Art of Conquest Rakan Units Overview

by Abchid

In General 

They are overall weaker than humans in stats, but all of their units have active abilities. They are the weaker race to plunder, but with the active abilities, they have the highest skill cap of all races. All of their units have an academy upgrade that makes them more effective on garrison duty.

About the units


  • Group size:24
  • Supply:1
  • Rare resourse: Crystal
  • Troop size: 5×3

A nice PvE unit. Their active ability increases their damage for 7 seconds. The silver and gold troops don’t get Morale Collapses and when on Morale Boost, they have an increased 30% damage. The gold samurais, the Blademaster, also have a 15% of taking 30% reduced damage and counter attack doing heavy damage.

Their academy upgrades are mainly focused on increasing damage and one of them increases the chance of activating the counter attack by 10%.


  • Group size:24
  • Supply:1
  • Rare resourse: Blood Diamond
  • Troop size: 4×4

The ranged unit of the Rakan. Their active abillity makes their arrows pierce the entire army for 5 seconds, damaging the front line, as well as the back line. Their silver unit have a 20% chance of shooting a piercing arrow when performing a regular attack and gold units have a 30%

Their academy upgrades are mainly focused on increasing damage and one of them increases the damage of the piercing arrows by 30%.


  • Group size:24
  • Supply:1
  • Rare resourse: Blood Diamond
  • Troop size: 5×3

Best infantry unit of the rakan. They are tanky and hit decent. Their active skill recovers their health for 15 seconds, ideal for a front line. The bronze version don’t have anything special but the silver and gold sure do. The silver Monk, the Guru, deals heavy bonus damage to Large and Massive units and can get poison inmunity through research. The gold Monk, the Lama, has a flying kick to deal heavy damage to enemies within a range.

Their academy upgrades increases their attack raiting, evade chance and when they perform a flying kick, they take 50% reduced damage for 10 seconds.


  • Goup size:15
  • Supply:1
  • Rare resourse: Mithil
  • Troop size: 3×3

Like your MMORGP assasin, frail, high dodge rate and mobility. They are usualy ranged units, but can change to melee with an active skill.

Their active ability, within 15 seconds, blocks damage with a body double that disappears after 2 seconds. Their silver and gold variant have an extra active ability that transports them to a target location, switching to melee for 10 seconds. Their evade chance is greatly increased during this time. Their gold unit, the Shadow, have poison damage.

Their academy upgrades are mainly focused on increasing crit and dodge chance. One of them increases their poison damage by 50%.

Dragon Turtle

  • Goup size:4×5
  • Supply:35
  • Rare resourse: Mithil (also, they are recruited with elixir)
  • Troop size: 1

The big support unit of the race. Their regular attack is really slow but does AOE damage to enemies and heals allied units. The bronze troop increases the hit points of close allied units by 10% at the begining of the battle, the silver version increases the hit point and attack raiting by 15% and the gold version increases the hit point, attack raiting and attack speed by 15%. All last 15 seconds.

Their active ability doubles the efficacy of the boost for 15 extra seconds.

Their academy upgrades increases their damage and the duration of the boost of the gold turtles and decreases the damage they take. Their last upgrade make the morale of friendly units decrease 30% slower when any turtle is on the battlefield.

Personal Opinion

I think they are good and fun to use. They are certainly not the best for plundering but you can always try loaning troops or using the free Pikemen that you can recruit on the Elite troops camp. I feel that they can counter lich pretty well with their poison inmunity on the front line and with the 15% buff of the turtle dragons, they become pretty strong. The Dragon Turtles are amazing.

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