Facebook Mousehunt Haunted Terrortories Guide

Facebook Mousehunt Haunted Terrortories Guide by Yu Xuan Ho

1. How to get there?
You have to reach the rank of Recruit. Click ‘Travel’, under the ‘Gnawnia’ tab, select ‘Haunted Terrortories’ and click travel. Simple.

2. What do I have to do?
In order to progress to the “Gourdborg mouse” (The boss mouse of this area), you will need to TRICK and TREAT 70 mice.

This means that, you will need to hunt 70 mice with the Ghoulgonzola Cheese (Trick) and 70 mice with the Candy Corn Cheese (Treat).

You start off in the “Corn Field Maze”. From there, you will need to ‘treat’ 10 mice and ‘trick’ 10 mice, after doing so, you will automatically progress to “The Haunted Manor”. You will have to ‘treat’ 20 mice and ‘trick’ 20 mice to get to “The Pumpkin Patch”. Do note, you have to finish both sides of the bar before you can progress from one area to another. *’treat’ means catching the mice successfully using treat cheese, while ‘trick’ means catching the mice successfully using trick cheese.

*Important note, after reaching “The Pumpkin Patch”, try to ‘treat’ all the mice in one go, or ‘trick’ all the mice in one go. To prevent accidents where you catch the Treat mouse and the Goudbourg without the Trick mouse, or vice-versa. – Credits to Tee Weiin

“Upon catching the 39th mouse using Ghoulgonzola (Trick Cheese) in the Pumpkin Patch, the only Mouse that is around is the Trick Mouse. The sides are independent, so you only need to trick 38 mice before you can catch the Trick mouse. The same applies for treating mice and getting the Treat mouse.” – Gabriel Nilsson

Also, your progress will NOT reset even if you leave the area. After catching the final mice, your progress will reset, and you are allowed to start again.

The Gourdborg mouse can be attracted using any cheese.

After you catch the Gourdborg mouse it will drop an “evil pumpkin seed” which can be used to create a spooky (and shadowy) limited edition trap that will let you hunt with fearsome Halloween style! Rumor even has it that with some creative crafting an even more fearsome trap can be constructed…

*”Trick/Treat mouse can only be attracted by their respective cheese, but Gourdborg can be attracted by normal brie (just caught one that way)” –Tan Yikai ت

*On a side note, there seems to be a rare mouse named ‘Zombot Unipire mouse’, it can be caught just like any other mouse by using treat/trick cheese. They just appear less frequently.* -For more information about this unique mouse – http://forum.hitgrab.com/showthread….Mouse-GOT-IT-D

3. Hunting strategies
First off, I would suggest you click http://www.mousehuntgame.com/profile.php and choose whether to trick/treat your friends.

For example, If A decides that he will Trick his friends, B who visits A’s profile, and clicks on the ‘Trick-or-Treat’ button, will receive 6 pieces of Trick cheese (Ghoulgonzola Cheese).

You can be a kind soul, and list what others will get by trick or treating you, like what I did here. [img] http://www.mousehuntgame.com/profile…&fullprofile;=1 [/img]

Alternatively, another strategy would be to set your profile to trick. Hear out my explanation, will ya?

As we all know, by default, all hunter profiles are set to “Treat”. This simply means that you can visit inactive hunters for treat cheese, and active hunters for trick cheese. Savvy?

You can only trick-or-treat 10 profiles/friends PER DAY, so choose wisely.

Another way to get treat/trick cheese is to hunt in the ‘Haunted Terrortories’ for Mutated mice and Hollowhead mice.

Hollowhead mouse can drop up to 1-3 Candy Corn Cheese; 1-3 Goul Cheese.
Mutated White Mouse can drop up to 1-2 Goul Cheese.
Mutated Grey Mouse can drop up to 1-2 Candy Corn Cheese.
*Note, the drop rates are not a 100%

*On a side, side note, if you are interested in knowing what loot is dropped, check out this thread by Barb Ekins Gulick

To attract these mice, normal cheese like brie can be used, however, it has been stated that the Hollowhead mice is attracted more to SB+. *I managed to catch one using treat cheese though* P.S, if you do try radioactive blue cheese, do let me know the results. Thanks!

When can you treat/trick again?

Refer to this timer created by Chad Moore *Many thanks!* https://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?…UE&output;=html

4. Setup
Ahh… the most important aspect.

This area is opened for Recruits, in theory, even a Tacky glue trap will work. That is in theory though.

You will want to use your strongest and luckiest trap/base. Attraction isn’t a problem as the special treat/trick cheese have a fairly high attraction.
“During the Halloween event Ghoulgonzola and Candy Corn cheese carry a very high attraction rate in not only the Haunted Terrortories, but many other hunting locations in the Kingdom. Their ability to attract mice is closely tied to the magic of the Haunted Terroroties, meaning they will be slightly less powerful when the Halloween event ends.” -Dave, Developer of MouseHunt

After arming your strongest and luckiest trap and base, use the effectiveness bar available under the “Current set-up” to check if your trap is doing well.
*I did a couple of power-types, and they all showed up as ‘Strong’, remember, the effectiveness bar does not take ‘Luck’ into account.*

If you are afraid of your trick/treat cheese staling, go for a fresh setup. As the attraction rate is not always a 100%, there are chances where you will stale your precious cheese. -Credit to Bill for the suggestions.

In ‘The Corn Field Maze’, hunters are advised to use their strongest/luckiest trap. As most of the mice there belong in the group ‘indigenous mice’, most power types will work. In fact, all of them will work. Thus, go for the trap setup with the most power/luck regardless of power type.

In ‘The Haunted Manor’, hunters are advised to use their ACRONYM, if they have it (ABT is the second best choice). If they don’t have these traps, they can use any other traps with high power/luck, just like in ‘The Corn Field Maze’. Credits to Camille K http://forum.hitgrab.com/showthread….-Haunted-Manor

As for ‘The Pumpkin Patch’, hunters are advised to use their ACRONYM, if they have it (ABT is the second best choice). If they don’t have these traps, they can use any other traps with high power/luck, just like in the previous 2 areas.

*Being an event for almost all hunters, most of the mice should be catchable using Physical traps, if you do not have the ACRONYM or ABT*

5. Crafting the LE trap.

The recipe of the trap has been figured! Thanks and congratulations to Marina Hartung!

Here is the trap: http://www.mousehuntgame.com/item.ph…ummeler_weapon

Stats of Pumpkin Pummeler

Pumpkin Pummeler

Power: 1150 (Shadow)
Power Bonus: 5%
Attraction Bonus: 10%
Luck: 5
Cheese Effect: Fresh

Pumpkin Pummeler Blueprints
These blueprints are a diagram of a unique farming process that will grow an Evil Pumpkin Seed into a mouse pummeling sight to behold!

Available at the ‘Haunted Terrortories’ general shop at 168,000 gold.

Evil pumpkin seed
Available as a loot drop from the ‘Gourdborg mouse’

The upgrade has been figured! Credits goes to Damien Willey and the communit-ay

And here is the upgrade: http://www.mousehuntgame.com/item.ph…lantern_weapon

Stats of Cackle Lantern

Cackle Lantern

Power 2200
Power bonus 5%
Attraction bonus 10%
Luck 12
Cheese Effect: Extremely stale
Points Requirement: 29 million

Passive effect: Chance (Not a 100%) to obtain 2 fire salt instead of 1 when hunting the mice of JoD. – Confirmed by the Developers of MH during FBF.


1 smashed pumpkin
– Get it by smashing the ‘Pumpkin Pummler’

1 venus mousetrap husk (299,650 gold, sold in the Great Gnarled Tree)
– Get it by smashing the ‘Venus Mouse trap’

1 digby drillbot parts (404,340 gold, sold in Town Of Digby)
– Get it by smashing the ‘Digby Drillbot’

1 obelisk parts (316,350 gold, sold in the Catacombs)
– Get it by smashing an ‘Obelisk of Slumber’ or ‘Obelisk of Incineration’

1 dragon ember
– Available as loot when you capture a dragon, whelping or dragonic warden mouse.

24 platinum bars (60,000 gold each, total = 1,440,000 gold)
– Available in the General shop of Furoma Training Grounds.

Total amount of Gold needed: 2,460,000 gold

Thanks to Ozgur Yigit for the links and Kitteh for the stats.

Credit goes to community for their findings and correcting.

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