Art of Conquest Research Priority Guide

All Races

Do not waste time on research that does not boost effectiveness of your army. These research levels are:

5 – Heal speed reduction
8 – Training resource reduction
10 – Heal speed reduction

Only when there is no other research to boost army stats should you research these levels.

NEW HERO RESEARCH!!!!!!!!!!!! VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1) Focus all 4 research types to finish Level 4 research. This will increase your Gold Cap substantially.

2) Next! Focus General/Sage research for increased troop power!

The important research levels are as follows:

5 – Increased troop critical hit damage
7 – Increased troop critical hit chance
9 – Increased troop health
12 – Increased troop attack damage

Focus these levels and only research enough of levels 6, 8, 10, and 11 to unlock the next important research level.

****Important to note that with this research, dragons that have Barbarism (crit chance) will augment the effects of 5/7 research. The combination will make your army very deadly.

3) After important levels for troop buffs are complete, move toward DPS hero buffs. This will mostly be focused on Mechanist/Rogue research.

The important research levels are as follows:

6 – Increased base damage
7 – Increased critical hit chance (Ultimate 50% attack speed increase for first 30 sec of battle)
8 – Basic attacks impart Weakened Armor
9 – Increased attack speed
10 – Increased critical hit damage
12 – Increased damage


Swords and Archers are the most vital Human troops. All research should be focused on these two troop types unless they are maxed.

Once swords and archers are maxed, begin working on Healer research. This troop type will be vitally important for seiging and dueling lich players.


Rakkan is a complex race that requires high skill level gameplay to excel. You will need even research across monks, samurai, crossbows, and turtle.​


Dwarf research is tricky, facing a similar problem to lich where you will be using almost all units for one thing or another. Rockets and mechs are the primary units, used for pvp and sieging, however you may not want to use those units. especially mechs for defence. So it is important to put some research into snipers and engineers for your garrison. 


The workhorses of Lich are scorpions and spiders. These will need to be the primary focus of Lich research.

At higher levels, skeletons, mages, and mummies need to be researched to effectively seige enemy strongholds. So, it will be important to have research spread across scorpions, spiders, skeletons, mages, and mummies.

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