).
Regeneration: Aplies the regeneration aura, that heals a percentage of the life of the target per turn. But the aura disappears when it take damage or deal damage. Starts at 5AP cost (Range 0) regenerating 3% of target life per turn, and max level cost 2AP (Range 0-3), regenerating 15% of target life per turn. This sucks in the support deppartment. A lot. But it shines on PVP and soloing. That’s the skill that allows enis to hunt high HP enemies, like Kravoles or Crobak Chiefs (Or Sacriers ;p). This skill combined with unnatural remedies decimates enemy life in a blink, since it hits on life percentage. Losing 15% of your life per turn is quite a pain (and that because I’m not counting the other heals you can throw before aplying regeneration…).
Eniraser: Cures all abnormal status from the target, and gives some of your life to it. Starts with 6Ap cost, transfering 5% of the Eni life, and max lvl has 5Ap cost, tranfering 25% of the Enis life, Range always 1-3. Here you have two options: Keep it at lvl 0 and use it as a debuffer, or max it out and use it as a major healing spell. Imagine myself, with 800 life. In one turn, I would be able to heal someone for 200. And with the 5 AP cost, you would still be able to cast a renewing word to heal a little more. How cool is that?
  • Passive Skills:
Absorption Aura: Aplies an aura on the Eni and adjacent allies that absorbs some of the damage and converts it into healing. The description is messy, I never understood the exact percentage of damage absorbed, but it looks like there is an increase of at least 1% absorbed per lvl. Even without understanding the description very well, damage reduction is always nice.
Expert Healer: The MUST of the healing Eni. Max it. Period. Gives +40% Heal on max level. If you are going to use unnatural remedies, max this second. If not, Max this first.
Massacurating Mark: Marked Enemies explodes, damaging adjacent enemies and healing adjacent allies. At lvl 1, goes for 1% (heal and damage) of enemy Hp, and max lvl goes for 20% (heal and damage) of enemies HP. This is super nice, and gets better when you learn to reposition enemies with Fear Flask. I used for a while, and it proved itself very useful, specially on the post battle healing department. Combined with Sadist Mark, me and my party spent very little time recovering between battles.
Constitution: Increase your and your party life totals. Simple as that. Goes for 1% Increase at lvl 1 to 20% at max lvl. And remember: more life means more stay power. Sacriers are gonna love you.
Heal Drain: Regain part of your HP by the percentage of the healing cast by other characters. Goes for 1% at lvl 1 to 20% at max lvl. Honestly, I don’t see a use for this. It would only work against few monsters, other Enis, Water Fecas and Water Ecaflips.
Now, for elemental spells. I’ll only talk about important ones, but keep in mind that it’s important to level all the branches to a decent level to gain resistances:
  • Water Branch:
Healing Word (3AP): Basic healing Spell. You’ll be often combinating it with Invigorating word or Fortifying word.
Invigorating Word (4AP): A healing spell that will rebounce on three targets, losing healing power on each target after the first. This is super good combined with unnatural remedies, since you can hit the target, and heal yourself at the same time. The only drawback is that the skill is bugged, and sometimes the +heals and +water damage bonuses don’t apply, resulting in crappy healing. Lost count of how many times i needed it to survive, and it failed on me.
Revitalizing Word (5AP): Cross Area Healing. If you have Unnatural Remedies, it’ll be the skill you’ll be using the most, and the one that has the higher base heal (that doesn’t cost WP). In case a monster is standing in the middle of the area, just Zombify him and see damage fly while your friends get healed. The only drawback: It doesn’t heal yourself.
Renewing Word (2AP): Minor healing spell, with minor cost. You’ll be often combinating it with Revitalizing word.
Fortifying word (4AP, 1WP): Insane healing, Insane cost. And no Line of sight. A tricky one to use with unnatural remedies, since it will deplete your wakfu points in a glimpse. Use it wisely.

Air branch:

Psykosis Flask (2AP, 2MP): As I said earlier, It’s important to have options of different AP costs to not put any AP to waste. If after using revitalizing word everybody is already healed, this is an option to give a minor hit ant try to confuse the enemy.
Fear Flask (3AP): A must. Not for the damage, but for the pushback, that allows you to reposition enemies during battles.

Fire Branch:

Sadist Mark (3AP): Transfer a percentage of the enemy killed HP to the killer. People overlook this mark a little. I think it’s awesome, save a lot of time between battles. The only drawback is that is a range 1 spell, so you have to get to close combat distance to apply it.
Traid mark (3AP): Transfer a percentage of the remaining WP of the killed enemy to the killer. For PvM, if you are a unnatural remedies user, this skill is a MUST. It helps you to regain wakfu points after killing enemies and having more juice to pack punches! And if you don’t, more fuel for Fortifying word is not bad either. And the best: it has range 1-3, so you can mark enemies from afar. On PvP it’s useless, since usually all enemies just use their WP as fast as they can and when someone gets killed there is hardly any WP left to absorb.
Coney Mark (5AP): Enemies killed turns into cute fluffy coneys, that aids you on healing and serve as meat shields. I just love them. Again, dangerous mark because it has a high AP cost and can only be applyed at range 1.
Rebirth Mark (4AP): Enemies killed revive for a turn, being controlled by who killed it. I dont like it very much, 1 turn is usually too little time to make any difference, and usually the enemy killed is in a really bad position. It never helped me, but some people like it, so… and it can also mark enemies from afar (range 1-3).
6.0 – Ok Natu, i’m all set. where do I level now?

That’s easy. Get an party and be happy :p

7.0 – Natu, I just can’t manage to get a party today. What do i do?
If you don’t have unnatural remedies, sit and cry.
If you do, well, here is some of my experience in Amakna.
1-20: Die to Woodents. Die to Piwis. Die to Bow Meows. Die to GooGoos, Die to Gobbals, Die to Tofus. Nobody said it would be easy, huh?
20-25: Now maybe you’re ready to scarecrows on Singing Fields. One at a time. Just chase them healing yourself, corner them, and start zombifying and healing them until you run out of wakfu, and then finish the job with your Hour Wand. Too hard? Dying a lot? Well, then it’s better to go back to die to tofus, die to gobbals…
25-30: Who knows you can take those filthy scarecrows now? You can try larvas too, near the mines on Gobbalfield Country. But not too many. And beware of the purple one, it hits hard.
30-40: Ah, that AP point at last! Here you can easily start to kill those lvl 35 Explosive sunflowers on Gobbalfield Country. Stand next to them, zombify and heal them, and watch as they help you to kill themselves as they try to heal.
40-50: Treechnids, at Emelka. Start with lvl 45 Treechorn. When they’re about to die, they enter in a root state, which heals +-100 per turn. Just zombify them and watch as they kill themselves. Then, at +- lvl 45, if your skills are good enough, you can try lvl 50 treechnids. But let me warn you: they are hard to kill, run all the time, takes your MP away, and keeps summoning those anoying spiders. Use them to replenish your wakfu with traid mark.
50-60: Crows, in Kelba. Stick to Crobaks, since they have lower HP. if you have regeneration, you are free to try Crobeaks and Crobak Chiefs, but be warned, the chief hits more than 100 damage per turn. If you have regeneration, you can also try Kravoles, At Maya Bay. They hit a lot less harder then the Crobak Chief.
8.0 – I’m Curious to see how is your Eni Natu. Can you show us?

Sure. Here it is:

And I guess that’s it. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, hit me up!


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4 Responses

  1. Alan Colon says:

    I got my eni up to 17 before i found this guide. Not sure if things have changed since you wrote this but leveling up as eni is easier. I solod to 17 no problem on piwis and googoos. Just pick an area with a lot of obstacles to pin them against and the push-back of the Fear Flask will cause extra damage. It helps to not chase them down, move away and make them come to you so you have the movement to back them against a wall for the extra damage.Once you figure out how to manipulate the AI to get them to put themselves in a bad position it is a lot easier. I've been playing for 2 days now and so far i really like the aspirine class. wakfu is pretty fun :D

    I started putting all my specialty points into healing but maybe that was wrong, prolly should have done constitution huh? I am kinda squishy, ohh well. I'll focus on that next, i still have plenty of level s to earn enough points to remedy that i guess.

    Thanks for the info tho, its good to know what to put your points into especially the ability points which was my sticking point. I'll be doing AP and then HP all the way :)

  2. Laughter says:

    Thank you for this guide! Helped me out SO much. Was lost for the first day or two. After reading this I re-rolled.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Man, I just discovered wakfu past week, and I want to say: THANK YOU!! I always play as healer and this guide is gold, keep it up =)

    I Play in Nox, character name Jahry

  4. Anonymous says:

    By far one of the only good guides here.

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