Domain of Heroes Enchants Always gotten from Keys

Domain of Heroes Enchants Always gotten from Keys by Aqua

Disclaimer: Original table built by Snoop from WWoA (with myself adding several sections)Some people that helped me collect data: Megalodon, Findskreath, Ashelson, Quib, FeArMe2, Fantyen, Jungle, and Lurkily/Devs.

The top table is the PvE locations where you may get key drops. The bottom table has all of the non-PvE locations.

Right, some note’s about this guide. The 3rd enchant gained from Area keys is always the same for that specific key, this guide tells what key has what enchant in the 3rd slot.

The # and ~ Columns are used for the of the specific Reagent gained when removing/recycling the item gained from the key.

Enchants gained from PvE Area Keys
1Tower of DaedantusT1Afflict Curse
2Dryad WoodT1Resist Trap
2Howl CavernsT1Resist Silence
2Mist IslandT1Afflict Freeze
3Crystal ClearingT1Afflict Mana Drain
3Fort GammageT1Afflict Slow
4Goodrond HillT1Afflict Slow
4Luna ShrineT1Resist Lightning
4SomberstoneT1Resist Silence
5Camp QuietwoodT1Resist Berserk
5Garanis CavesT1Resist Confuse
6Oak TowerT1Leech MP
7Bladesteel MinesT1Adds to POWPower Orb
7Youngblade PathT1Resist Entangle
8Autumn CavernsT1Resist FreezeHot Coal
8Centipede BurrowsT1Adds to ENDEndurance Orb
9Drip CaveT1Afflict Silence
10Antlion GroundsT1Resist Physical%
10ArenaT1Afflict BleedLacerator Edge
10Pit of PenitenceT1Adds to Holy%
10Rainbow MinesT1Afflict CharmLuscious Wink
10Ricmon FortT1Resist Bleed
11Silverstream CaveT1Resist CharmHateorade
11Sulender TempleT1Afflict Sleep19th Century Poem
11World TreeT1Adds to LIFLife Orb
12Minos Long BarrowsT1Resist SleepCoffee Bean
12Water Druid TempleT1Resist FirePhoenix Feather
13Albus MillT1Adds to ENDEndurance Orb
13Darkdark PlaceT1Leech HPVampire Fang
13Fort PhalanxT1Resist SlowFlash Gem
13Haunt HillT1Resist CurseGlass Flower
13Vale of ThoughtT1Adds to MNDMind Orb
14Ares PlainT1Resist Mana DrainMana Well
14Blacklore TowerT1Resist HolyAngel Wing
14Flint QuarryT1Adds to Fire%Dragon Scale
14SludgemarshT1Resist IceYeti Hide
15Prison of AncientsT1Afflict TrapBlindfold
15WraithrootT1Resist ParalyzeJolt Cola
16Abandoned FarmT1Afflict PanicTurkey Slice
16Minok’s LabyrinthT1Resist FearProtein Shake
16Rainbow CreekT1Adds to LUKLuck Orb
16Ruins of ThemusT1Afflict ConfuseCalculus Homework
16Scalefiend SandbarT1Afflict EntangleKnotted Shoelace
16Shrine to GromirothT1Afflict PetrifyMedusa Cornea
16Whitescale HuntgroundsT1Adds to Physical%Bottled Pain
17Demonwater ManorT1Afflict FearTranquilizer
17Feron TrailT1Adds to AGIAgility Orb
17Ferry PointT1Resist FirePhoenix Feather
17Helm CaveT1Resist PhysicalMulti-Vitamin
18Lakeseep CavernT1Resist PoisonImmune Serum
19Boneshatter PeakT1Afflict PanicTurkey Slice
19Castle HeronT1Resist Psionic%Grey Matter
19Darkdark CaveT1Afflict BerserkAngry Spirit
19Forlorn HemT1Afflict ParalyzeNerve Gas
19Spirit BogT1Add to Ice%Snowball
20Port SurfsongT1Adds to POWPower Orb
20Spindle CaveT1Resist SilenceBanshee Chord
22Beetle BurrowsT1Adds to Poison%Venom Drop
22Cache CavernT1Adds to LUKLuck Orb
23Axewind CoveT1Afflict CharmLuscious Wink
23Donda’s TowerT1Adds to Lightning%Cloud Ether
23Ravaged TownT1Afflict TrapBlindfold
24East RoadT1Afflict PetrifyMedusa Cornea
25Caralar LagoonT1Adds to LIFLife Orb
25Fenradon TempleT1Adds to Psionic%Brainworm
25Manar MinesT1Resist PetrifyMirror Eye
26West RoadT2Leech HPVampire Fang
27Priestess ChambersT2Adds to Holy%Faith Relic
28Blackmoor ReefT2Resist CurseGlass Flower
29Rotten VeinT2Adds to ENDEndurance Orb
30Blackmoor CavernsT2Resist ConfuseFocus Stone
31Crab NestsT2Adds to MNDMind Orb
31Goblin VillageT2Afflict BerserkAngry Spirit
31Long BarrowsT2Leech HPVampire Fang
31Ruins of AtalisT2Afflict ConfuseCalculus Homework
31Tartan Raider CampT2Resist Charm
31WitchhavenT2Adds to Psion%
32Shimmerden Gold MinesT2Adds to Holy%Faith Relic
33Acidleech JungleT2Afflict CharmLuscious Wink
33Bard’s TombT2Leech HPVampire Fang
33Procrastination StationT2Leech MP
34Healing PoolsT2Afflict SlowMaple Syrup
34Lizardman TempleT2Resist Confuse
34Razorfin BeachT2Adds to Ice%Snowball
34Voodoo JungleT2Resist SleepCoffee Bean
35Fallen Giant HillT2Afflict Mana DrainMana Drain
36Coral CavesT2Resist TrapEyedrop
36Dog DensT2Afflict ParalyzeNerve Gas
37Bone RoadT2Resist Poison
37Glimmer Isle Gold MinesT2Resist FreezeHot Coal
37Olo FarmT2Adds to LuckLuck Orb
38Colossus RuinsT2Resist IceYeti Hide
38Two Moon TowerT2Afflict FearTranquilizer
39Mercenary CoveT2Resist TrapEyedrop
39Ogre VillageT2Afflict Mana DrainMana Drain
39Olo CemetaryT2Resist Mana Drain
40Bandit CampT2Resist ParalyzeJolt Cola
40Crossroads at PrepasT2Adds to Poison%Venom Drop
40Fort MercenaryT2Afflict PanicTurkey Slice
40Hydra CavernT2Resist FearProtein Shake
40Ogre MinesT2Afflict FreezeFreon Vial
41Byardi OracleT2Afflict CurseVoodoo Skull
42Aura RoadT2Afflict Sleep19th Century Poem
42Bloodbriar PatchT2Resist PetrifyMirror Eye
43Hellmouth TunnelT2Resist PanicRed Bull
43Pit of PainT2Resist HolyAngel Wing
43SpiderwoodT2Afflict CharmLuscious Wink
43Temple of Mun ToT2Adds to Fire%Dragon Scale
43Ungo PoolT2Resist SlowFlash Gem
44Ancestral CatacombsT2Resist EntangleGrease Glob
44Kraaken BayT2Resist PsionicGrey Matter
45Marin BarrowsT2Afflict SlowMaple Syrup
45Silent ShrineT2Resist PhysicalMulti-Vitamin
45Whisper ClearingT2Adds to LIFLife Orb
46Bloodmonkey GroundsT2Adds to Lightning%Cloud Ether
46MosscliffT2Resist ConfuseFocus Stone
46Painted CavesT2Afflict PetrifyMedusa Cornea
46Perseus’ BluffT2Adds to Fire%Dragon Scale
47Fangroot ForestT2Resist FirePhoenix Feather
47Silent CaveT2Resist BerserkBlind Eye
48Catacombs of BahlT2Resist LightningEagle Heart
48Fort Sol BarracksT2Resist SilenceBanshee Chord
48Shadowtread PathT2Adds to AGIAgility Orb
49CirclestoneT2Afflict SilenceStitched Lip
49Dizini’s DungeonT2Afflict EntangleKnotted Shoelace
49Fort Sol ArmoryT2Afflict Mana DrainMana Drain
49Ing Falls CavesT2Afflict BleedLacerator Edge
49Rockslide PathT2Adds to Physical%Bottled Pain
50Crystal CavesT2Afflict TrapBlindfold
51Dizini’s LabworksT3Resist IceYeti Hide
51Fort Sol DungeonT3Afflict FreezeFreon Vial
52Barerock TrailT3Afflict BerserkAngry Spirit
52Ruins of UmerT3Resist PhysicalMulti-Vitamin
52Saltworm MoundT3Afflict CharmLuscious Wink
52Sandworm CavesT3Resist PsionicGrey Matter
53Saltworm BroodgroundsT3Resist PoisonImmune Serum
53Ula Baba’s ZiggoratT3Resist LightningEagle Heart
54Pyramid of the SeersT3Resist PanicRed Bull
54Sand Ocean CliffsT3Resist PetrifyMirror Eye
54Tannos PeakT3Afflict FearTranquilizer
55Cannibal VillageT3Afflict EntangleKnotted Shoelace
55Dragondark MinesT3Resist FearProtein Shake
55Fire Orc VillageT3Adds to Fire%Dragon Scale
55Fire Shaman TempleT3Resist SilenceBanshee Chord
55Hammerstar PrecipiceT3Adds to Physical%Bottled Pain
55Headhunter PathT3Adds to Ice%Snowball
55ShadepalmT3Resist CharmHateorade
56AshrockT3Resist BerserkBlind Eye
56Nightmare CliffT3Afflict TrapBlindfold
56Osric PyramidT3Afflict SilenceStitched Lip
56Pool of Infinite ReflectionT3Adds to Holy%Faith Relic
57SandspireT3Adds to Poison%Venom Drop
57Temple of the Nine FlamesT3Afflict ConfuseCalculus Homework
57Violet GardensT3Adds to ENDEndurance Orb
58Bone BridgeT3Afflict CurseVoodoo Skull
58Solomon’s MinesT3Adds to Holy%Faith Relic
59Great Eye ShrineT3Afflict CurseVoodoo Skull
59Heaven TowerT3Afflict ConfuseCalculus Homework
60Anaran RuinsT3Afflict FreezeFreon Vial
60Spectrum StonesT3Adds to AGIAgility Orb
61Forest of the DamnedT3Resist EntangleGrease Glob
61Godforge CavesT3Afflict PetrifyMedusa Cornea
61Gorilla GroundsT3Afflict PanicTurkey Slice
61Larin KeepT3Afflict SlowMaple Syrup
61Sumria CavernT3Afflict Sleep19th Century Poem
61Thunder CliffsT3Afflict FearTranquilizer
62Blackmouth MineT3Resist BleedStyptic Powder
62WyvernperchT3Afflict ParalyzeNerve Gas
63Firegem MinesT3Resist ConfuseFocus Stone
63Mage ForgeT3Resist HolyAngel Wing
64Castle FlamewolfT3Afflict Mana DrainMana Drain
64Cinder CliffT3Afflict BleedLacerator Edge
64DragonmarshT3Resist BleedStyptic Powder
64Lava LakeT3Resist SilenceBanshee Chord
65Mount CindarT3Resist CurseGlass Flower
65SorrowpondT3Leech MPMana Leech
66Magma FallsT3Resist SilenceBanshee Chord
67Fire Spider NestT3Adds to Fire%Dragon Scale
67Magma CavernsT3Resist TrapEyedrop
67Upper Onyx MinesT3Leech HPVampire Fang
68Lower Onyx MinesT3Afflict Sleep19th Century Poem
69UnderdeepT3Resist SleepCoffee Bean
70Death SteppeT3Afflict SlowMaple Syrup
70Grey Orc CampT3Resist FreezeHot Coal
70Slave MineT3Resist Mana DrainMana Well
70Whitesun BogT3Adds to LUKLuck Orb
71Den of the DragonT3Afflict Mana DrainMana Drain
71Dismal BarrensT3Adds to LIFLife Orb
71Ring of FireT3Adds to Fire%Dragon Scale
72Caverns of Wretched IntentT3Adds to Psionic%Brainworm
72Murray PeakT3Adds to MNDMind Orb
73Witchmass PointT3Resist SlowFlash Gem
74Way of DoomT3Resist FirePhoenix Feather
75Firebat MawT3Resist ConfuseFocus Stone
76Burning JungleT3Adds to MNDMind Orb
77Glory TowerT3Afflict Sleep19th Century Poem
78Forgotten PlaceT3Afflict PetrifyMedusa Cornea
79Imp HideawaysT3Resist ParalyzeJolt Cola
80Nameless CavernT3Adds to POWPower Orb
Enchants gained from Non-PvE Area Keys
1Amber InnT1Adds to Fire%Dragon Scale
1Elmwood InnT1Adds to Fire%Dragon Scale
1Laurinara’s HearthT1Adds to Fire%Dragon Scale
1Slumbering Minotaur TavernT1Adds to Fire%Dragon Scale
1Windy Willow InnT1Adds to Fire%Dragon Scale
12Snoring Pony LodgeT1Adds to Fire%Dragon Scale
16Foaming MugT1Adds to Fire%Dragon Scale
19A Mighty ThirstT1Adds to Fire%Dragon Scale
19Drunken FluteT1Adds to Fire%Dragon Scale
23Tumbling DwarfT1Adds to Fire%Dragon Scale
27Inn of the Pungent PirateT1Adds to Fire%Dragon Scale
31Lingol InnT1Adds to Fire%Dragon Scale
31Seafarer’s HavenT1Adds to Fire%Dragon Scale
31Telena’s PlaceT1Adds to Fire%Dragon Scale
34A Song Less SorrowfulT1Adds to Fire%Dragon Scale
34Wet NoodleT1Adds to Fire%Dragon Scale
38Cheap Ale and Free TalesT1Adds to Fire%Dragon Scale
38Gondoli’sT1Adds to Fire%Dragon Scale
42Artist’s InnT1Adds to Fire%Dragon Scale
42Manini and Marco’s Eat and SleepT1Adds to Fire%Dragon Scale
46Hang Your Hat InnT1Adds to Fire%Dragon Scale
46Harpstring SerenadeT1Adds to Fire%Dragon Scale
46Soft Step TavernT1Adds to Fire%Dragon Scale
49Camel’s HumpT1Adds to Fire%Dragon Scale
49Inn of the Red-Faced BardT1Adds to Fire%Dragon Scale
53Hubab’s HostelT1Adds to Fire%Dragon Scale
53Istar InnT1Adds to Fire%Dragon Scale
55Mutton KingT1Adds to Fire%Dragon Scale
57Fort Moon BarracksT1Adds to Fire%Dragon Scale
57Half-Price HabitationT1Adds to Fire%Dragon Scale
59Caravan CantinaT1Adds to Fire%Dragon Scale
61Eastwind PlateauT1Adds to Fire%Dragon Scale
61Flaming MugT1Adds to Fire%Dragon Scale
64A Softer CloudT1Adds to Fire%Dragon Scale
64Cool SpotT1Adds to Fire%Dragon Scale
68Pillows Of FlameT1Adds to Fire%Dragon Scale
71Parched Throat TavernT1Adds to Fire%Dragon Scale
75Council ChambersT1Adds to Fire%Dragon Scale
79Fauz’s PlaceT1Adds to Fire%Dragon Scale


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