The Condensed Guide to Mousehunt on Facebook

The Condensed Guide to Mousehunt on Facebook – Fastest way through the game

Town of Gnawnia
1) Choose the Tacky Glue Trap
2) Use Cheddar Cheese
3) Buy the Wooden Base with Target
4) Buy the Mouse Mary O’Nette
5) Change to Marble Cheese
6) Buy the Mouse Trebuchet
7) Reach Apprentice and travel to the Harbour
1) Buy the Stone Base
2) Switch to Swiss Cheese
3) Buy the Swiss Army Mouse Trap
(Bonus) If Ronza’s Shop arrives, you MUST buy the Polar Base
(Bonus) If Ronza’s Shop arrives, you Must buy the Party Hat
4) Reach Journeyman and travel to the Mountain
(Bonus) Buy the Mouse Deathbot if you have the Party Hat and combine them to craft the Partybot
1) Reach Master and travel to the Laboratory
1) Catch a Dwarf mouse to get the key to the Town of Digby
2) Catch a Zombie mouse to get the Tattered Mousoleum Map
3) Collect at least 10 Radioactive Blue Curd Potions
3) Stock up at least 200 Superbrie
4) Buy the Sinister Portal from the Town of Digby and travel to the Mousoleum
(Bonus) The Sinister Portal is not required if you have the Partybot so travel straight to the Mousoleum
1) Convert your Superbrie to Radioactive Blue Cheese
2) Catch a Lycan Mouse to get the Shredded Furoma Map Piece
3) Reach Grandmaster and travel to the Training Grounds
Training Grounds
1) Buy the Zugzwang’s Last Move Trap
2) Hunt with Brie Cheese
3) Loot the Ticket to Burroughs Bazaar
4) Travel to Bazaar

1) Purchase the Furoma Map Repair Stitch from the Cartographer
2) Travel to the Laboratory and wait 1 day for the repair to be completed
3) Collect your repaired map from the Cartographer and Travel to the Dojo
1) Hunt with Brie Cheese

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You can't travel to the Harbour as an Apprentice, you need to be an Initiate.

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