Facebook Mousehunt Egg Locations

Facebook Mousehunt Egg Locations by Nichole Griffiths

Region Location Mice that drop: Green Plaid Egg Mice that drop: Blue Argyle Egg Mice that drop: Stripy Red Egg Mice that drop: Wavy Purple Egg Mice that drop: Scalloped Pink Egg Mice that drop: Golden Egg
Gnawnia Meadow Field, Tiny
Town of Gnawnia Cowardly, Flying Brown, White, Dwarf
Windmill Spud, Farmhand
Harbour Pirate, Fog
Mountain Frozen, Pebble All Mice
Valour King’s Gauntlet Escape Artist (Tier 2) Cavalier (Tier 3) Dancer (Tier 4) Black Mage (Tier 5) ***Necromancer (Tier 7) Tier 2 Mice
Whisker Woods Calm Clearing Shaman
Great Gnarled Tree Curious Chemist, Eagle Owl Curious Chemist, Sylvan
Lagoon Goblin Harpy Water Nymph, Centaur, Goblin, Eagle Owl, Hydra
Burroughs Laboratory Mutated White, Monster
Town of Digby Dwarf, Mole Demolitions (Limelight)
Mousoleum Ravenous Zombie, Lycan
Bazaar Burglar, Zombie Several Mice
Furoma Training Grounds Worker, Ninja
Dojo Student of the Cheese Belt
Meditation Room Master of the Cheese Claw probably Master Fang or Belt (Devs confirmed it’s not in Pinnacle) Master of the Cheese Claw, Master of the Cheese Belt
Pinnacle Chamber Hapless Mojo, Hapless
Bristle Woods Catacombs Ghost, Lycan Keeper’s Assistant, Scavenger
Forbidden Grove Vampire, Zombie Spider, Ravenous Zombie
Acolyte Realm Gorgon, Wight Lich, Sorcerer Gate Guardian, Spectre, Golem, Gorgon
Rodentia SS Huntington II Salt Water Snapper, Cook
Seasonal Garden Whirleygig (Fall) Over-prepared (Winter) – I know it’s weird/buggy but seems true! Summer Mage, Monarch, Firebreather
Zugzwang’s Tower Technic King Mystic King
Tribal Isles Cape Clawed Shipwrecked Mouse
Derr Dunes Mintaka
Elub Shore Alnitak Several Mice
Nerg Plains Alnilam
Jungle of Dread Chitinous Magma Carrier
Balack’s Cove
Sandtail Desert Fiery Warpath Vanguard (Wave 1) Flame Archer (Wave 2) Magmarage (Wave 3) Flame Ordnance (Wave 3) Theurgy Warden (Wave 4) All Waves
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