FIFA 19 Weekend League Tips

by BC1096

Highest I have ever placed is G1, which is what I place every weekend, just couldn’t get out of the 20-10.

Decided to completely change my backline from being EPL based to Serie A. Miles of a difference.

Record: 25-5

Team (IG setup):

My team before kick-off has everyone on full chemistry!!!

Tip 1: EPL defenders are massively overpriced. I was very hesitant to give up my Mendy-Sanchez-Van Dijk-Walker defense but I am glad I did.

Tip 2: Benjamin Mendy is a liability as a LB, especially late in the game. Great at crossing, not the best everywhere else.

Tip 3: Lobbed through balls are the best way of making use of a players pace. For some reason defenders are very reactive to normal/threaded through balls this year. Lobbed gives you a load of space. Even low power ones outside of the box to tag a runner, or even find space for a finesse was a game changer.

Tip 4: If you see a gap, do the super ball roll speed boost (aka: LB fake-shot), if you aim it correctly it can help you slice through a strong defense.

Tip 5: Low power generic B shots when aiming near post when running out of space (acute angles) are relatively reliable in situations where you only have a single opportunity and the keeper is rushing you. Often times they will do a cool side foot finish. Only issue is if there full back is near the back post they may do a goal line save.

Tip 6: Avoid low driven’s like the plague. Massively unreliable.

Tip 7: Do not rush into the box when in the final third. People LOVE to abuse AI defending, and for this reason alone you can find space relatively easily, or pass to space. Even under constant pressure.

Tip 8: Low percentage shots, like being outside the box but at an angle where a finesse isn’t an option, are important simply because they can result in corners.

Tip 9: Switch the field if you feel you are limited with options, most people play with a narrow defensive setting so your fullback or winger should be in ample room to receive the ball and work it forward.

Tip 10: Driven through balls (?) whatever you call RB-Y (on Xbox) are really good at getting width, especially against the aforementioned narrow defense. It won’t always get you with a great shot position, but it gives you the chance to go for a far post cross, or walking the ball in and looking for a driven pass.

Tip 11: LT B driven (knuckle) shots are quite good when shooting near post from outside of the box. Often times they will hit the bar and then down into the net.

Tip 12: Drag backs with wingers and fullbacks is great at alleviating immediate pressure and finding room to lay off the ball to an inverted run, or just a square pass to the center.

Tip 13: When in doubt, and in the box, just take a shot. Game is dumb and you might get a lucky ricochet or the keeper will have a stroke and miss the ball. (pls fix this).

Tip 14: If you know your opponent is going to go near post on a cross, and feel as if you don’t have an adequate near post player to defend it, use the left stick (honestly can’t remember which stick atm) to get your keeper closer so he can either punch it out or catch it. This was actually really helpful.

Tip 15: Click both bumpers to skip celebrations and go straight to kick-off.

Tip 16: Should you ever end up pulling a defender out of position do not switch off of them. Sprint back and get back into position before switching off. If you anticipate someone doing a lobbed ball to a winger, manually take your fullback and start running back in anticipation, this will save you a lot of times.

Tip 17: Don’t only use the LB Trigger Run command to try and force it to that player. Trigger one or two, either because you believe both could find viable positions or to throw off your opponent. Making someone think you are going to play a pass to a player who your triggered a run for, and then cutting inside is very effective.

All of these things made a considerable difference in how I play. I do not play defensive football, it even bothers me that I only have one offensive midfielder because I liked having 3 playmakers. Having patience at times in which you really can take a breather and assess the pitch will do miles to help your awareness to pick out good passes.

While my team is quite good, it was very hard to compete with the teams with Kante/Pogba/Cruyff/Aubamayeng/Lukaku and Co. but this team really played well above the cost and I am incredibly happy with how well they fit.

I sent out a lot of GG’s this round, so I’m hoping some of you visit the reddit.

If you’d like me to review players in my squad in the chance you were interested in them, say so below and I will deliver.

This game will trigger you, and you will get annoyed. If you allow that to dictate how you play you are shooting yourself in the foot. Realize that while a lot of nonsense can screw you over, your opponent is dealing with nonsense that goes your way. The game is in a state, do not let it’s severe short comings effect you mentally and spiritually

Take a break, out of my 5 losses, 1 was undeserved. Instead of letting it get to me I just played footie with my dog to get it off my mind. This can be a massive difference.

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