Genshin Impact Klee In-Depth Guide

by blackkat101

Klee has ridiculous damage and insane AoE. Her Ult is deceptively powerful, but she is a carry only because of it. As swapping her out early ends the ult without any refund of energy. Only if you raise her with a high constellation, will swapping her out during her ult result in a large explosion, making it worth doing so before it ends.

In the current version of the game, Venti’s abilities sadly no longer work with Klee’s mines like they did in CBT. His abilities don’t even work with Xiangling’s Gouba. IT HAS SADLY BEEN CONFIRMED by miHoYo customer service that this is not a bug. Whether or not it is changed in the future, only miHoYo knows. For now Venti is the ONLY Anemo character that cannot interact with pets/bombs with both his E and Q….

Every normal attack and skill usage has chances to generate a spark, which increase her already really powerful charged attack by 50%, but also reduce the stamina cost to zero. NOTE that when swapping out Klee, she keeps her stored spark for the next time she pops out. The spark can be seen as a little bright yellow flower that floats by her. Catalyst users are already known for dealing little damage with their normals (mainly used for element applications), but having really high modifiers on their charged attacks. This spark system of Klee’s further boosts this deadly potential.

To add, she’s incredible with crit builds on top of that as every crit she does with her charged attacks, all party members will gain 2 elemental energy. Making her a great battery for the party and allowing for even more ultimate’s. Sadly hitting multiple enemies doesn’t generate more energy though. However this extra energy boost can of course be further augmented like any other energy source, by the individual character’s Energy Recharge stat if they have it.

Final extra note is that not only are her normal attacks almost twice as hard hitting as the other catalyst users in exchange for their unique attack pattern, they also deal (really small) AoE damage similar to Ningguang’s c1 and can damage Geo structures/shields/mines. Much like a Geo user (like Ningguang), despite being a catalyst user because of her explosive effect added to her normal and charged attacks.

Klee is quite ridiculously good if you play her right.

And I didn’t even cover constellations which make her even better (as one would need to whale for that). But if one must know all the little details…

I’m going to gush about Klee for those that don’t mind:

  • Catalyst user, but attacks in a unique way by throwing out bombs. 3-hit combo.
  • Very hard hitting charged attack that works with her special “spark” mechanic. Among Catalyst users, her charged attack is in the middle in terms of the base damage modifier.
  • If Klee has a “spark” generated, when using her charged attack, it’s stamina cost is now zero and deals an additional +50% damage. Now it has the highest damage modifier of all Catalyst users and at zero cost, meaning more charged attacks allowed than other Catalyst users.
  • Klee’s normal attacks and her skill, Jumpty Dumpty have a 50% chance to generate a “spark” every time they deal damage. This is from her first Passive Talent.
  • Her second Passive Talent further works with her using her charged attacks in that whenever one of Klee’s charged attacks crits, all party members gain 2 elemental energy.
  • Her skill Jumpty Dumpty can be used twice before going on CD. Deals high damage on hit and if it misses, leaves mines on the ground. These mines can be pushed around both physically and with skills. This makes them insane with their synergy with Anemo characters with suction abilities (Anemo Traveler, Jean and of course Venti Well, waiting to see if Venti or not works on release…).
  • Each Jumpty Dumpty leaves 8 mines behind. It should be noted that using an second Jumpty Dumpty will cause all the previous mines to pop that are still on the field, replacing them with the new mines.
  • Do note that the skill, Jumpty Dumpty, sadly has a long 20s CD per charge. Meaning after 20s, you only get one charge back. She can just happen to hold up to two of those charges at one time.
  • Her ultimate, Sparks’n’Splash, causes her unique looking charged attack and sparks to work independently of her, that auto attack nearby enemies for AoE Pyro. However, due to the nature of her ult, she needs to stay on the field, as swapping characters ends the ult early and offers no refund. Her c4 fixes that with a bang, but without that, this is a big reason why Klee is strictly a carry, or you’ll waste her deceptively powerful ult. It lasts 10s on a 15s CD. Needing a small 60 energy to recast.
  • Klee’s 4th stat from ascensions is confirmed to bePyro DMG Bonus. Further boosting her power.
  • Like Qiqi, Klee can see local specialty resources on the minimap except for Mondstandt, instead of Liyue.

And constellations for when whaling.

  • c1 – Attacks and Skills have a chance to summon a spark that bombards enemies, dealing 120% of Sparks’n’Splash’s DMG (Her ult does 42.6% damage, as it hits multiple times in a 10s duration. Thus it is probably built off that number, so at lvl 1 of the ult’s talent, this would do 51.12% DMG at base, and would grow with leveling up her talent. The extra damage happens roughly on a 20% activation rate from multiple tests done by players).
  • c2 – Being hit by her skill’s mines lowers enemy DEF by 23% for 10s. (BTW, her skill leaves 8 mines in a large AoE on the field and again, can be used twice before going on a short CD, mines are both touch activated and timer based).
  • c3 – Increase skill level by 3, max to 15.
  • c4 – If you swap out Klee during the duration of her ult (before it ends), it triggers an explosion that deals 555% of Klee’s ATK in AoE Pyro DMG (Wow, just wow. Yes, others cannot use her ult, but she can leave with a bang, just leave at the 9s mark of the 10s duration for a boom! Note that the Burst does 5 laser barrages and Klee MUST be swapped before the 5th happens for this effect to take place. If used during or after the 5th barrage, Klee will not explode).
  • c5 – Increase elemental burst level by 3, max to 15.
  • c6 – While under the effect of her ult, all party members continuously regen energy. When her ult is used, all party members gain a 10% Pyro DMG boost for 25s (that is two really nice effects. Though the second is mainly for herself if you don’t do double Pyro. The amount of energy it generates is 10 over the course of the Burst, meaning 2 energy each of the 5 laser barrages it does).

Alright, now you know all there is to know how Klee works.

<> Lots of AoE. Mainly from her E, which while has a long CD, is wide spread and the mines it lays last a long time, hit for good damage and also have their own small AoE’s. Both her Charged attacks and the attacks from her Burst offer small AoE radius hits on each hit.

<> Normal attacks that can damage Geo Structures/Shields/Mining, similar to the Geo Element users (like Ningguang) despite being a catalyst user because of their explosive effect.

<> Hard hitting Charged Attacks with a special Spark System. Your main bread and butter of her hit. You’ll want to be weaving these in between every normal and skill use.

<> Selfish style Elemental Burst that puts her in the Carry role in a party. With a surprisingly shorter CD than her skill at only 15s, it lasts 10s and has a low energy cost of 60.

<> Ridiculously packed constellation abilities for whales.

<> Unlike Diluc who is more of a Burst character and becomes a better Carry as he gets constellations, Klee is the opposite. Filling the Carry role first and foremost and upon obtaining her constellations, specifically her c4, she becomes a continuous tactical nuke. Thus allowing her to be a Burst/Enabler at that point with her nuke and mines. Further allowed to Enable strongly if you make it to c6, which boosts any Pyro users in the party and if Klee is left out instead of Nuking with her Burst, she helps generate more energy for her other party members. Her c2 helps everyone including herself, though you can only throw out so many mines because of the long CD, this is more seen as use for herself until you have the c4, in which it also turns into an Enabling tool.

With all that, let’s talk about what we should use on her.

Starting with Catalysts.

NOTE that these are my own opinions and are listed in the order I think is more potent. The order of which is better however will change depending on the stats you get on your artifacts, as it is best to find complementing sets. Klee, being a catalyst user has many options for Weapons and Artifacts to choose from.

  1. Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds: This is your number one choice and the Devs know it. Putting it on the weapon banner that’ll be out with her own. This offers the second highest base ATK of 46 along with the best secondary stat, Crit Rate. The permanent +10% move SPD is a nice little bonus to help the loli get her movement speed back up despite her stature. The biggest bonus is the +8% Element DMG boost every 4s that stacks 4 times. The thing about this weapon is that while it says in combat, it seems to count its ticks whether or not you’re in combat, she just needs to be on the field. Allowing for essentially a permanent +32% Element DMG at all times (unless you swap her out which resets the counter). Anyone should be able to see how amazing this is on her. Lost Prayer excels in the world map and quick fights, being able to keep its multiplier at max. However if the Crit Rate isn’t needed (though we all love Crit Rate builds), since swapping resets the bonus elemental damage, the Skyward Atlas may be more for your style. Not only is this powerful solo, this is by far the best Catalyst if playing co-op, where you may not even have another character to swap to, thus always maintaining the highest bonus. Even if you are not getting full stacks because of swapping, you’ll generally always have one stack at least and the weapon has 5-star base attack along with the highest Crit Rate boost out of any catalyst that is always in effect. This being that right when you swap, you will normally need to move a moment, position or anything else of that ilk, so at most a single normal will not have a charge on it. Only if you’re reaaaally fast in spamming your normal with an animation cancel will you get two attacks out before the first charge pops up on Klee. Normal into a Charged right after a swap will always have at least one buff on that Charged attack.
  2. Skyward Atlas: Also very good, with the highest base ATK of any catalyst at 48 (note that each point essentially is another 34 ATK at lvl 90) and on top of that it’s secondary further boosts ATK, allows this catalyst to really bump up the base damage output of everything she does without the need for crits. It also permanently boosts Elemental DMG by 12%. The bonus ability on it is a high damaging summon that can only occur once every 30s, so don’t count on it, but it is nice when it happens. If you end up swapping Klee out for elemental reactions and don’t need the Crit Rate from Lost Prayer, this will be ranked higher, as it does not need to have a slight build up in its damage boost. This is your strongest stat stick for ATK.
  3. Solar Pearl: Easy to get, being a battle pass choice, however as good as it is, the Lost Prayer is essentially a direct upgrade to this. Given that you can only get one copy and only 1 of all the BP weapons and the fact that this weapon has a direct upgrade. I rank it a bit lower. It is a great catalyst to have with boosts that require you to rotate what you’re doing and gives crit rate with its secondary stats. You will not have all the buffs up all the time though and will need to time/plan your actions more when using this. Personally I would go with the Black Sword, which has no equal for your BP choice, as no 5-star sword offers crit rate as a secondary stat as well as its unique vampirism ability… Do note that the Solar Pear DOES NOT boost charged attacks. It only boosts normal ones. So you’ll only really be using part of its ability in boosting her Skill and Burst, as Normals are only there for getting Sparks to do Charged attacks. I do not mean to bash the Solar Pearl and again believe it is the best 4-star catalyst and being on the BP, incredibility accessible. I just tend to look at the fact that it is this or the Black Sword, along with the fact that Lost Prayer exists, that leads me to rank it lower. A big bonus note though, the extra damage death through her c1, for some reason, registers as an Elemental Burst attack for the Solar Pearl (tested by another redditor, I do not have a Solar Pearl to test this myself). Meaning that the Normal DMG boost actually has an almost 100% up time. Making the weapon better than it seems for Klee.
  4. The Widsith: Mainly taken for its Crit DMG boost for a secondary stat. Any of the 3 random effects that it can give are very powerful. The effects however last only a short while, has a long CD and requires swapping to activate. But it is still a favored catalyst for that Crit DMG when you already have Crit Rate from other sources. Out of the 4-stars, this gives the highest boosts, but requires swapping every 30s for that random 10s buff. When it works, it is absolutely amazing. With two of the effects being the best (as EM is generally the least favorite of the 3 effects), you have a decent chance of getting something that boosts you greatly for 10s. But again, you’re then left for 20s of no buffs and the req of swapping out and back to get a new buff later.
  5. Blackcliff Amulet: This offers the same Crit DMG and ATK as The Widsith. However instead of having a random super buff skill that can be triggered at will (thus can be used on bosses), the Blackcliff series requires kills. Because of that it is rated a little lower but they should be the same. The Widsith’s boosts are high, but limited to 10s and requires swapping, while the Blackcliff’s last a really nice 30s, but require 3 mobs kills for full potential. With 3 in the shop, you can easily have a Rank 3 Blackcliff weapon, which offers a large 18% ATK boost on every kill for 30s (individual timer for up to 3 stacks), allowing for a large 54% ATK. I would say for running around the overworld and specific domains, this is probably even better than the Widsith. The Widsith however edges out just because it can always be obtained in the gacha, can be used in any situation and the buff is large (even if you get a buff you don’t really need on Klee… looking at you EM buff, still nice, but not what any Klee user wanted).
  6. Royal Grimoire: High base damage for a 4-star with a further boosted base ATK. It offers a scaling Crit Rate boost that builds up per hit. Klee is not the fastest attacker, even with her normals (slightly slower than other catalyst users in this aspect and only doing a 3-hit combo), thus while still great for those added crits, it takes some hits to make use of. At a full stack of 5, it gives a nice 40% crit rate boost, that is then lost on the first crit. This loss of the stacks however can make it hard to time with her Charged attacks, as you cannot guarantee it wont be wasted on a normal attack, thus needing to build it up again. Still a solid weapon choice.
  7. Mappa Mare: Probably the favorite of the craftable catalysts. Simple to activate skill for up to 16% Elemental DMG boost at rank 1 along with Elemental Mastery to help boost her reactions. Depending on who Klee is paired with, Elemental Mastery may or may not be an important stat (such as electro/anemo reactions only care about character level and elemental mastery).
  8. Sacrificial Fragments: The Elemental mastery is double that of the Mappa Mare in exchange for a large chuck lower ATK. To add it doesn’t help with increasing damage on its ability either. However it does give a 40-80% chance to remove the CD on the elemental skill when used (at most once every 14s). Which can be amazing on Klee. It seems that with characters like Sucrose who have multiple charges proc this, it only resets one charge, so it most likely works the same with Klee. That still means a reset of a single 20s CD, but not as amazing as it would have been if it reset both charges as a whole.
  9. Eye of Perception: Offering the lowest bast ATK that a 4-star can offer (tied with the Sacrificial Fragments above it), it tries to make up for that by having ATK% for its secondary stat. The powerful ability has a 50% chance of activating on any normal or charged attack, dealing a hard hitting attack that can hit up to 4 enemies. Do note that the effect has a 12s CD at Rank 1 (a little long for me), but at Rank 5, it drops to 8s, allowing it to happen more reasonably. Klee doesn’t attack quickly though, so that 50% chance happens even rarer. Do note that the damage dealt is also Physical, so it will not benefit from any Pyro DMG boosts Klee is enjoying.
  10. Prototype Malice: Not the number one choice but many already made it. This is the other craftable catalyst and is more seen as a support type than anything else. It’s Energy Recharge secondary stat will help get her ultimate up more, along with then offering a small heal on those bursts. It does little to help in damage, but helps with self sustain to herself and the party.

Now on to Artifacts

NOTE that these are my own opinions and are listed in the order I think is more potent. The order of which is better however will change depending on the stats you get on your artifacts, as it is best to find complementing sets. Klee, being a catalyst user has many options for Weapons and Artifacts to choose from.

  1. Crimson Witch of Flames: Ah, the popular pick for Pyro users. The +15% Pyro DMG from the 2-set bonus is amazing with Klee being a Catalyst user, since everything she does is Pyro. The boost to Pyro reactions from the 4-set is great as long as you’re using them. With the added bonus of increasing the 2-set bonus the more you use your elemental skill. Given that Klee can double cast her E, it is easy to get two stacks of the 3. However do note that they only last 10s. Essentially the boost isn’t as great as it seems, as you will either be at 15/22.5/30/37.5% boost, depending on the number of stacks. That 37.5% looks nice, but isn’t possible with Klee, since her skill has a 20s CD and each stack only lasts 10s. So she’ll only really be able to peak at 30% Pyro DMG from wearing this set. Thus this set is really for that boost and the boost to her elemental reactions. It does turn the Vaporize modifier from x1.5 to x1.65 and the Melt modifier from x2.0 to x2.15, along with boosting Overload by +40%. Essentially functioning as having 80 Elemental Mastery. For Crit builds, you will still want the Lost Prayer paired with this, despite the swapping, but if you can get enough crit from substats, the Skyward Atlas may be the better pick. Do note that you need to know what you’re doing and when reactions are happening to make this set reach its potential. If you’re not paying attention, the set can under preform.
  2. Noblesse Oblige: Works if focusing more on her elemental burst, as it gives it a nice +20% DMG boost, while then boosting the party (Klee included) by +20% ATK for 12s on use of one’s burst. This does mean that for almost the entire duration of her Burst, Klee herself will be boosted by that +20% ATK. Not a bad choice, but I find this set better on a Burst role character, that just pops in to hit hard, then leave for the Carry to take advantage of the damage boost without the need to equip the set. This set is to be rated much higher if you have her c4. As you’ll be popping in and out with her burst nuking, allowing her to buff her allies while exploding in everyone’s face. Without her c4, it is less tempting to use this set, landing it in this place. This is by far her best Enabler set if you have c4. Sadly, unlike the Solar Pearl reaction, her c1 does not activate the 4-piece set bonus (tested myself, which then makes we question if the Solar Pearl one works as that redditor claimed…. but cannot test myself….).
  3. Wanderer’s Trope: Capitalizing on her spark system and dealing high damage charged attacks. This set offers a permanent +35% DMG boost to those. The +80 Elemental Mastery can of course help when dealing reactions as well. I find this set better than the Martial Artist set, which while easier to obtain, only gives a permanent +15% to charged attacks, while needing to use your skill to get that bumped to +40% for 8s (which sadly Klee’s skill has a longer CD than her burst…). With only a 5% higher boost in exchange for 80 EM and it is limited by conditions, Martial Artist works, but is beat out by Wanderer’s Trope. Wanderer’s Trope, along with the popular Gladiator set are obtained conveniently while you farm up ascension materials and can be obtained at 5-stars earlier than the wait for AR40.
  4. Mix Sets: Essentially, you can always do the common 2-set combos of +15% Pyro DMG, +18% ATK, +12% Crit Rate and the likes. This is what most will start out doing and still works in the end. I personally like having full 4 piece sets, but often times beggars cannot be choosers, especially with how limited Resin is….. Do note that many used 2-set bonuses cap out on 4-star artifacts, such as Sojourner (+18% ATK), Brave Heart (+18% ATK) and Berserker (+12% Crit Rate). A popular mixed set choice that allows all 5-star artifacts would then be Crimson Witch (+15% Pyro DMG) and Gladiator (+18% ATK). Mix Sets (glad/crimson) is probably the go to set for almost any player, as it is the easiest set to use. No thinking required. Just get the bonuses and go. They help everything, making one think “simple is best”.
  5. Lavawalker: Honestly I find these defensive sets to be sleeper sets for Catalyst users. Yes, people see that 2-set bonus’ on them that only give (lots) of RES in an element, thus ignore them for more immediate DMG boosts (though +40% RES is nothing to scoff at…). HOWEVER the 4-set bonus for these sets gives a +35% DMG boost to any attacks done to an enemy affected by the related element, in this case Pyro. Given that Catalyst users only deal damage in said element, this effect is essentially permanent on all except enemies with an innate element on them. In other words, other than things like slimes, you’ll always have a +35% DMG boost, giving more consistent high damage to everything (other than reactions) than even the Crimson Witch of Flames set that is ever so popular. This paired with the Lost Prayer offer the largest burst Klee can do without need of any setup from another character. Given that she can come in with full stacks on Lost Prayer and instantly use the high 35% DMG boost for things being affected by Pyro from this set. THERE IS one big downside to this set though. That is elemental reactions. It doesn’t work if the wearer is the triggerer of the elemental reaction. i.e. Melt. The effect for the +35% DMG boost only takes effect if the enemy already has Pyro on them, however to trigger an effect like Melt, they need to have Hydro on them first. Thus that hit that triggers the Melt reaction will not be benefiting from the +35% DMG boost. This is still a good set, but as you can see, if used in Melt comps where Klee is the triggerer, it does not help at all and Crimson Witch is king with all it’s effects helping. This is why it has dropped in the ranking. If you decide to solo Klee and forgo ever using reactions, this is probably your best set though….
  6. Gambler: We’ll mention this as it isn’t necessarily bad and you’ll get it if you farm Noblesse Oblige, since they’re form the same domain. It offers a 20% DMG boost to the skill instead of the burst, which is nice. It’s ability to remove CD on enemy kills once every 15s is nice for Klee, given that her skill has a 20s CD per charge (so up to 40s down time if you double tapped her skill), however if you’re fighting a boss target, there are not necessarily adds to kill to use the effect. Generally the 4-set bonus doesn’t get used a lot. This set combined with Sacrificial Fragments may turn her into a decent Enabler, allowing two different sources to remove the long CD on her E, allowing for mines galore. I still do not believe this is best, but it is an option to consider. Note that a downside is this set maxes at 4-stars.
  7. Resolution of Sojourner: The last set I’ll talk about and probably the easiest for people to obtain (most should already have a full set to use). Offering +18% ATK is always good and the ability on the set works with Klee. Given the focus on charged attacks with her spark system, the added +30% crit rate on charged attacks is great. A very nice starter set and can even work end game with high crit rate builds, allowing her to easily push towards 100% crit rate on her charged attacks. You will need really good stats built around this to really take advantage of it though. Note that a downside is this set maxes at 4-stars.

Stats on gear will generally go as:

  • Sands of Eon: ATK% is favored here. You can do Elemental Mastery if your secondary stats all add up enough to make up for not having the ATK% here for stronger elemental reactions, but this isn’t normally done.
  • Goblet of Eonothem: Pyro DMG Bonus is by far the best option. Given how hard it is to build up elemental/physical DMG bonus, it rarely sees diminishing returns. To add, being a Catalyst user, everything Klee does will benefit from this. ATK% is the lesser option but still works.
  • Circlet of Logos: Crit Rate is the favored option, but if you feel you got enough (try to aim for a minimum of 50%), you can opt for Crit DMG instead. A good ratio to follow is 1:2, rate to DMG. ATK% is the safe option, but of course note that the more you build up of a singular sat, of which ATK% is one of the easiest to accumulate, the greater the chance you are of hitting diminishing returns, making it worth less than it seems. It is still a viable option, but later in the game you get, the higher the stats, the better Crit Builds become.

Extra Stuff

  • Walk Cancelling your Normal This video actually does a comparison with her Normal Attack Combo without cancels, Walk Cancelling Normal Attacks and Jump Cancelling Normal Attacks. Her Walk Cancelling is the big one to take from this as it greatly speeds up her attacks. Jump Cancelling is the fastest, but is the strictest in its timing and hardest to aim. Walk Cancelling is actually really simple (video is misleading in saying it’s hard…), in that all you have to do is hold forward and press your attack button right as Klee’s catalyst is about to disappear. By doing this, you can spam her 1st hit of her normal combo with easy for high damage. Whenever you’re out of stamina, this is your main way to attack and it is super easy to aim with, as you just push towards your target (given that auto-aim doesn’t screw you over). Make sure to learn how to Walk Cancel your Normal Attacks.
  • Normal into Charged Attack cancel. Essentially one of the favored cancel combos that you should use. It’s just double tapping normal, holding the second press for the charged attack. Click-Click(hold)-repeat. That simple. Because half of those normals will be generating sparks, half of those charged attacks should be free of stamina cost, allowing Klee to spam this longer than one would think (as long as she’s hitting a target). Make sure you learn how to Normal into Charged Attack cancel.
  • Double Normal Attack using jump cancels. Greatly increase your damage output, but even more strict timing with those jump cancels. Not important to learn how to do, it’s just here because it is something that can be done if you want….
  • Klee and non-Venti Anemo. Video with Sucrose showing how Anemo’s can suck up those mines for fun (not my favorite background music, but the video is fine itself….).
  • BUG with Klee’s Charged Attack Damage. If you sprint cancel or jump cancel her charged attack to quickly, it seems to not apply the 50% bonus from the spark. Not that many people do these type of cancels out of a charged attack, but it should be noted that you can lose some of your damage if you do.
  • BUG to farm Matsutake Mushrooms with Klee. You can farm up to 90 Matsutake mushrooms a day (before they stop spawning). You’ll also be able to get about the same amount of eggs as well. Super easy to pull of, but you will need to leave the game AFK for 30-40 min to farm it up. The guide on how to do it forgot to mention to just teleport out when you want get unstuck from the bug and then just run back and pick up your loot. If you happen to accidentally destroy the bush needed to be hit in the bug, you’ll have to also wait till the next day for the bush to respawn. to try again. It’s expected that miHoYo will do something about this (a fix could be removing or moving the bush that’s generating all the matsutake and eggs).
  • Maygi’s Klee Guide. Another redditor’s Klee guide that came out recently. It’s always nice to see someone else’s opinion as of course, it’s not like I can be right about everything.

Was there anything I missed?

I’m waaay to much looking forward to Klee and hope you all are too. She’s just adorable and burns the world with a smile on her face.

Going to add once again, Lavawalker is NOT good on Klee or any Pyro character for that case. This is because it has less than 50% uptime when dealing with any type of reactions.

  • The first hit of the set does not get the set boost. (Note that the boost only happens if the target is ALREADY on fire. The attack that sets them on fire does not get the 4-set bonus.)
  • Triggering any reaction removes the aura status on the enemy, bringing you back to zero, needing to apply fire to the enemy again before getting the set boost.
  • Because the target would need to have fire already on it, it can NEVER be used in Melt and Vaporize reactions, since it can never have the boost when triggering the reactions.
  • The set is useless against all Slimes and any other enemy that has an innate element. It is also hampered in any domain and especially the Spiral Abyss that keeps applying elements to enemies, making any it hard to use the set against any difficult content.

This means that if Klee say adds the fire on the enemy and you have something else, say Fischl or Xingqiu triggering an element, the fire is already gone and no boost.

If those characters trigger the effect first and Klee triggers the reaction, again no boost and the target is still not on fire so any follow up attacks still do not get the boost.

Vaporize and Melt, the two best reactions to do, as they’re amplifying types, CANNOT be used with the bonus from the Lavawalker set.

If you’re lucky, half the time, you’ll be able to get the bonus from the set when causing reactions. Making that 35% conditional boost that they’re on fire, essentially be a 17.5% boost at best……

Comparing that to Crimson Witch, which gives you an unconditional +15% boost. On top of which you can boost that further by +7.5% or +15% if you spam her E twice, for a conditional 22.5% or 30% boost when needed. ON TOP of which you get essentially +80 worth of EM in elemental reactions she causes. This is by far a better set.

Of course you can go the easy way and do a mixed set as well, which will always be active too.

Lavawalker is ONLY good if you forgo using any elemental reactions and essentially just solo Klee. Doing this will make sure the target stays on fire and you can continually get the boost.

This is of course different from something like Thundersoother, which Electro-reactions don’t care about the boost offered, so it isn’t losing out on things like that (as Electro-reactions only need EM and character level). So don’t go comparing how Keqing does really well with the Thundersoother set. It’s not really comparable.

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