Genshin Impact Adventure Rank Fast Grinding Guide

by Tempus

I’ve seen a lot of people ask questions of all types, but this is the main one. “How do i level up AR fast?”

well…Lets not waste any time, shall we?

Getting started

Jumping into Genshin, you will want to push the storyline as far as it will allow you to. The first “arc” will end around Adventure Level 7. From here you will need to gain Adventure Experience to be able to continue with the main story. As you read, you’ll see I have compiled a short list of things you must do in order to gain AR experience. Weather or not you do this efficiently is up to you.

Gather, Hunt, & Explore

Many Quests and objectives will require you to gather X. May it be Raw resources, materials, food, flowers, or a mix of it all. In the early stages of progression, you’ll have to run everywhere for awhile until you get your teleportation’s in order. While you are running from point to point. You’ll see many plants, animals, mobs, chests, and Anemoculus for the Statues of the seven. Anytime you see a diamond shaped icon on your map, that means an Anemoculus is near by, collect it, and turn it to the shine. These will grant you a massive amount of adventure experience and also boost your Stamina. there are multiple teleports and statue of the sevens all around the map. These statues when activated, will reveal more of the map, as well as show you the locations for the quick teleports in various areas to allow you for quick travel when most convenient.

Adventurer’s book

As your journey begins, pay close attention to what you should be doing from your adventurers book. This will give you a good idea on what you should be doing or what you’re capable of doing to keep you in the right progress state to make sure you aren’t under leveled or not strong enough before proceeding to various different areas. Not only that, but will reward you with a massive amount of currency and experience crystals, equipment and more.

Daily Commissions

When you unlock commissions you’ll be granted with 4 tasks (Will be purple on your map)

DO THESE EVERYDAY!!! Make these the first thing you do when you log in. Not only do they grant you rewards and experience, but turning all 4 in to the adventurer’s guild will grant you with even more rewards. (500 AR EXP) and in early game, this is a lot. DO THEM, DONT WAIT.

Spend all Resin:

Anytime you have 20+ Resin, do not let it fully recharge, SPEND IT. These give a mass amount of AR Experience and is very handy to do when you’re done with side missions or completed the story up to the next point, Consider this in your daily tasks to use all of your resin after your dailies. They are used to unlock special rewards doing certain objectives. The types of objectives you need resin for are:

Hyptostasis (world boss) [40 Resin to claim reward]

Regisvine (World boss) [40 Resin to claim reward]

Oceanid (worldboss ; in Liyue) [40 Resin to claim reward ]

Blossom of Wealth [20 Resin to claim reward]

Blossom of Revelation [20 Resin to claim reward]

Domains [20 Resin to claim reward]

Lupus Boreas, Dominator of Wolves [60 Resin to claim reward]

Please note: Lupus has a long respawn time so its best to do it as soon as the counter is done to get the most benefit out of him. You should be able to do him once a week.


I know you want to get strong quick but don’t rush it! The second you start to rush is the same second you miss something or make a mistake, and then you’re stuck running back and forth for a single objective. Take your time, the game isn’t going anywhere!

Have fun!

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