Domain of Heroes Item Enchant Suffixes and Prefixes

Domain of Heroes Item Enchant Suffixes and Prefixes by Mizu

This table lists the Suffixes and Prefixes that Enchanting will give items. Prefixes are from the enchantment in the First Slot. Suffixes are from the enchantment in the Second slot.

Exp, Coin, T4, and Add Skills do not have Prefixes/Suffixes

Uncommon Items may have a suffix or Prefix varying.

Rare and Above items only take the First two slots into naming.

Removing the Enchant will Remove the Prefix/Suffix. and Slot 3-6 have no effect on the naming of an object.

Some enchants have multiple prefixes/suffixes. The multiplies are not listed together, i only chose the one that self enchanting offered me as i enchanted the item with each enchant.

Accomplished with support and help from Valentia andFizFinder Thank you both!

Enchant T1 Prefix T1 Suffix T2 Prefix T2 Suffix T3 Prefix T3 Suffix
Adds Agi Brisk of The Bunny Agile of the Cougar Vigilant of the Cheetah
Adds End Capable of Stamina Resolute of Enduro Vivacious of Everlasting
Adds Lif Joyful of Ann Beneficial of Ma-Ti Undying of God
Adds Luk Beneficial of Miyamoto Favored Buffet Successful of Gates
Adds Mnd Smart of Intelligence Astute of the Adjunct Genius off the Professor
Adds Pow Big Of Physique Brawny of the Endowed Burly of The Whale
Causing Bleed Serrated of Bloodletting Barbed of Gutting Flaying Laceration
Charming Opponent Alluring of Charming Beguiling of Seduction Bewitching of Servitude
Confusing Opponent Perplexing of Confusion Dazing of Fogginess Fumble of Bumbling
Cursing Opponent Jinx of Cursing Voodoo of Affliction Hex of Calamity
Entangling Opponent Net of Entanglement Gripping of Snagging Seizing Ensnarement
Freezing Opponent Frigid of Cold Numbing of Winter Arctic of Hypothermia
Increases Agi Sprite of Haste Nimble of Boosting Blazing of Mach Speed
Increases End Resilient of Stamina Persistent of Endurance Marathon of Moxie
Increases Lif Heart of Essence Vitalic of Life Survival of the Immortal
Increases Luk Lucky of Benefit Opportune of Fortune Jackpot of the Leprechaun
Increases Mnd Witty of the Moxie Egghead of Knowledge Brilliant of the Philosopher
Increases Pow Beefy of Muscle Potent of Benchpressing Powerhouse of Bouldercrushing
Inflicting Berserk Berserker of Fury Aggravating of Aggression Lunatic of Testosterone
Inflicting Mana Drain Aura of Mind-tapping Draining of Forgetfulness Sapping of Mana-Leeching
Inflicting Panic Startling of Panic Anxiety of Alarm Hysterical of Stampede
Leech Hp% Mosquito of Leeching Parasitic of Botched Transfusion Vampiric of Blood-sucking
Leech Mp% Exhausting of Weariness Enfeebling of Warding Silencing of Aging
Multiplies Fire damage Fire of Lava Flaming of Brimstone Burning of Hell
Multiplies Holy damage Holy of Angels Saintly of Glory Seraphim Purity
Multiplies Ice damage Ice of Snow Chilling of Frost Freezing of Permafrost
Multiplies Lightning Damage Lightning of Lightning Shocking of Zapping High Voltage of Jolting
Multiplies Physical Damage Aching of Agony Bleeding of Pain Deadly of Torment
Multiplies Poison Damage Poison of Taint Venomous of Infection Toxic of Plague
Multiplies Psionic Damage Psionic of Clairvoyance Telekinetic of Brainpower Cerebral of Mind-bending
Paralyzing Opponent Disabling of Paralyzation Crippling of Sapping Debilitating of Immobilization
Petrifying Opponent Stun of Fossilization Stun of Petrifying Medusa of Paralyzation
Putting Opponent to Sleep Sleepy of Drowsiness Monotone of Ether Lullaby of Lecture
Resist Berserk Soothing of Calm Pacifying of Tranquility Serene of Repose
Resist Bleeding Cauterizing of Patching Styptic of Clotting Corpuscular of Hemoglobin
Resist Charm Unmoving of Loathing Opposing of Repulsion Rivaled of Animosity
Resist Confusion Attentive of Preoccupation Engaged of The Scholar Focused of Mental Fortitude
Resist Curses Blessed of the Favored Razor of Prayer Divine of Holiness
Resist Fear Stout of Bravery Tenacious of Courage Stalwart of Gallantry
Resist Fire Damage Quenching of Asbestos Dousing of Snuff Extinguishing of Firebane
Resist Freezing De-Icing of Warmth Insulating of Defrosting Thermal of Blubber
Resist Holy Damage Impious of Denial Unholy of Sin Forsaken of Wickedness
Resist Ice Damage Warming of Steam Thawing of Heat Melting of Ice Shield
Resist Lightning Damage Wooden of Grounding Vulcanized of Rubber Protonic of Lightning Shield
Resist Mana Drain Charmed of Mana-Well Enchanted of Encantation Mystic of Wizardry
Resist Panic Temperate of Order Relaxing – of Unconcern Flanged of Soothing
Resist Paralyzation Refreshing of Mobilization Restoring of Effectiveness Rejuvenating of Vitalization
Resist Petrification Shined of Glass Burnished of Reflection Mirrored of Perseus
Resist Physical Damage Tough of Safety Armored of Security Guardian of Sanctuary
Resist Poison Damage Therapeutic of Immunity Plasmatic Antibody Placebo of Hypochondria
Resist Psionic Damage Tin-Foil of Logic Mantic of Intellect IQ of Mind Shield
Resist Silence Murmuring of Noise Sonic of Expression Drill Sergeant of Screaming
Resist Sleep Nocturnal of Focus Caffeinated of Vigilance Hyper of Insomnia
Resist Slow Agitated of Stimulation Energized of Adrenaline Brisk of Drive
Resist Tangle Elusive of Sidestep Untangling of Evasion Houdini of Escape
Resist Traps Acute of Wariness Alert of Circumspection Clever of Readiness
Silencing Opponent Speechless of Silence of Silence of Quiet Aphonic of Peace
Slowing Opponent Snail of slowness Sluggish of Quicksand Lethargic of Procrastination
Striking Fear into Opponent Scare of Fear Terror of Fright Nightmare of Horror
Trapping Opponent Quicksand of Deadfall Clutching of Ambush Decoy of Trapping
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