Domain of Heroes Auction and Trading Guide

Domain of Heroes Auction and Trading Guide by LouGothGirl

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Starting your auction *Chatroom Section*

Whether it be in the trades chat or the yard sale chat, they’re pretty much the same. You pick your item from your inventory, please remember that items of about 3Wish or lower belong in yard sale and items of 3Wish+ belong in trade.

Now that you have your item you write /show itemname in the chat, most people write /show itemname | starting price for an auction.
(Ex. “/show Big Rapier of Physique | Free for any new player” will show that item, IF it is in your inventory, to that current channel.)

Immediately you should get bidders, if you’ve received no bids at your target price after showing it at a MAX of twice in the chat you’re either starting it way too high or it’s junk. If you believe it might be junk, ask someone in the chat they’re quite friendly and readily there to answer a question you might have.

Your bids should get higher and higher, as more people show up and get into the auction. During this time, ONLY SHOW YOUR ITEM ONCE PER CHAT SCREEN, or if a person asks to see it…. this is a sign of being polite. If a person does ask to see it, the way to show it is /show itemname | C/O then current offer value. If you notice that no one is bidding anymore, it’s time to close down your auction.
(C/O means Current Offer.)

Closing your auction *chatroom section*

Now that you’re down to your last bidder, you do /show itemname | going once current offer price. But only do the /show itemname | going once thing once, on the going twice just say going twice for the current price, and then say sold. No need to fill up the chat with your item, people will get upset and everyone will be moody at you for a long time.

Dealing with trades after your auction has finished *chatroom section*

Now that your auctions over you will need to trade with the person whom bought your item. Common courtesy I’ve found is that the person who bought it will send the trade to you, that way you can start up another auction and you have zero downtime as far as auctions go. When you’re in trade, do Control+F on your keyboard then control+V *paste* the item name into the find bar. Once you’ve done that and they’ve put up their item, congratulations on a successful sale.
(Note: It is a LOT faster to simply type /trade ‘player name’ – so if Roo won the auction, you could just type “/trade Roo” and he would receive a trade offer.)
Starting a forum auction

Get your item you want to auction, make sure its pretty darn good. I’d say don’t even bother auctioning if it’s not over 20+W value. Mostly because you can just chat auction it at that price range. Anyways get your item, take a screenshot of it and post it up in the correct trades forum. You’ll notice there are several, for the sake of this guide lets say you’re auctioning a legendary rune.
(Screenshots can be taken by pressing the “Print Screen” button on your keyboard, then opening up Paint, pressing Ctrl + V on your keyboard simultaneously, and just “Cut” out the item name, picture, description, and save it as the item name, and upload it to the forum :])

Continued setup on forum auction

You now have your image and are ready to post the auction, however you’re far from done. You need to decide immediately what you will accept as currency from players.

Accepted currencies in the game at this moment:
Treasure Hunter Packs

Deciding the value of these items is totally up to you, and never let anyone try and tell you what the value of something is to you. Form your own conclusions, if people disagree.. let em :)

Two more things before you can post up your auction, you need to select an ending date. An appropriate one depends on how much interest you believe an item will get, if you put it up in the chatroom and say just looking for interest and 5 people step up and say I want I’ll give you X offer for it. Then you know it probably should be longer than the normal item, however I’d say limit your auctions to about 3 days time. Most people don’t tend to like to hold onto what they’re bidding forever and anything over about 3-5 days is probably pushing it.

The final thing is this, you need to decide if you’re gonna have a live auction finish. Which means you take your current bidders and pit them against each other on the live chat. It is extremely frowned upon if you suddenly change your mind 2 days into your auction.

How should I promote my auction:

Well this is a toughie, a lot of people say you should only paste a link to your auction once every 12 hours. However I’m more on the fence about it, I think if you’re doing it once every few hours the first day no ones going to be totally mad at you. The most important days of the auction are the first day and the last day, obviously you’re going to want to promote your auction more on those days and I don’t blame you however I wouldn’t go posting about your auction more than once every 4 hrs on either day otherwise people will be pissed.

It’s time to end my forum auction:

Alright you’ve made it this far and the ending is oh so close. If you didn’t set up to do a live auction, then the ending is very simple all you have to do is change the title of the post you made in the forums to “CLOSED” and then contact the highest bidder for the item ingame.

What do I do if I did a live auction?:

This ones a bit tougher becuase now you need to contact your current bidders and try and get them on all at once for a live auction, this is usually not worth doing unless your item is ultra high value. In which case this route is a must, once you have all your current bidders on. A live auction is exactly like what you read earlier in the guide, very simple and is no different.


What happens if I have a bid right after I’ve closed an auction, like immeadiately?

Well this is a total judgement call, you can either accept the bid or sell it to the guy you said won the auction to begin with. If you sell it to the guy you said won, that’s totally up to you, if you don’t well thats also your decision. But whatever you do try and make your decision very clear and explain why you made it as to not confuse anyone, and not make anyone mad at you.

My live auction ends at 7:30 but I’ve still got bidders, what do I do?

You continue it obviously, just because you said your auction was going to end should not mean it has to end then. If there’s still bidders keep it alive, the only time I personally would say an auction should be over is if it is dead or if you’ve ruled it over.. see first question.

I don’t know price values, what should I do?

You can do one of two things, either A) look at a price guide, or B) ask in chat for advice.


I’m not a master trader or anything, just giving advice on the tools of the trade I’ve learned so far. Thanks for reading, if you think I should add more let me know!

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