Translation: Ikimono Gakari – Kokoro No Hana Wo Sakaseyou

いきものがかり – 心の花を咲かせよう
Ikimono Gakari – Kokoro No Hana Wo Sakaseyou

作詩:山下穂尊 作曲:山下穂尊

僕等が駆け抜けた時期(とき) 明日へと向かう旅
the time we’ve passed together, on the journey towards tomorrow
not having much to say, we look at the older selves we’ve been before

一瞬迷うけど必ず道がある 届かない様なゴールなんて無い
we might have been momentarily lost but certainly there is a path forward, there’s no such thing as an unreachable goal

心に蒔いたその種子は いつかきっと芽吹くんだ
what is it that awaits us on the stage we can see in the distance?
the seeds we sow in our hearts, will someday bud for sure
alone on a sleepless night, repeatedly thinking about it i understood
“there can be no mistake about who i am now”

今日の日もここに「僕」という意味を生む 曇り無き素朴な光だ
the flower in your heart, let it not dry but bloom
so that your dreams will soon turn radiant
make the scene you dreamt about never fade
so that we will forever keep it in mind
here on this day too we will give meaning to the word “me”, it’s a simple cloudless light

vow never to lose again, wipe away the tears shed that night and feel the spirit of the moment
break through the routines of every day and you will definitely get somewhere
there is no need for something like “regret”

心に咲く花を大切に育てよう 時に雨に打たれ 時に風に吹かれ
あの日の僕等が笑う 咲き誇る花を慕う
日常の日々こそ奇跡 僕達が紡いでく奇跡
take care of the blooming flower in your heart, sometimes rain will strike on it and sometimes wind will blow on it
even if a flower eventually wilts, it lives to give life
in the never ending chain of life, “me” still carries it’s meaning
that day we will all be smiling, looking at the flower that is in full bloom
tell it to those who look at who we are now
the ordinary every day is a miracle too, we ourselves are an unfolding miracle
what we should look for is not something “special”, it is the miracle right before our eyes called our ordinary days

僕達は思い出すだろう 情熱に染まった日々を
the day when you shine, the gratitude continues on with the generous applause
and when it ends, we must be able to hold on to the pride we had
so that after that, even when the “now” seems to be heading for defeat
we will still remember it, the days that were filled with passion

たとえ水が尽きても たとえ闇が覆っても
終わりという始まり 始まりという名の終わり
僕達はまだ歩いてく 僕達がまだ歩いてく
その先に未知なる癒えぬ痛みが待つとも ひたすらに続く未来が見たい
the flower in your heart, let it always bloom
even if the water runs out, even if the darkness covers it
the beginning called the end, and the end that is called the beginning
we are still walking on, it is us who are still walking on
even if we don’t know if the previous pain can possibly be healed, we still earnestly want to see the future
to see the fleeting miracle of each falling petal

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