FIFA 17 Getting One Million Coins Guide

FIFA 17 Getting One Million Coins Guide by Imaduckquackk

Right guys! So this is going to be a new series where we look at building up your coins on a fresh account! I am going to go into as much depth as possible, as to not cause market spikes for certain cards etc!

These guides are going to take a while to write up, so I’m only going to continue them if; enough people actually find them useful and it receives enough love!

0 – 10,000 coins.

So, we have just started up a new club! We have absolutely no coins, we are going to assume we have no loyalty packs either and that all the manager tasks are already completed. So where do we start?

Firstly we want to check our catalogue for coin boosts, if we can unlock any of these, then this is the first thing we do! These are going to give us a massive boost at the start, however for the purpose of this guide again I am going to assume we have none available.

Right so we have our starting eleven, kindly provided to us by EA. Now this is mainly made up of completely useless bronze cards, but this is where we are going to start! Build the best possible starting eleven you can out of these cards and jump into a game!

Win, lose or draw we are going to get roughly 400 coins from this match, luckily for us 400 coins is the exact price of a bronze pack! There are numerous posts floating around about how to use the BPM, but seeing as we have so much space on our list, just list everything up, we will get round to removing the items that don’t sell when we require the slots on our transfer list!

All we do now is repeat this process, play a game, open a pack, play a game open a pack. Over time items from your transfer list will sell, guess what we are going to use these coins for? That’s right, more bronze 400 coin packs! We are going to repeat this process until our starting team runs out of contracts, at this point it’s time to move on and start upgrading!

These bronze players we have are untradable, so we can’t sell them, but we sure as hell aren’t gonna let the poor guys rot in or club! It’s time to jump into our first SBC:

SBC: Let’s Get Started.

Now amongst the players you get on this account (only the untradeable starting ones), you should be able to complete all three of these challenges. If I remember correctly these packs are sadly untradable, however we can use these players we pack either in a squad or for future SBC’s, so it’s not a huge issue!

By now we should have around 10,000 coins! We have spent nothing on fitness, contracts or players and played 7 games. At the same time we have been constantly opening bronze packs, and listing up every item. Even with poor luck, when things sell we should have cleared the 10,000 coin mark, or be extremely close!

Before we get into part two, there is a rule we must follow. If you have spare coins, that aren’t needed for the guide you are reading. Open more bronze packs! Never stop, keep this going throughout!

10,000 – 25,000 coins.

Right guys! So we now have around 10,000 coins, but we have no players, so obviously we go out and build ourselves the best possible team for 10k right?

Of course we don’t……we are trying to build our ultimate team here, not our ‘well I guess this will do until I can afford better’ team!

Instead we are gonna keep our focus on SBC’s, focusing on the ones that can provide a guaranteed profit!

Hybrid Intro.

We are gonna start out super simple, and we can’t get an easier challenge than this. In this group we have two challenges; Two Leagues and Triple Trouble.

So let’s break down the value here, the rewards are 2 x Two Rare Gold Player Packs, 1,000 coins and a kit (that we don’t care about :P). Assuming you have the worst luck ever, the gold rates discard for 650 coins a piece, so this challenge returns 3,500 guaranteed.*

This challenge has no rating requirements, so we are obviously going to use bronze players. Now we can choose so many different combinations, but it’s best to use leagues that carry little value, Saudi, Japan etc. We also need to remember we require 100 chemistry, so unless you are using a pack pulled player (which should be easy enough from all those packs we opened), we need to have a player surrounded by strong links (same nation and league). This will boost it to that 100 chemistry.

As for player pricing, be patient and bid! We are using 11 bronze players per challenge, let’s assume they all sell for 200 coins. If we buy 22 bronze players at 200, we spend 4,400. If we bid, 150 on each, we spend 3,300. We literally save 1,100 coins from bidding (and it is highly unlike you will be outbid too!)

Most rare gold players have some sort of demand at the moment, plus you could hit a huge player. But even if luck hates you, you are making 200 coins, so it carries no risk!

Hybrid Nations.

Now in this challenge we have 4 parts, we will look at all of these over the course of the next few guides!

Quad – 4 nations, max 4 from the same nation, at least 4 rare players, 77+ squad rating and 70+ chemistry.

Ok so this challenge is simple, we are looking to pick up 11 players from the same league! Now there are a bajillion ways to do this, but again, for the love of god, bid on these players! So many go for discard that it’s super rare you are outbid!

Most of them are going to have to be gold, if you end up spending on a higher rated rare gold player, remember you can compensate with a bronze / silver rare most of the time, which reduces cost!

So the value, we get a premium gold players pack (25k pack), we get 12 players, 3 rare, all gold. The discard value of this is roughly 350 per non rare and 650 per rare, 4,450 total cost. We want to be spending as close to this as possible (if we are a tiny bit over we are fine, as the group rewards cover this, and it’s almost impossible that every player is discard value at the moment).

Sixes – 6 nations, max 2 from the same nation, at least 6 rare players, 79+ squad rating and 80+ chemistry.

So again, we want players from the same league, it’s super simple! We only need 80 chemistry as well so there is room to slightly change this up!

Obviously once again we want to be bidding on players to reduce costs, and make sure you plan out the full team before you start buying, getting stuck with one player left and finding out they are super expensive is not a smart way to approach this!

Again, the value! We get a prime gold players pack here, 12 gold players, 6 rare! Discard value of around 6,000 coins. Look to spend around this amount again, and you are guaranteed to profit!

Crazy Eights – 8 nations, max 3 from the same nation, at least 8 rare players, 68+ squad rating and 88+ chemistry.

At this point guys if you are struggling to gain the concept of these challenges, well it’s not a good sign :P, but just in case, we are once again using players from the same league.

Now due to the low rating requirements, we can use 1/2 non-rare gold players alongside a team full of bronze/silver players (ensure the bronze players are the rare ones).

So onto the value, 9 bronze/silver players picked up on bid at 150 a piece and 2 gold players picked up at 350 a piece, we are spending 2,050 coins. The rewards are 2,000 coins and a 2 rare gold player pack, so you are guaranteed 3,300 coins!

Ten Nations Hybrid – 10 nations, all gold players, and 100 chemistry.

Same league (obviously) and ensure that the 2 players of the same nation connect, to ensure you get that extra chemistry point!

Premium gold players pack is the reward, 4,450 the minimum return you can expect, so try to spend as close to this as possible!

Group Completed!

Ok so now we have completed this group! Along the way we have ensured we lost nothing, and in reality should have made at least 5-10,000 profit from this. Alongside this we have also been opening and selling bronze packs constantly, and it should be safe to assume we have made 5,000 coins, with the worst luck ever, profit in total (from BPM and these challenges).

We also get the group rewards, 5,000 coins and a premium gold players pack (4,450), so that’s another 10,000 coins!

We now sit at around 25,000 coins guaranteed (most likely more), and are ready to move on! The next part will cover building the teams we are going to use while actually playing the game!

25,000 – 50,000 coins.

Remember, never stop BPM! If you have space on your transfer list and spare coins at the end of this guide, open more!

Right so we are now sitting on around 25,000 coins and have been playing for a couple of hours. However this is a football game, while trading is fun and everything we bought this game to play matches right? So let’s build some god damn teams already!

Now before we jump ahead, I’m going to explain the ‘dashboard loyalty’ method. This simply involves starting a game against the computer, closing FIFA via the dashboard and loading it back up. This gives no loss, however awards a game played. Repeating this 10 times would provide a player with the loyalty bonus. For now though, we won’t be using this!

League and Nation Hybrid.

So now we move onto a more expensive challenge, one that requires a more expensive team, alongside chemistry which is impossible to gain without loyalty. Sure we could use the dashboard loyalty method, but we might as well play some games with these teams!

The bonus of using these teams for matches is that it allows your transfer list items to sell, you get to actually play FIFA and in between each match you can keep filling that list from more bronze packs, the dream!

World Class – 6 nationalities, max 2 from one nation, 6 leagues, max 2 from one league, 81+ rating, 95+ chemistry.

Now these are a lot more challenging. We want to be looking at perfect links here. Now the way links work are as follows:

If a player has 5 connections to him, to achieve full chemistry, he needs 5 points from the connections.

Perfect link – 3 points (same league, club and nation).

Strong link – 2 points (2 out of the 3 criteria listed above).

Weak link – 1 point (1 out of the 3 criteria listed above).

Dead link – 0 points (well I’m sure you can work this one out!).

When we have finished building this team (assuming we use no pack pulled players) we should be sitting on 84 chemistry, we are 11 short, but this is simply because we have no loyalty, time to play some games!

Value time! We are probably going to end up spending roughly 10,000 on this challenge, which is fine! Make sure you bid to save coins as well! The rewards are 4,000 coins and a rare gold pack. Now in an average rare gold pack, 3 players, 1 squad fitness, 3 contracts and 1 Healing card feels pretty normal. Fitness/healing sell for around 1,000 during the WL and rare contracts also sell for 300. We should be breaking even with this, worst case scenario (and your pack luck has to be awful) we will lose a couple of hundred, which is fine as we are chasing these group rewards!

If you are stuck for ideas, check the squad builder challenge on FUTBIN. Use these squads as a guideline, try not to copy exactly as they are usually overhyped!

Right guys, this is where I would advise playing a little, get 2/3 games done, until you need fitness and keep pumping those bronze packs!

Small side note, we are gonna be using these contracts from BPM on our players to ensure we can play 10 games on each!

Legendary – max 3 from one nation, max 2 from one league, 82+rating, 92+ chemistry.

This one is extremely similar to the last, we want to be abusing strong links where possible and ending on 81 chemistry (without any loyalty). Then after 10 games, we will have the perfect chemistry!

Now the value, we are going to be looking at spending around 12,000 here, it could be done for less if you are smart with the team you create though! For the rewards, we get a 50k pack! We finally get a ‘big boy’ pack, 12 rare players and a discard value of 7,800. Now it’s almost impossible to pack 12 discard rare players, and hence breaking even should be the minimum you achieve!

Now we have our second team, it’s time to rotate and stack up those matches! You have 20 games to play with these teams, so start grinding divisions! Use the left over coins and coins from matches to open bronze packs, and if you get really bored or hate the teams, you can resort to the dashboard loyalty trick, but that’s no fun!

Now after these games, BPM and SBC’s, I would expect you to have a minimum of 40,000 coins! So to end this we are going to complete this group of challenges!

Semi-Pro – 2 nationalities, max 6 from one nation, 3 leagues, max 4 from one nation, 78+ rating, 100 chemistry.

Again with this one, abuse those strong links and make sure the team has the full chemistry before buying! If you create a cheap team, that ends up needing an extra loyalty or two, remember you can always buy these players and sub them on during your games with the team above!

Value, the rewards are 1,500 coins and a standard gold player pack, 1 rare and 11 normal cards. The pack discards for 4,500 add this to the coin rewards and you hit 6,000 coins. You guessed it, complete this challenge for less and you are onto a winner!

Professional – 3 nationalities, max 4 from one nation, 5 leagues, max 3 from one league, 79+ rating, 95+ chemistry.

Same as the other three guys! Abuse those links and use FUTBIN for ideas, not for actual squads (unless somehow hey aren’t inflated!).

Value, 1 premium gold players pack, discards for 4,450 coins. Now this challenge is gonna be tough to complete for a profit, aim at spending no more than 7,000 coins ideally, 8,000 at a stretch! If you bid and snipe, you should be golden though!

Group Rewards.

Now after these packs we will assume you broke even and are still on 40,000 coins. Well not any more! Not only do we get a fantastic new kit, but we also get another 10,000 coins. 50,000 coins already and rising!

50,000 – 70,000 coins.

Now this part can be used by anybody, and although there is a huge amount of money to be made, I’m gonna assume a lot of people will want to skip it. That’s fine, you will reach this total with simply games and BPM anyway by tommorow (or whenever you start playing along!).


Now usually I am dead against listing exact trading methods, simply because it ruins it for those who put a load of effort in. Sniping however is slightly different, your main competition is auto-buyers, not actually humans! So here is a small list of some strong filters that can be used in the current market:

Check what the cheapest player sells for, set your max BIN to under this (remember to account for tax) and start sniping!

Premier League, Spurs, Gold.

League One, MK Dons.

English, gold.

Some MM teams (research!).

Playing Abroad SBC, use your head, French players in other leagues, Spanish, English etc etc!

Premier League, Man Utd, Gold (Xbox only sadly).

Hell we can even get a little more specific and use filters such as:

Premier League, Chelsea, English, CB, Gold.

This would let us snipe both Cahill and terry! Use your brains, get super creative and become super rich!

Mass Bidding.

Now not everybody likes sniping, but fear not I come with a method for everyone! Mass bidding simply involves picking a player, consumable or whatever your heart desires, working out what it sells for, then bidding on a load of that card for cheaper. Super easy right?

The key to this is finding a market that is rarely used, if you choose ronaldo, there won’t be enough cards, if you choose kante, he is too big of a player it’s gonna be tough to win these bids! What about a random card from the Saudi league? Well chances are he doesn’t sell for minimum so your bids are wasted!

Find that hidden gem of a player, or turn to consumables, if you choose he correct filters this area is a goldmine!

OTW Investing.

Now anybody who has seen my YT knows how much I love this. What I love even more is when special events force people to panic sell these cards for no reason, and drive the price down for lucky investors like myself.

Load up FUTBIN, check a players price over the past week, find a bargain, buy, sell before their next game during all the hype. Simple right?

I’ll even give you an example: Bailly was 65,000 coins. Today he didn’t receive an boost (I don’t know why people were expecting this?) and has dropped to around 45,000 coins. This card holds a value higher than 45,000 coins simply due to demand. People will buy him before matches, just in case, it happens every week and will continue to happen, if he scores or hits an inform we all know what will happen…

Now there are plenty of other examples, you could buy one before bed, sell tommorow when you wake up, and profit, provided you were smart with who you chose! For those playing along with the guide, if you choose this method, do you research! Choose someone who is at an all time low and plays over the weekend!

Right! So whichever you choose, alongside a few games (you can use any bronze players you pack!) and BPM, we should easily be on 70,000+. If I’m honest we really should be at 100k+ by now, but we will assume the worst as usual!

Bronze Pack Method.

As I mentioned before, there are hundreds of guides on here regarding this, some are incredible! Here is mine.

Consumables are what makes us the most money; rare squad fitness or healing pays for 2 packs alone, individual fitness is half a pack etc etc.

Most players won’t sell without several listings, that’s fine too! We aren’t gonna be discarding these, send them to the club, most will be useful at some point (futures SBC’s like yesterday’s MM), and will make you a small fortune!

Player Prices.

Please, please, please don’t just list up players on open bids, the amount of coins you will lose on these is ridiculous. Instead we are going to use the simple ‘compare price’ function and If you pack a gold player, they are going to be loads on the market already, simply load up FUTBIN and check what they sell for, it takes two seconds and you are often shocked at the players value! If it’s a bronze/silver player, simply compare the price, if you see they aren’t selling for minimum BIN with a kid on the market, might be best saving that slot for something else, for now anyway!

Now before we jump into the next section, I realised I probably underestimated how many coins we should have (I forgot about division rewards) we realistically should be closing in on 100,000 by now!

100,000 – 130,000 coins.

Right so there are going to be two parts to this guide, one where I show you what to do and how to do it, while within the second I will attempt to get you thinking like traders (which will require a little work on your end), but this will set us up for the future!

It’s early in the morning, so we will ease into this with the simple stuff first!

Hybrid Leagues.

We move onto yet another SBC, this one is incredibly simple and cheap, which should allow you to breeze through with minimal effort!

Five League Hybrid – 5 leagues, max 3 from same league, 67+ rating, 80+ chemistry, 5 rare players.

67 rated and 80 chemistry you say? It’s like they don’t even want us to try anymore….Anyway, for these league ones, we are keeping it super simple. We are mixing up the leagues, but one thing stays consistent, the nationality!

So for this first challenge it’s stupidly easy, we don’t even need full Chem and the rating is low, make sure you only use bronze and silver players, 150 coins bid per card!

Value, we spend 11 x 150, 1,650 coins, and in return we get a 7.5k pack! Now even the worst 7.5k packs will return around 2,000 coins after you sell consumables etc, so once again we really cannot lose here!

Seven League Hybrid – 7 leagues, max 3 from same league, 78+ rating, 85+ chemistry.

Ok so this one is a little harder because we now need 7 different leagues right? Well not really, we simply need to follow the same pattern, all players from the same nation!

Try to get creative with these, if you think ‘England or Germany’ you are going to be thinking like everyone else, think slightly more obscure and if stuck refer to FUTBIN for inspiration!

*Ok so here we need 11 gold players. This would give us a total cost of 3,850 coins and in return we receive a 15k pack. Selling everything in this pack will guarantee you break even!

To The Nines – 9 leagues, max 2 from same league, 67+ rating, 99+ chemistry, all gold players.

Read this title. Scroll up to just below the previous title, and repeat! They are basically the same, heck even the rewards are the same! The only difference is, we need to include more leagues!

Starting Eleven – 11 leagues, 100 chemistry, all gold players.

Right so this one is exactly the same as the others in theory, except with a tiny twist, we need loyalty! Find a nation with players across the world, pick one up from 11 different leagues (aim for non rare golds again) and you are good to go!

Now if you pick up 11 players, all in their correct positions, we only need one loyalty! For this you can use a pack pulled player, or we can simply sub on this player in the next 10 games we play. If players are slightly out of position, we may need to sub on 2/3 players a game, which is fine! If like 8 (and I would be impressed if you manage that) are out of position, just play 10 games with the squad! :P

Value! Again we are spending roughly 3,850 coins, but this time we get a 25k player pack, this discards for 5,100. Even with the worst luck ever (again almost impossible the whole pack is discard), but we are making 1,000+ coins.

Group Rewards.

Prime players pack baby! Discards for 6,000 coins! We are literally living the dream right now!

Building our new teems!

Right, so we are back to basics. We bought a football game, so we want to play football! This time we don’t need loyalty on a full teem, so we have more freedom on the players we pick! This is where we start looking at trading, well mainly investing. We are going to speculate on future events and use this to create our teems!

Now we need two teems as we don’t want to be applying fitness, hence we can look at multiple events, as this is the first time we approach this, I’ll help out with suggestions, but going forward it’s gonna require more work on your end!

Marquee Matchups.

Now for those who don’t know about this, it’s a SBC that’s released every week (we even had it twice last week) and it looks at 4 big matches/rivalries across the real world of football. Now it’s rather hard to predict all 4, so investing in a handful of players from multiple games is usually a safe bet.

For the purpose of this guide I’m gonna list some that I believe are extremely safe (if you can, predict other ones yourself and build a teem around this):

CL Marquee Matchups.

So this week we saw 4 matches in the CL, these were released as a MM SBC. Next week we see a further 4 matches, and I strongly believe that these again will be released as an SBC. The only curveball I can imagine, is that EA release this during the second leg of the fixture, which is fine, we just hold onto our investments for slightly longer!

The 4 matches to be played are:

B Leverkusen vs Atl Madrid

Man City vs Monaco

FC Porto vs Juventus

Sevilla vs Leicester City

Try to build a hybrid using players from these clubs, but make sure you are picking them up for discard (or as close as possible). Look for key bonuses such as a good nationality, or higher rating, these provide an even higher chance of success!

84/83 rated cards.

Now as we all know these SBC challenges roll around fairly often, and if you can create a teem of 84 rated cards for discard, you are going to make profit, the question is how long will it take.

If you get stuck for ideas, by all means use this as your second teem, but there are better options out there!


Last month I created a full Spurs teem for discard, upon POTM release each player sold for 2,500+ a piece, around 25,000 coins profit.

Now this month it’s incredibly close and very hard to guess who will win, with it most likely coming down to the last match. If however you have a hunch or believe you know who will win, build a teem around this!


If you have seen my most recent video, you know how I feel about these! Some of them are at an all time low! Research (FUTBIN) find out who has dropped massively, and pick up one or two to include in your teems! We then want to sell based on hype before their matches!

Don’t forget, while playing we never stop opening bronze packs!

130,000 – 170,000 coins.

Yes, I know this looks like a big jump, but some of these SBC’s are just so profitable that we are gonna make 40,000 in a single episode!

Now just because a SBC is released, it doesn’t mean we have to complete it! At the same time, it doesn’t mean that we can’t complete parts of it!

POTM – England – at least 3 gold players, all English.

Now all those bronze packs we opened are gonna help us out here! If you don’t have 8 English players that are tough to sell in your club, then you haven’t been opening enough packs! Simply throw in those 8 bronze players (if you need more, just open a few more bronze packs), pick up 3 non rare gold English players (the cheapest you can find, should be next to discard) and complete this challenge!

We are spending around 1,200 coins for the three players we need, and in return getting a silver players pack. These packs are incredible ATM, league one silvers can sell instantly for max alongside a load of other cards. Profit is guaranteed.

Marquee Matchups.

Now these are all simple enough, so I’m gonna discuss these as a group. Make sure you are bidding or sniping on the players required (from the teams mentioned) then pick up the rest for cheap on open bids.

For completing all 4 challenges we receive: 2 x 7.5k packs, 1 x Premium Silver Players pack, 1 x All Players pack and 1 x Premium Gold Players pack. The total discard value here is roughly 13,000 – 14,000 coins, so ideally this is what we want to be spending on this challenge. Once again though, it’s almost impossible to not profit from this!

If some challenges are inflated, just complete the ones that aren’t, coming back to the others later.

Playing Abroad.

Ok, so here we go guys, it’s time for some big packs and a chance (if luck is on our side) of some massive players!

Italy – 5 leagues, max 4 from one nation, 3 Italians, 0 players from Italian leagues, 79+ rating, 100 chemistry.

These challenges are extremely similar to previous ones where we have to make the links count. It’s easiest to ensure the goalkeeper or a fullback have two strong links, this would give you 10 chemistry on that player ensuring you hit 100 overall.

So here we get a 15k pack alongside 1,000 coins. Now these challenges are fairly new and we could wait a while and complete them for cheaper, but these packs are too exciting and prices seem to have dropped enough to profit overall, however we may end up with a small loss on this one, but that’s fine! Aim to spend no more than 8,000 per challenge.

France – max 4 leagues, max 3 from one nation, 3 French players, 0 players from French leagues, 80+ rating, 100 chemistry.

These are all basically the same, requirements differ ever so slightly between challenges. Use the same logic from before, for each one moving forward!

So this one gives a 25k rare gold pack and 3,000 coins. Sell everything in the pack, really hard to lose coins again here if spending around 8,000 coins!

Germany – max 4 leagues, max 4 from one nation, 3 German players, 0 players from German leagues, 79+ rating, 100 chemistry.

By now you know the drill with these, so no need to explain again!

Ok so now we start looking at the big money! We are spending roughly 8,000 coins and in return we get 1 prime gold players pack (discards for 6,000) and 1,000 coins. Like always it’s near impossible to get a full pack of discard value players, so profit is all but guaranteed!

Spain – max 3 leagues, max 3 from one nation, 3 Spanish players, 0 players from Spanish leagues, 80+ rating, 100 chemistry.

Last one guys, we are almost at the holy grail now!

We spend 8,000 coins here and in return we get a 35k pack! An average 35k pack will clear 12,000 with ease when selling everything. Just sit back and enjoy the easy coins!

Group Rewards.

So by now, we are most likely around 10,000 coins in profit from this challenge, even if somehow our pack luck was the worst and we broke even, things are about to change!

For completing this group we get 5,000 coins and a 50k pack! The pack discards for 7,800 so in total we are guaranteed 12,800 coins here in pure profit!

While doing these it’s safe to assume you are opening bronze packs and playing games with your Awesome new teams! If you aren’t creeping up towards 200,000 by now, you are doing something very wrong!



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