Art of Conquest Lich Undead Race Guide

by Takkelete

I’m putting this forward as an ideal way to play the early/midgame to maximize the amount of rare resources/gold you are able to save up. Will note that I would not pursue this strategy beyond level VII.

Would enjoy suggestions to improving this strategy’s efficiency or other very efficient early game tech people have used

So I’ve played a few realms getting the hang of the game. And I’d say your best early-mid game strat is undead troops. I have always used this strat until level 18-22 castle as it saves you a huge amount of resources, especially if going dwarf later. My main goal with this start is to preserve as much mithril as possible as it usually seems to be my most limiting resource.

I’d say that you probably want to focus on vega, jacques and Gazul. Saw below you have rose, which isnt too bad for damage output. I personally think Cleo is overrated but hey, her ult is pretty freaking strong.

Troop, Garrison and Gazul design:


  • Gold – You should have enough for one pack of gold scorpions and one pack of mummies. Any extra gold capacity should be funneled into spiders.
  • Silver – 32-48 mummies (4-6 packs), 21 scorpions (3 packs), and as many spiders as you can hold, while leaving 45-60 free silver capacity
  • Bronze- 3 siege weapons, 9-12 spiders, leave the remainder of your capacity free (grab 5 groups of scorpions to help with void if you’d like)


Your garrison should contain exactly six packs of gold mummies. Whenever you have the rubies to replace the pack you keep in your gold army, put them in the garrison and rebuild the ones in your gold army. Other than that your garrison should contain as many packs of your max level silver skeletons as possible.

The strategy behind this relies on how absolutely cancerous it is to deal with an undead garrison. You only lose 30% if you are entirely cleared. And 10 packs of silver skeletons is just an insane amount of health they have to deal with. So if they attack (and are not freaking mech/tank dwarf) you’re going to have a pretty large wall of (mostly) free skeletons to soak up the damage while your mummies (who have fairly high damage) kill and revive their troops. It’ll be such a non-productive experience very few players will make the effort to attack you twice.


Priority order of skills – Immortal Strength (max this) > Skeleton Mastery (close to max) > Resurrect (level 2) > Skeletal Sacrifice (level 1-2)

Skills to avoid- Fearsome Aura, Soulless Scourge

If you wan to go for efficiency I would spend up to 9 ability points on Gazul (at level 30 Gazul needs 39 points to max soulless scourge and fearsome aura, the two spells you want if not undead). During this phase of the game I would be dumping all your magic attribute cards into Gazul. Having a strong soulless scourge late in the game is helpful, so spending them now to improve a low level resurrect is acceptable to me.

General Strategy

World Bronze Camps – These are your best friends. You probably have 600+ free bronze capacity. You will be filling it with as much skeletons/acolytes as you can (preference to skeletons here). For most of these camps, you’ll want to deploy avalon and one other hero (to allow you 5 packs total). Deploy 1 pack of gold scorpions, and 4 packs of silver mummie (do not use your gold here). I normally deploy everything in the corner, the four packs of silver mummies forming a square in the corner, and the 2 next to them, still on the back wall with the pack of gold scorpions directly in front of them. When the troops meet, all troops should focus your gold scorpions, who with your silver mummies, will clear the enemy humanoid troops VERY slowly. This is ideal, you want to take longer to clear because as the timer stretches you get multiple resurrections out of your 32 mummies. Retry anytime you lose a scorpion. You shouldn’t have to use gazul (I actually recommend you dont as hell increase the attack of the revived skeletons which will clear the stage faster) as the mummies should have time to revive all the corpses. On most world camps you’ll revive 50+ skeletons/acolytes.

Quest/Dungeon Stages – This is where you’ll get some of your silver acolytes/skeletons. If it’s a humanoid stage (dwarf/humans) you’ll want to deploy similarly to the world bronze camps, but using the gold mummies and 3 packs of silver. If it’s a lich stage… deploy some silver scorps, consider rose/spiders, you can’t get resurrected units here, so clear it however you can.

Void- Don’t start the void unless you have 200 skeletons. I more or less group void stages into two types – speed and survival perfects. For speed clears, you pretty much want to chunk skeletons in front and some spiders/mummies in back, you’re not gonna get the perfect as lich without borrowing blasters/crossbows. If you do get high level blasters/crossbows for a run focus on perfecting your speed stages. For survival perfects (complete with no casualies/2 heros) this is where you shine. Deploy Rose/Vega maybe one or two more heros if no casaulty, your gold scorpions, and some mummies/spiders (resurrected units and spiderlings do not count towards casualties). Use Vega to make sure no scorpion dies as they engage the front line and youll perfect pretty much everytime as your wall of skeletons overwhelms them.

Undead Army Management

So you’re gonna be getting bronze and silver skeletons and acolytes from world camps, dungeons, and your siege battles. Since you can’t disband them you’ll have to sink them somewhere to get value out of them. Remember if either your bronze or silver capacity is full you don’t get to keep units resurrected in battle.

Silver Skeletons – This one I already mentioned. Upgrade them to the highest level, then put them in your garrison. Early on a lot of the levels dont even require rubies to upgrade (I want to say 2 and 4 don’t), or only cost 1. So it’s pretty freaking cheap. It’ll take you a while to get enough silver scorpions to fill out a garrison but don’t worry as you’ll be dumping them into the garrison constantly to free up your silver capacity.

Silver Acolytes – These are a bit tricky to deal with. Remember our goal is to conserve mithril, gold and crystals with this strategy. I believe the levels 2 and 4 are also elixir only upgrades (and don’t cost mithril). Your goal will be to get 20+ of these at the same level so you can deploy them during siege to throw them away. You may occasionally disband lower level ones. Do not give in to the temptation to keep low levels ones in your garrison.

Bronze Skeletons/Acolytes – Its very cheap to upgrade these, always upgrade these to the maximum level before you use them. You’ll be dumping these during siege. You may have to disband some extra lower level acolytes

Siege battles

Remember – Humans and rakan are food, undead is a bitch to clear but usually profitable, dwarfs will usually trade negative due to blasters and tanks raping your skeleton frontline. In all your hits your heros probably do the most damage so remember to use damage spells and high damage heros to help.

First Hit/Scout formation- 5 packs of bronze skeletons (frontline), 3 packs of silver/bronze acolytes (put on the right and left of rows 5-8), 3 bronze spiders, and 3 packs of silver mummies (spiders in front of the mummies in the center space left by the acolytes. Put your 6 heros (including Rose, Gazul, Vega, and Avalon) in the remaining spaces.

Troop Clear- Once you’ve determined the garrison is safe – 5 packs of bronze skeletons, 2 packs of silver/bronze acolytes, 3 bronze siege weapons (one on each section of wall), 1 gold and 4 silver packs of mummies and seven heros including rose, gazul, vega, and avalon.

Farming resources- Use when garrison has 0 troops left. All your gold troops, silver mummies, and as many acolyte (silver and bronze groups) as you can fit. 3 melee groups max.


This strategy allows you to maximize your mid game resource saving potential while you finish research and castle levels. I do not believe this strategy should be used once you reach level VIII troops (and you’ll probably see a pretty sharp dropoff in viability at VII). As the strategy is very frugal with it’s gold use (since you’re getting your skeletons at 60-70% off and all your silver/gold troops cost elixir as their main resource) it allows you to delay the possibility of being gold limited in mid-late game relative to the other two resources. Further, since 90% or more of your rare resource consumption will be rubies, this strategy allows you to transition into Scorp-Spider, Mech-Blaster, or Swordsman-Archer as your gold troop compositions once you reach level VII or VII troops. Finally, siege battles become very easy to stomach and extremely profitable. In fact, even without the plundered resources you usually get to trade bronze skeletons for silver/gold ones making it extremely cost efficient to construct an extremely cheap but viable full garrison.

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