Dota 2 Auto Chess Trolls Guide

by mattjestic_gaming

Trolls (2/4)


1 Cost: Shadow Shaman, Bat Rider

2 Cost: Witch Doctor

4 Cost: Troll Warlord

Race Synergy: Voodoo Frenzy ( +Attack Speed for units!)

2 Trolls: All Trolls Gain + 35 Attack Speed (One Hyper Stone Gives 30 ATK Speed!)

4 Trolls: All Allies (Include all Trolls with +35 ATK Speed) Gain 30 Attack Speed

**Note that DAC Mana gain works like this, Without mana gain items, max mana gain for each auto attack is 10 for normal units and 20 for Shamans, Mages and Warlocks! (Demons can double dip!) Hence SF gain mana so fast with Demon and Warlock traits!

**This is why trolls are so good, if all units attack faster, they gain mana faster, and having shamans and warlocks means this is also amplified (that is why the troll lineup usually get their casts off!)

Race & Stages:

Early Game: Weak Early game, need strong early game units or consider open/semi fort

Strong in mid game (few can match the might frenzy trolls!)

Late Game: Stays relavent with 3★ trolls or other units, even at 2★ can easily be top 3 with great counters and late game units like dusa, tide, enigma, lich +


Weak Against Elves, Warriors, and Goblins (6)

Counter: Mages (3+), Elves (6), Warriors (6), Goblins (6), Knights (4+) Note those are not hard counters, depends on each players units, position and who got their spells off and where is the spell placed!

Possible Transition:

Knights (2/4/6), Warlocks (3), Undead (2), Warriors (3/6), Goblins (3/6), Hunter (3) (BM, Dusa, Tide)

**Using 2 Trolls, Early Game 2★ Witch doctor + any 2★ troll, and Mid game Troll Warlod + WD or SS and Disruptor can be magical as well, sometimes with an established lineup (enough 2★ units and combos like orc warriors) We do not need to force the 4 trolls right away, especially with only 1★ trolls!

Key Transition units:

Drow, BM, Jugg, Luna, SF, Abba, Omi Knight, LD, Disruptor, Nerco, TA, Enigma

Item Priority Suggestions:

Defensive Items to Front Line: Abba, BM, Axe etc

Attack/Mana Items

Early game: Witch doctor, Bat rider, SF

Late Game: Troll 2 ★ , Disruptor, Dusa, Tide, Luna 3 ★


Early Game – Defensive/Side (Corner Back),

Mid Game – Side/Defensive (Depends on number of 2 ★ Trolls and if have Troll Warlord!)

Late Game  Spread, with Tide, Disruptor, imitator front line

Race Specific Tips

  1. Re-Rolling is okay at level 6/7+, Since our key unit is Troll Warlod, We really want to level up fast and re roll after reaching at least level 6!
  2. Two Mind Set
    1. Wining: re rolling for 3s units at level 7 and 8! (secures late game, low hp 2★ units!)
    2. Losing: Come Back Troll!, Aim to gain key units and level up fast once hp <25%
  3. Flexible! If we can’t Troll Warlord, Plan for other transitions, into 3 warlocks, 3 warriors, or knights, dont put all eggs in one basket!!
  4. Mid Game Transition! Orcs(2/4) + warriors, 2 undead, or 4 knights could give us the time we need to find our Troll Warlord, Note he does not need to be 2★ to be effective, as long as other trolls are at least 2s!
  5. Health is a Resource! Here in the Early game, we can consider open fort trolls, but the risk is greater than elves in comparison!
    1. Key Hp indicators (note indicators are for hp just equal or slightly above the threshold!) For Early Game consideration!
      1. Hp > 80% Probably better keep losing streak
      2. Hp > 60% Have transition plans ready!
      3. hp > 45% Probably should start spending now, Level/Re roll for trolls or other pairs/key transitional units!
      4. Hp > 20% Its time to go all in, Trolls are great with comeback but we need some Hp to work with!, in the event like a random human silence!

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