FIFA 20 Icon Flipping Guide

by fromdowntownn

Hi guys this is a very detailed guide on how to flip icons for you guys out there who want to start making coins. In my trading experience this is the best method. I am on PS4 and on nearly 58mil TP just outside the top 100 and this has been the main method for me to make coins. I have over 23mil and about 75% of it is through icon flipping. I know a lot of people don’t know where to begin so here is a long ass guide that covers everything. It took me a while to write so hopefully you guys appreciate it.

I have also started a FUT Trading tips twitter account which you can check out here. Feel free to follow me for tips and I will be answering any questions about the guide through there. I will also answer any questions about the market there too but the main thing I would consider myself an expert in is icon flipping.

What is flipping?

Cards fluctuate during the week all the time this is due to a host of reasons which can be as simple as the amount of players that are online at a particular time. The multitude of reasons all fall under the 2 wider categories that control card prices: supply + demand. A good example of this is when cards are low on Saturday/Sunday because of the WL sell off and how they are generally quite high on Thursday due to rewards and people buying cards for their WL teams. Daily trends are profitable the way you become an elite trader is hourly trends. Cards fluctuate during the day particularly ones that are out of packs as they are rarer and have less supply. What are some of the rarest cards in the game? ICONS! That’s why icon flipping is so profitable. The idea of flipping is to buy a card during the day when it is on a lower fluctuation and then waiting for it to go back up to its higher hourly sell price and then selling and making profit.

How to identify selling prices?

For this question I am going to look at 2 players. We will start with middle Alan Shearer. Now with Shearer we can look at his hourly FUTBIN graph from the past 2 days and you will see highs of 224k and you will see how quite consistently he hits 220k during the day. This is our sell price; the tax at 220k is 11k so you should be targeting 200k for this card so that you can make 9k profit. Now let’s look at a higher tier card. If you look at prime Pirlo for the past couple of days you will see him consistently hitting 780k and he had a high once at 798k. We ignore this outlier because remember FUTBIN graphs show lowest BIN and not the actual sell price. From watching Pirlo the past couple of days I never saw him sell above 790k so I know that the graph isn’t accurate for that hour. This is why you don’t always rely on FUTBIN graphs, they are accurate usually when you see multiple peaks at the same price. Treat outliers as outliers and don’t count on being able to sell at that price, also don’t bother with FUTBIN for cards over 1mil. To identify sell prices on these you must add them to your watchlist and see where they are selling at.

Memorising prices

This is the hardest part of icon flipping especially because prices change so often. I just learn the prices through experience and watching the market an unhealthy amount. I know some people make spread sheets with prices in, others just write them down on some paper. Do whatever you find helps best so that you can learn your sell and buy prices because there are so many icons and knowing the price is the difference between you getting a deal or not.

How to get deals?

Now we have identified sell prices and we have also got our buy prices. Shearer is a good buy at 200k and Pirlo around 720k. How do we get the buys then? One of the easiest ways once you have learnt the buy prices of some icons is just regularly checking FUTBIN. Quite often I will see a deal on FUTBIN and go onto the market and pick it up. However, most the great deals will be gone very quickly so we can’t rely on FUTBIN. This is where filters come into play. The 59th minute is where we get all these deals and is the most beautiful place on the market if you want to make coins. Some filters I really like at the moment are: icon midfielders/attackers that are under 400k and I’m also having success with just icons and then alternating through nations. These filters you have to find out what works for you. There isn’t some magic filter. Once you have found your filter and you know your prices you can use the 59th minute to find the deals.

How to get sales?

Once you get your deal you have to identify a good price to sell at. The first thing I usually do is check what the overnights are. If there are lots of low overnights this affects the prices until they’re gone. So checking overnight listings is important. Low overnight listings make the cards rebound slower whilst if there are no low overnight listings the rebound will be faster. You can list the card at your desired sell price and keep relisting or you can list overnight. If you list for 6 or 12 hours make sure you don’t list at a low price it will crash the price of the card for a few hours and will affect your profit. You can also just keep the card till he rebounds back up on the market and then sell it.

General market trends

When flipping icons it is extremely important to be aware of the general trend of the market. For example don’t expect cards you buy on Sunday to reach Friday prices as the market is generally lower on this day. Also in a market crash you can’t assume the card will return to the highs of the previous day so you need to look for very big undercuts to trade in this type of market. Similarly if a market is booming understand that the card will reach higher peaks in the coming days and adjust. Adaptability is vital for icon flipping.

Being OK with losses

This is also very important losses can be very disheartening I lost 500k about a month ago trying to flip 4 mid Maradona’s but I bounced back. When you have a card that you are taking a loss on for whatever reason you have to remember it happens sometimes and as long as your Ws outweigh your Ls then its OK. As for whether you should cut your losses or wait that is dependent on your circumstances, if the loss is making you miss out on deals then I would cut the losses but if it doesn’t affect you to keep the card, you can always wait for a high point on the market such as a rewards day to get out of the L. Losses are part of the game though you have to remember that.

Fresh Icons

Fresh icons are cards with no games played these will usually sell for a little bit more than the normal sell price. If its an attacker or a mid I usually aim for around 3% more if it is fresh and if its a very meta card you can even get 5% more sometimes. I have found that defenders you might be able to squeeze out that extra little bit if it is fresh and for keepers it generally does not matter. This is just another bit of info that is worth having when flipping these cards

How to get started?

So you read all of this and now you want to get started? Where do you begin? Well first you will obviously need a big budget preferably at least 2-3mil. Second I would start by picking a group of icons and learning their prices. Obviously, the more you learn the more deals you can get, but it is also harder to learn a large number of prices. Spend a few days watching graphs and adding these cards to your watchlist and noting down their sell prices. Then you can start looking for buys on them and flipping them. As you become better you widen your group till you’re a bit like me where I’m memorising the prices of over a hundred icons on the market and getting around 50-100 flips a day.

ICON flipping isn’t easy but its the best method out there to make a crazy amount of coins and with patience and dedication you will start making millions very quickly. Good luck with your trading I hope that you found the guide useful.


Q: What is the best time to buy icons?

A: depends on your time zone! Usually whenever the more players there are this is the best time. Also if there’s pre promo panic and you’re confident the market will rebound you can make profit off buying in the panic. But generally icon flipping works at any time so don’t worry about it I just do it when I have time.

Q: What do I do if I have a smaller budget?

A: I’m currently making a guide about some lower budget methods I use because icon flipping just isn’t effective on a lower budget whatsoever. There’s also already a lot about low budget stuff on YouTube but I’ll make a guide too because I know some people prefer the written aspect and also like to be able to ask some questions.

Q: Which icons are the best to trade?

A: there really isn’t any icons I focus on but if you’re on a lower budget maybe less than 5mil I would stick to icons under 400k. They fluctuate a lot and are great to flip. I love trading the lower icons but in general all icons are good to trade with but obviously higher tier ones will include more tax so u need bigger undercuts.

Q: Do you buy icons on BIN or Bid?

A: both but I would say like 80-90% BIN. Bidding is great when there’s not many players online but for the most part there is too much competition on bids although you can get some crazy deals. Just last Friday I managed to get a mid Pele for super cheap on bid which turned into a profit of 120k when I flipped but it’s rare.

Q: How do I find a good filter?

A: there are 2 keys to a filter. It must not take too long to get to the 59th and it must have potential to find deals. So that’s how you can know if it’s a good filter. If you’re on a low budget you can try making max price 250k and searching. Try using positions and nations to narrow down search parameters too.

Q: Console, phone app or web app?

A: I use console and phone app mainly but the best one if it’s solely for 59th minute stuff is the web app as it has a nicer UI than phone and I think it’s the fastest to get to the 59th. Console is very slow to get to the 59th but has the best interface you can be successful with either of them though so don’t worry about this one too much.

Q: How do I trade through a crash?

A: BIG UNDERCUTS. You have to expect that the card will not reach the high of the previous day but it will still fluctuate so you can still trade. Be adaptable and be confident.

Q: What will a mid icon SBC do to the market?

A: It should not have a worse effect on icons than the rest of the market but the whole of the general market will slide as people will do the SBC and lose buying power. Some will also sell players to do it so the market should definitely drop. Fodders would rise a lot though, particularly if the requirements are kind.

Hope this answered some of the common questions for you guys and cleared things up if there’s anything I’ve missed out let me know and if you have more specific questions drop me a DM on twitter and I will do my best to respond.

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