Genshin Impact Best 3 Star Weapons Guide

by TerafiedGaming

As you are sitting there wondering exactly how to build your characters you do not want to over-look 3* weapons. Some 3* weapons are legitimately top tier weapons that you will get use out of during your entire play experience in Genshin Impact. It can be easy to get distracted by the shiny 4* or 5* weapons but once you start using some of the 3* weapons I am about to mention you’ll see just how valuable they really are.


Slingshot – This weapon is great on bow users who are also your primary damage dealer. It has a secondary stat which boosts crit rate while making normal & aimed shot damage increased by up to 60%. The downside is you will have to play a little more up close as targets not hit within .3s will decrease your damage by 10%.

Raven Bow – The raven bow can be seen as one of the best 3* weapons for the two most used bows users Fischl and Venti. As bow users are typically used more in a supportive damage role they are heavily used for their elemental skill and burst. The raven bow’s secondary stat is elemental mastery and will increase damage against enemies affected by hydro or pyro by up to 24%. While Fischl and Venti are not hydro or pyro units, they are put into team compositions and paired with users who are. Having elemental mastery to boost elemental reactions will greatly influence your total damage output.


Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers – This is being deemed the best 3* weapon out of all the 3* weapons due to its absurd effect. The catalyst has a secondary stat of health percentage and an effect which will increase the next character you swap to ATK by up to 48%. I have honestly built both of my primary team compositions around this weapon giving it to Lisa and Sucrose. I aim to swap them in and then quickly switch to my main damage dealer with the now busted amount of attack. I have often seen others use this weapon on Barbara due to her health scaling healing, but I opt instead to just include an additional catalyst user to keep Barbara equipped with Prototype Malice.

Magic Guide – This next catalyst is very different than Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers. The magic guide is more damage orientated having an elemental mastery secondary stat and an effect which increases damage against enemies affected by Hydro or Electro by up to 24%. This is a weapon you would want to use on someone like Mona, Lisa or maybe Sucrose if you have the team composition to enable her.


Bloodtainted Greatsword – There are a plethora of great claymores at your disposal and bloodtainted greatsword is a fantastic introductory one. Just like some of the other weapons this one has an elemental mastery secondary stat and effect which increases damage against enemies affected by pyro or electro by up to 24%. This weapon works perfectly on Razor or Diluc just with the one major downside being the elemental mastery secondary stat. You will want to build your team composition with the capability to enable elemental reactions otherwise this weapon will fall behind other 3* claymore options.

Debate Club – This is sort of the I do not want to think about builds, just give me damage claymore. It has an ATK secondary stat alongside an effect which will cause an on hit aura to activate wherein for 15 seconds every 3 seconds attacks will cause additional AoE damage up to 120% ATK DMG. Damage is good, nuff said.

Skyrider Greatsword – This weapon is one I have personally tested and on physical damage builds it pulls out quite a lot of damage. It has a physical damage bonus secondary stat and the effect will cause on hit attacks to increase both ATK and Defense by 10% up to 4x for 6 seconds. This weapon is very similar to Whiteblind which is a crafted 4* weapon but even with one less refinement my Skyrider Greatsword at the same level pulled ahead by around 10% more damage than Whiteblind. An amazing weapon worth investing in if you are willing to sacrifice Whiteblind’s defensive secondary stat.


3* polearms are unfortunately lackluster. If these are the only weapons you have available just aim for the secondary stat that you want for that character rather than their effects.


Cool Steel – Yet another weapon with the up to 24% damage increase against enemies affected by hydro or cryo. The main difference with this one is that it increases attack rather than elemental mastery on the secondary stat. Honestly a pretty good weapon on Qiqi as she scales with attack or any sword users you want to swap too after applying an element.

Fillet Blade – Fillet blade is a unique 3* weapon that at first, I did not see the potential in. It has an ATK secondary stat with an effect where on hit there is a 50% chance to deal up to 400% ATK DMG to a single enemy and can occur up to once every 11 seconds. The way you use this weapon is on a character you intend on swapping in to get the damage effect off and then swapping back out. It will give you massive damage spikes and is a weapon that creates a playstyle within itself!

So now get out there and invest into some of those 3* weapons I mentioned with peace of mind. Today, I just wanted to keep people from making the same mistake I did early on and foddering all my 3* weapons! Let me know any additional 3* weapons you have found success with?

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