Genshin Impact Jean All Roles In-Depth Guide

by Not-Casuals

Jean is probably one of the most unique character in Genshin Impact. Her abilities are super diverse and her kit can fit literally any role in the game, from Main DPS Carry, Absolute Beast of a Healer, or Incredibly Powerful and Fun Support. Not only is she one of the most iconic character in the story-line, she also looks like a bad-ass, and can single highhandedly carry your team in every aspect of the content in the game!

She is a 5 star character that can be obtained through the Gacha system only. Not everyone will have her, but if you were lucky enough to pull her, you will be able to do literally anything with her!

This guide will be divided in 3 Sections:

  1. I will first explain in details how her Kit works, go over her Abilities, Talents and Constellations as well as give important tips on how to use them in general.
  2. Secondly, I will go over her 3 roles, such as Main DPS, Healer, and Pure Support, and give an overview of the Stat Priorities, Weapon Choices and Best Artifact Set possibilities for each one.
  3. Lastly, I will go over the different strategies behind how to play Jean efficiently as well as multiple team comps and useful tips on how to make her an absolute unit in your party no matter what role you choose!

How to play Jean, the Jack of All Trades. Jean is a pretty unique Character because her kit allows her to fill many roles at once. Even as a main dps built with physical damage, her healing powers are very high, and she can easily fill the role of a healer, support and dps all at the same time. There are MANY ways of building her, and rarely will “one way” be better than another, as all builds and item choices will provide different bonuses, so you have a LOT of options here and you should focus on the gameplay style that you enjoy the most with her, since you can hardly go wrong!

  • Her main auto attack ability is pretty standard, a chain of 5 attacks that all do progressively more damage. However, her Charged attack is very unique, as it does really high damage and also launches enemies in the air. They will then slowly fall to the ground (and sometimes take fall damage). This can be used as a way to control enemies, prevent damage and also as a setup for crazy fun combos!
  • Her Elemental Skill is also extremely powerful. It does Anemo damage and has very high Attack scaling, while having a very short cooldown of 5 seconds. With certain build, it can be spammed and provide crazy nukes. If you hold the ability down, you will also create a whirlwind and suck in enemies, which you can then launch either forward, or upward. This is INSANELY Powerful for many fights in the world, or the abyss, as you can both launch enemies off edges/cliff/in water to instantly kill them, as well as you can launch them upwards and they will take huge amount of fall damage (a big % of their max HP usually)
  • Her Elemental Burst/Ult is also a very powerful ability. The initial cast will do a very high Anemo Damage Nuke to everyone around her in a large AOE, launch them away and will then damage every enemy entering or exiting the Ult Area afterwards. Additionally, it will heal all party member for a huge burst amount, and then will heal any character standing in the field of effect on the ground over time. The healing effect scales entirely with her ATK Statistic. This ability has an energy cost of 80, which is quite high, but has a quite low cooldown of 20 seconds.
  • Her Wind Companion talent is the other main component of her healing potential, making it so 50% of her Normal Attacks trigger a Heal for ALL PARTY MEMBERS. The healing is 15% of her ATK Statistic. This is an incredibly powerful talent, since Jean auto attacks animations are very quick, and will provide her with almost unlimited sustain as a DPS, as well as incredible healing for her party.
  • Her last Talent Let the Wind Lead is a huge buff to her ult cooldown, regenerating 20% of its cost when used.
  • Since all of Jean’s healing scales directly off her ATK statistic, it has a lot of value in her kit, no matter if shes a DPS or a Healer, and it is one of the reason she is able to fulfill so many roles.


  • Being a 5 star, constellations are a lot less realistic, but if you do get lucky enough, the first constellation boost the damage of your Elemental Skill by 40%, which is insane, but only if you hold it down for at least 1 second.
  • Her Second constellation is also amazing and will give 15% Attack Speed and Movement Speed to her entire party when picking up Elemental Orbs and Particles
  • Her Fourth and Sixth constellations boost her Ult very significantly. Both reducing enemy Anemo resistance by 40% and reducing Incoming Damage taken by 35%, but those are going to be mostly for whales only, so we should not tease ourselves too much by looking at them :’)

Main DPS Build.

When playing Jean as your main Damage Dealer, the most common and efficient route is most likely with Physical Damage. This build focuses on Jean using her normal and charged attacks as the main source of damage, while having basically infinite sustain due to her healing from ATK.

Stat Priority

  • ATK on the Sands, Physical Damage on the Goblet, Crit Rate or Damage on the Circlet
  • Physical DMG and Crit Rate/DMG are the most valuable stats for her as a pure DPS with ATK also being very valuable. Anemo DMG can also be a possibility if not using her for Normal and Charged Attacks as much. Remember that Crit Rate and Crit Damage are at their most efficient when keeping a 1:2 Ratio (Example: 50 Crit rate for 100 Crit damage)


  • One of her best weapon choice with this build is going to be Aquila Favonia, which is also her weapon in the lore. It provides her with very high Base ATK, Physical DMG Bonus as well as 20% ATK passive. The trigger also provides extra healing and a burst AOE dmg that is quite powerful. It is a 5 star that can be found in the Gacha System only.
  • Another incredible option here is the Black Sword, as it provides Crit Rate, High Base ATK and increases the Damage of normal and Charged Attacks by 20% (can go higher if/when you can refine it). Additionally, it also provides an extra healing effect. This can be purchased with the Battlepass
  • Another option that will be excellent for a DPS Jean is the Skyward Blade, due to its high base ATK since its a 5 star and the passive that gives Crit Rate. The energy recharge is also pretty good for her ult uptime and the trigger which activates with her ult is also very powerful
  • As F2P options, The Prototype Rancour is probably one of the best option since you get a copy for free at AR10 and you can craft it easily for Refinement Levels. Royal Longsword and Blackcliff Longsword are also very good options that provide ATK, Crit Rate and Crit Damage bonuses and can be obtained through the Starglitter Shop.
  • Other excellent options that can be found in the Gacha will include the Flute and the Alley Flash which are going to depend on your luck!

Artifact Sets.

There are so many ways to combine Artifact Set that will provide valuable for a DPS build, I will provide some of my optimal recommendations but you can mix and match almost any of these and get great results.

  • 4-Piece Gladiator will provide 18% ATK and a super powerful 35% Damage on all normal attacks. Its a very obvious and easy choice after AR 40/45, the only downside is that it does not boost charged attacks, which are very powerful on Jean
  • 4-Piece Bloodstained Chivalry provides both 25% Physical DMG as well as a 50% DMG Boost to Charged Attacks after defeating an opponent. This is both incredibly powerful, but focuses on Charged attack more than normal attacks
  • 2-Piece Gladiator and 2-Piece Bloodstained Chivalry is a very common build as well, providing both 18% ATK and 25% Physical Damage
  • Martial Artist is also an incredibly powerful set for Jean, as the 2 piece increases both her Normal and Charged Attacks by 15% and the 4 piece increases them by a further 25% (for a total of 40%) after using her elemental skill, and due to her short cooldown on it, it can have 100% Uptime. The only downside is it does not have a 5 Star version which will make it less beneficial in the late game
  • Sojourner as well as Berserker are also good 4 star options for the early games to mix and match further!


Stat Priority

  • Energy Recharge or ATK on the Sands, ATK on the Goblet, Healing Efficiency or ATK on the Circlet
  • As a pure healer, Jean will mostly focus on her Ult and Normal Attacks to Heal with the ATK, Healing Efficiency and Energy Recharge stats as priorities.
  • Focus on more ATK if you want to heal purely by auto attacking, or on Energy Recharge if you want to mostly use her Ult to heal. You can also mix/match these stats to create any type of hybrid build and do very well.


  • Once again, Aquila Favonia and Skyward Blade can be very good options, as 5 stars, simply due to their very high base ATK plus their powerful passives and %ATK and Energy Recharge bonuses respectively. Using these to heal is also good because you are still going to be auto attacking a lot to heal, but obviously these weapons will prove better on main DPS characters in certain situations.
  • The Flute is another amazing option, with very decent Base ATK as well as ATK% secondary, and very powerful passive ability
  • If going for more of a Energy Recharge build, Favonius Sword and Sacrificial Swords are both absolutely amazing options as well.
  • Many other weapons will also work here, what you are looking for is High Base ATK stat, ATK% Stat or Energy Recharge, depending on what kind of gameplay you want to use to heal!

Artifact Sets

  • The obvious choice for a full healer is a 4-piece set of Maiden’s Beloved, which provides 15% Healing Effectiveness as well as increases the healing received by all party members by 20% when using any of her abilities.
  • You can also use 2-piece Gladiator and 2-piece Maiden’s Beloved for 18% ATK and 15% Healing
  • Other great options include the Exile Set 2-piece or 4-piece for 20% Energy Recharge and Energy Generation for the entire party, as well as other sets like Sojourner can be used to give an other 2-piece bonus of 18% ATK along with Gladiator


This support build is going to be very subjective as it can be played so many different ways. Some builds will focus heavily on Anemo Damage/Support and her abilities, while others will focus more on Elemental Mastery/Swirl effects to destroy Elemental Shields, and others will focus on different buffs that can be brought. This is more to give an idea of whats possible, not to establish that anything is “better” than another.

Stat Priority

  • Energy Recharge, EM or ATK on the Sands, Anemo DMG or ATK on the Goblet, Crit Rate/Damage or ATK on the Circlet
  • Different builds will of course use different stats, but, as most of the artifacts are pretty limited in what they can have, this seems to be the best value you can get.


  • Weapons for Support build will depend heavily on what type of support you want to build. The most obvious choices are going to be the ones that give Energy Recharge in you are trying to focus on having her Ult up more often, as well as ATK or Crit if you are going for Anemo/Swirl Damage Builds.
  • One of my favorite option is the Sacrificial Sword, which on hit can trigger her Elemental Skill cooldown to refresh instantly. It already has a very low cooldown, so with this, you can literally nuke for insane amounts very quickly
  • Another very fun weapon here is the Favonius Sword, which on crit, has a chance to generate particles that will regenerate 6 energy. Great for Energy Recharge/Elemental Burst Builds.
  • Literally every other weapon mentioned in this video can also be amazing with certain builds, so it will really depend on what you have, or can afford!

Artifact Sets

  • 4-Piece Viridescent Venerer is a pretty incredible support build. It is usually better used on the other Anemo characters (Venti, Sucrose or MC) but Jean can still make use of it because that set is so brokenly good that it works well when combined with her very short E cooldown. That set gives 15% Anemo Damage, 60% Swirl Damage and decreases the Elemental Resistance of monsters afflicted by Swirl and another element by 40% which can grant your party a huge elemental damage boost.I have an entire Video on this set alone and how you can increase your damage 20-300% using it here and I recommend checking it out if you are interested in this set!
  • 4-Piece Noblesse Oblige is also an incredibly Powerful set, and will focus on having as much Energy Recharge as possible to have it up as often as possible. It grants extra 20% DMG to the burst Damage of her Ult and will give all party members 20% ATK boost for 12 seconds.
  • 4-Piece Exile is also excellent as it gives both Energy recharge to Jean, but also regenerates some energy to the entire party when she uses her Ult
  • Other sets such as the Gambler can also provide very interesting effects if building Jean as an Anemo Damage Skill Support/Damage Dealer. You can also Mix and Match 2 pieces from Viridescent Venerer and Noblesse Oblige and give her abilities huge damage boost that way! There are most likely many other fun combinations that can be made using these sets and others that are available in the game so feel free to try it out :)

Team comps

  • Being an Anemo Character, there are VERY few parties in which Jean would not do well, since Swirl effects can trigger off almost every other elements
  • She is a good candidate for an open world party with 2 Anemo Characters as well, and will give you the reduced stamina and increased movement speed Elemental Resonance buff.
  • A good thing to know about Anemo Damage is that it affects almost every shield (Mages and Fatui) very efficiently, so if you are lacking a certain type of damage to counter a shield, Jean can do that role very well.
  • VERY fun thing to do with Jean is holding her Elemental Skill ability to launch monsters as mentioned earlier, but also, you can use this to drag monsters in and out of her ult and cause tons of damage to them that way.
  • Her Elemental Skill ability can also be used to interrupt many of the monsters abilities or attack animations and can make a huge difference in some Abyss Levels
  • Keep in mind that while I focused on 3 specific ways of playing her, it is entirely possible to mix and match and have her provide more than 1 of those roles at the same time! That is actually how I play her myself, as a mix of DPS and Support for an Anemo DMG Source and Extra Healing in some Abyss levels!

I hope you enjoyed this Guide! Jean is of course one of the most unique Characters in Genshin Impact and can be played in many different ways, this is mostly the result of my own experience and testing! Feel free to let me know about your experience with her and how you use her in the comments!

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