Genshin Impact Crystal Fly Farming Guide

by gintokisamadono


How to:

  1. The statue of seven teleporter. If you use this teleport an go to the cave where you had to feed some rabit before the chest appear, towards the end there are two flies, one near the ground which is easy to catch. Then one a bit higher but being inside the cave it is also easy to catch if it does not fly outside. (you could climb the wall ). In case it fly out, ill tell what you need to do below
  2. The number two teleporter leads to another two flies but it is only possible to catch the one on the ground. Other is just like the normal so you only catch one.
  3. The third teleporter (no 3) will be starting point for the three flies. There will be three air fairies thingy that you need to collect to get the up draft near the flies location. Try to fly up from the edge of the stair as if you are too close to the flies, they will fly. After you use the updraft, try to climb to a location a bit higher than the flies location (which is near that no leaves tree.) From there glide towards the crystal flies. You may need multiple times before you get all three flies. But if you collect just 1 fly out of three you can teleport back to Teleporter no 1 and collect the other fly (if you could not catch it previously) as it respawns. After you collect that fly and teleport back to teleporter 3, the remaining 2 flies will respawn again and you can try to catch it.


– The cave directly in front of weapon upgrade material domain: it has one armored geo slimes, a lot of ores, and 2 geo crystalfly that can’t fly out.
– The breakable rock path leading to a domain near the maze-y forest with a lot of chilis and treasure hunters: there’s 3 geo crystalflies here, and when they try to escape it’ll be blocked by the walls.
– Inside a hidden cave on a mountain directly left to Liyue (there’s a teleport point), there’s 4 crystalflies and a lot of ores.

– Don’t forget the hidden mining cave directly left from Adeptus’s abode (jump down to the watery areas), there’s 3 crystalfies and again, a lot of ores.

Dawn Winery

The crystalflies here appear alone so you don’t need to worry about speed.

Two found on top of nearby houses and a whole bunch around the grapevine. You can also grab mushrooms for Jean’s pizza and carrots for Ganyu’s rice.

General Tip

Climb to a higher elevation and fly down at them. You can do this both at the Guyun domain and at the statue of the seven in Mondstadt, where you can climb the tree and glide onto the crystalflies.

This works on mobile, despite lag, because when the crystalflies are alarmed they still fly UP which means you definitely cross paths with them while gliding and you’ll get a chance to tap your screen to snag the crystal core.

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