Domain of Heroes Class Skills List

Domain of Heroes Class Skills List by Quibster

Amazons are fierce and proud warrior women. They favor the sword and spear, and tend to frown very heavily on magic as the route of the cowardly.

Immune to: Trap
Jungle Knowledge: Increases resistance to Poison attacks,
Martial Lore: Melee attack,
Readiness: Increases Agility and Initiative

Experts in the art of death, assassins are highly trained killers. Some favor rogue-like methods, some brute-force, but independent of their means, assassins are the deadliest of all professions to associate with.

Immune to: Trap
Backstab: High damage melee attack,
Precision: Increases Agility,
Sharpened: Consumes MP to add Bleed to attack

Neither warrior nor wizard, bards are adventurous minstrels who wander the lands and bring tales back to the common folk. They are musicians and orators of exceptional skill, and can lull an enemy to sleep or inspire warriors to become more mighty. Some bards can even lure spirits back into their fallen comrades, reviving them from death.

Immune to: Silence
Hard as Rock: Increases resistance to magical attacks,
Heavy Metal: Increases Magic Find,
Power Chord: Take opponent on a magic carpet ride of death

A master of nature who can summon forth the birds and beasts to do his bidding. Beastmasters often have familiars, animals who have sworn their lives to serve and protect the master.

Immune to: Charm
Animal Training: Teaches your pets to use Trap,
Call Penguin: The Penguin slaps with Ice damage,
Call Praying Mantis: The Praying Mantis attacks with Holy damage

Chemists rely on scientific solutions to their problems, rather than might or magic. Unlike a wizard, a chemist is not limited to his spiritual energy, but the number of reagents and ingredients at his disposal.

Immune to: Sleep
Molotov Cocktail: Toss a firey bomb,
Poisonous Concoction: Poison attack,
The Juice: Increases Life

A cleric is a chosen vessel of a god, channeling magic and healing power through faith. A cleric’s power is limited only by his devotion to his god and the endurance in his body.

Immune to: Bleed
Blessed: Increases resistance to Holy attacks,
Holy Strike: Magic attack with Holy,
Lay Hands: Restore HP,
Prayer: Regen HP,
Purify: Remove afflictions from a player

Dark Knight
A former Paladin who choose to abandon the Path of Light and instead seek power from evil

Immune to: Curse
Degeneration: Slash with a chance to Curse,
Doom Slash: Release a fearsome close combat attack,
Resiliance: Increases Endurance

Dark Mage
A wizard specializing in dark and forbidding magics, magic meant only to increase one’s power and do others harm. Dark mages possess powers over shadows, death, and other dark energies.

Immune to: ManaDrain
Blood to the Brain: Increases Mind and reduces Life,
Flamestrike: Cast Fire magic,
Stolen Secret: Chance to petrify

Worshippers of the earth, druids draw forth the magical energies of nature. They believe in the sanctity of life and thus they favor non-lethal spells and means of combat, except when absolutely necessary to invoke other means.

Immune to: Trap
Call Pack of Fireflies: The Fireflies deal Fire damage,
Call Viper: The Viper attacks with Poison damage,
Self Projection: Transfers MP to an ally

A deadly warrior who learned the art of combat by being forced mortal combat for the amusement of others, a gladiator has neither a love of life or a fear of death. He simply exists for battle.

Immune to: Panic
Athletic: Increases Agility and Endurance,
Gladius Strike: Damaging blow,
Tough: Increases resistance to Physical attacks

Hunters are a different type of ranger — they live off of the land, but they use it as their weapon as well. They are masters of traps and ambushes, utilizing their knowledge of the land to get the upper hand in any struggle.

Immune to: Trap
Bullseye: Ranged attack,
Ensnare: Set Trap to keep enemies from moving,
Experienced: Increases Agility

An expert bamboozler, an illusionist is a magic user that specializes in confusing, bewildering, or frightening their opponents.

Immune to: Confuse
Mind Games: Cause mental afflictions,
Riddle: Attack opponents with Psionic damage,
Scarred: Increases resistance to Fire attacks

A jack is someone you don’t want to mess with. That’s all you need to know.

Immune to: Confuse
Differing Charges: Lightning Attack,
Jacks are Wild: Increased Magic Find,
Lucky: Increases Luck,
One Eyed Jack: Increases Endurance,
Suckerpunch: Close combat attack

Monks are protectors of their temple, traveling the lands to make sure the secrets of their order are kept safe. Their bodies themselves are lethal weapons, and they seldom wear armor.

Immune to: Panic
Cosmic Consciousness: Increased resistance to Poison, Holy an Psionic attacks,
Diplomacy: Inflict Silence,
Fistful: Melee attack,
Source of Life: Increases Life

A wizard who can call forth the dead, necromancy is the most forbidden of magics. Necromancers are notoriously hard to kill — permanently, anyway.

Immune to: ManaDrain
Demented: Increases Mind,
Horde of Bones: Summon an army of rotten corpses,
Soul Tax: Drain MP

A special blend of rogue and warrior trained in the ancient arts of the East, a ninja is often called upon for assassination. They tend to wear very little armor, and often have bizarre special abilities that seem magical, but are in actuality the result of years of practice and meditation.

Immune to: Slow
Assassinate: MP-fueled assassination attempt,
Crouching Tiger: Increases Agility,
Ninja Stars: Ranged Attack with a chance to Bleed,
Unbreakable: Increases resistance to Psionic attacks

Paladins are knights that have pledged an oath to a god of light, from which they derive their power and holy might. Paladins who please their master are usually blessed with special abilities and healing powers as well.

Immune to: Charm
Divine Favor: HP Regen,
Heavenly Smite: Powerful melee attack,
Holy Armor: Increases resistance to Fire, Ice and Lightning attacks,
Shield of Light: Increases Endurance

Seafaring swashbucklers, pirates are adventure-seekers and treasure-hunters who will get what they want by any means necessary. Which means violence.

Immune to: Berserk
Falchions: Melee attack,
Flintlocks: Fire attack,
Fortunate: Increases Luck,
Treasure Hunter: Increases Magic Find

Psions have the ability to bend reality with only their thoughts, and to invade others’ minds, even appearing invisible sometimes. Their mental manipulations only work on intelligent creatures, however.

Immune to: Paralyze
Clairvoyance: Increases resistance to all afflicts,
Clarity: MP regen,
Manipulation: Causes opponent to Panic,
Mind Bullets: Psionic attack

Rangers are solitary wanderers that live off of the land. They are often expert trackers and skilled archers, and usually also somewhat smelly.

Immune to: Trap
Eagle strike: Powerful ranged attack,
Healing Salve: Restore HP,
Natural Cover: Increases Endurance

Rogues are experts in sneaking, theft, deception and trickery. They achieve their ends with cunning and stealth instead of brute force or fancy spells. By the time a wizard will have turned to page 42 of The Fireball Guide, by the time a warrior will have fumbled his sword out of his sheath, a rogue will have accomplished his task without anyone even knowing.

Immune to: Silence
Discipline: Increases Power and Agility,
Nimble Fingers: Increases Luck and Magic Find,
Slit: Attack player with a chance of causing Bleed

Scouts are fast and light on their feet, and some can run several hundred miles in a day. They are often employed by generals as couriers, and though they can run from most any threat with ease, they often carry a spare dagger — in case they run into another scout.

Immune to: Slow
Eye on the Prize: Increases Magic Find,
Preemptive Strike: Ranged attack with high Initiative,
Second Wind: HP Regen

A magical healer and expert in the occult, shamans derive their power by calling forth ancestral spirits and invoking natural magics.

Immune to: Charm
Chicken Bones: Drain MP,
Life Leech: Drain HP,
Poisonous: Attack with Poison

A special breed of wizard, one that only practices older, more “pure” magics. Sorcerers do not have the diversity of spells of a normal wizard, but their individual effects are much more potent.

Immune to: Panic
Avalanche: Cast Ice magic,
Insulator: Increases Lightning resistance,
Subzero: Cast Freezing spell

A magic user that can summon monsters and spirits to protect him or do battle with his enemies. The strongest of summoners can even call forth the gods.

Immune to: Charm
Boredom: Teach your summons how to put opponents to sleep,
Summon Giant Eel: The Giant Eel strikes with Lightning damage,
Summon Muse: The Muse deals Psionic damage

Warriors believe that diplomacy is just a convoluted way of saying “we’ll fight later.” They favor the fist, the axe, the sword, the mace — anything that will cleave or crush a man will make a warrior smile.

Immune to: Panic
Bodyslam: Use HP to increase Physical damage,
Brutality: Increases Power and decreases Agility and Endurance,
Smack Down: High damage melee strike

Wizards are general practicioners of magic, with the widest variety of spells available to them. They can summon lightning, manipulate fire, entangle enemies… they have a spell for every occasion.

Immune to: Berserk
Inner Warmth: Increases resistance to Ice attacks,
Overcharged: Cast Lightning strike,
Study: MP Regen

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