Genshin Impact Noelle Healer and DPS Build Guide

by Kaiuiu

This guide is far from newbie friendly.

C = Constellation

A = Ascension (A1 = lvl 20+, A4 = lvl 60+)

EM: Elemental Mastery

I’m not going to explain the basic gameplay, I’m going for what you gain by leveling and constellations, builds and synergies.

There is a big difference between C0 and C1 healer Noelle and there is a bigger difference between C0 and C6 DPS Noelle. So for the comps I WILL consider C1/C6 Noelle.

You can read what she does here: Noelle


Normal atk: Favonius Bladework – Maid

Use her charged atk when you have your stamina full.

C2: her charged atks will cost 20% less stamina and she gains 15% DMG bonus on them.

Elemental skill: Breastplate

Scales with DEF(even the DMG).

C4: Every 4 normal or charged atks the cooldown decreases by 1 sec.

C1: If her both abilities are active you will trigger the on hit healing every atk.

C4: When your shield is destroyed or expires you will deal 400% of her ATK, combo this with the huge ATK boost you get from the elemental burst.

Elemental burst: Sweeping Time

DMG scales with ATK, but more than half((If you level this talent)) of you DEF adds into your ATK.

C6: She actually becomes really good, more 50% of you DEF is added into you ATK, every time you kill an enemy while the skill is active increases the duration by 1 sec (up to 10 secs).

More than all your DEF becomes ATK, insane.

Healer C1 Noelle:




Gives DEF% and that’s what you want.

Gives a little more DEF% when you atk.

No second option for the job.


*The first sub stat is the perfect upgrade roll

*You can’t have the same main stat and sub stat or the same sub stats twice in one artifact,

4-piece Maiden Beloved:

You are using her as a healer, take the healer set.

As a healer, she can go anywhere and there is no combos.(Geo)

Geo DPS C6 Noelle:


1. Skyward Pride:

Gives you energy recharge, her elemental burst is too important and has no cooldown.

Increases DMG%, this is the best thing for Noelle, she has the stats already, she wants DMG%.

2. Serpent Spine:

Crit rate% is nuts, DMG% is nuts.
(This has better DPS than Wolf’s Gravestone on Noelle).

3. Wolf’s Gravestone
Noelle doesn’t need more ATK% buffs.
But as a 5 stars, it has a higher base ATK so deals more DMG than the below.

4. Whiteblind: (craftable)

Gives DEF% and that’s what you want.

5. Sacrificial Greatsword:

Easier to get than Skyward Pride.

I will update this when the new 5 stars Claymore comes.


*The first sub stat is the perfect upgrade roll.

*You can’t have the same main stat and sub stat or the same sub stats twice in one artifact.

*If enough energy recharge, go for DEF% or ATK%.

*Crit optimal ratio 1:2 (Rate x DMG). Best breakpoint is 75% crit rate and 150% crit DMG.

*If you have Crit stat on your weapon, your circlet should have a different crit stat.

4-piece set Retracing Bolide:

As I said, she really wants DMG% bonus

This set is made for her, no one can use this set better than her.

Something important:

DEF% gives more DPS than ATK% when you elemental burst is active + tankiness

ATK% gives you DPS without elemental burst

So you can change DEF% and Energy recharge for ATK%

With ATK% you will not be tanky but you will not rely on your burst, DMG output it’s almost the same

Mixed DEF% and ATK% gives you more DPS overall, but if you can perma ult DEF% is better

For perma ult you must know Energy mechanics

You can use Ninguang and Geo MC elemental skill and change to Noelle so she gets 3 energy per particle, allowing perma ult.

Noelle Battery Comp:

In this comp you have Noelle as Geo DPS.
Ning and Geo Traveler are there to generate Geo particles for Noelle.
She can perma stay in Burst mode.
Geo Traveler also increases her Crit rate by 10% with his/her burst.
You have a free slot to buff Noelle, Bennett burst is the best for the job.
The optimal free slots for now are:
Bennett burst for more healing and ATK buff.
Mona burst/omen for AOE CC and DMG.
Beidou with Perfect Counter build for more bursty DMG.

Pros and Cons:

Geo DPS can’t have the same DMG output that others have, as Geo can’t be buffed by Petra and enemies can’t be debuffed by Venerer or Superconduct,
but your team is nearly unkillable, Noelle keeps healing and crystalizing shields so you don’t even take DMG.

Noelle has a very good AOE DPS, but her single target DMG output is bad. (Ning can deal with this part so don’t worry).

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