Translation: Ikimono Gakari – Good Morning

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  1. ohnos D: m(_ _)m gomen nasai~!
    butbut thank you sooo much for putting the romaji on this is helping me improve my recognition of the kanji so much (^____^)/
    have a great trip~!
    ♥ emily

  2. oh ohoho sorry i forgot!
    i’ll do it NOW! ahahh aha

    i’m going to be heading off to vietnam tomorrow but just for you, a little bit more work before the flight!

  3. eeks ^^; i meant no romaji xD

  4. uhmuhm im sorry to ask again..butbut still now romaji?
    if its possible please put in romaji (^________^)/ thanks so much~!
    ♥ emily

  5. sure thing, i’ll need a few days though, haven’t been getting much free time lately X]

  6. dina.. says:

    can you insert the romaji lyric also? :) thankss

  7. omgsh you should’ve told me sooner! ! hahaha

  8. Alex says:

    Please pleasepleasepleaseplease translate ikimono gakari’s new single, 帰りたくなったよ!

  9. Anonymous says:

    i love this song! thanks for translating! the lyrics is sweet :)

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